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  1. novelty added a post in a topic Sonic Boom's New Characters designs   

    Honestly, After looking over the designs of each, I am kind of glad that they redid the design principles for these four.

    Since everyone is talking about Knuckles the most, I am glad to say that I actually like the body/head ratio. If you listen carefully for the sound effects in the game trailer, It actually corresponds to the "weight" of each character. Especially Knuckles, where in that one part where Knuckles is ceiling climbing and can't help but hear the detail of knuckles smashing rock every punch.

    Unlike earlier games, this seems to be a little more thought out than just a flabby small model.
  2. novelty added a post in a topic WarFace (CryTek's answer to F2P) [we got ourselves something else]   

    Oh, Here are the specs:
  3. novelty added a topic in Video Games   

    WarFace (CryTek's answer to F2P) [we got ourselves something else]

    Warface - Free to Play AAA First Person Shooter

    I personally can't wait for other people to join. I tried the Closed Beta and it was fun except there wasn't a lot of rooms. 
    In order to play this game, you have to sign up with CryTek's Social Network: GFace.
    Source: ;
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  4. novelty added a post in a topic Tropes I am sick and tired off. Women in Refrigerators and Uncle Ben Syndrome   

    Not to derail persay...but static shock still had his parents:
  5. novelty added a post in a topic The New Dell Latitude 6430u laptops.... smell of cat piss   

    I thought this topic was going to be a review of something?
  6. novelty added a post in a topic "Reverse Microwave" invented: Ice cold beverages in less than a minute!   

    Well at least it will keep this guy a little while longer:

    Oh, makes frozen treats instant? Nice, if commerialized before next summer, we don't even need germ filled pools. 
  7. novelty added a post in a topic Famous Sonic Fans?   

    The company Progressive
  8. novelty added a post in a topic Designing a Shrine, a Centerpiece, a Monument   

    Thing is, Where would I go to find something like that? Also, I am planning to use both Incense and Aroma oil burners to set the mood everytime I walk into my room (as you can see I have the incense coffin burner and I am waiting for three aroma oil burners [which is the reason I have tealight candles])
    Also, I am looking for something to cover up the wooden a long doily or something of the like. Where in particular can I find that?

    Maybe if I have the patience, I would set up lights for this thing to further extend the mood...Where can I find cheap mood lights anyways? I already looked at and sites similar to them but I don't understand how those actually work.
  9. novelty added a topic in Chit-Chat   

    Designing a Shrine, a Centerpiece, a Monument

    current state of my shrine area
    I decided to make an area in my room look as lavish as possible because I always loved shrines in movies and such of the like. It kind of reminds me of that “big moment” where the protagonist (or protagonists) have to prepare themselves in some ludicrous way for a final battle or final war. In other cases, like Bioshock: Infinite where you are first put in front of a monumental shrine to show how powerful the city of Columbia is overall.

    ...well because it looks cool
      Pretty much I am trying to find ways to add flair to this empty space in my room. From where it’s positioned, everyone can see it the moment you walk into the room and I want it to be more than just a bare wooden space. What kind of designs do you guys have in mind when it comes to making a “shrine”?
    Also, I am thinking of putting some type of statue or water display to make this area look cool. So far I am thinking of fountains or large statues of angels, animals, or something to at least make it as cool as I possibly can.

    So far I am just inspired by other pictures of traditional far eastern countries and a little from the Vatican City…well, not because of religion, but because it looks cool.
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  10. novelty added a post in a topic From Vets to Noobs (an Idea)   

    Not so cheesy, more of a Fade In/Fade Out flipboard.
  11. novelty added a topic in Member Feedback / Bug Reports   

    From Vets to Noobs (an Idea)
    Would it or would it not be a great idea to add snippets on the top bar of the website? Yes, It used to be news...but that was soooo 2001. I figured someone with 100 posts or less can get quick informational tips on the top of the forum
    Stuff like:
    "Introduce yourself! The Introduction Topic in Chit-Chat always accepts all newcomers!"
    "Be Active and Sell! Get Active in the forums and you have the ability to trade, sell and buy your sonic wares in the Marketplace!"
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  12. novelty added a post in a topic Building melts a guys car, sets fire to a shop, melts paint and ruins a plastic lemon. "London gots a Death Ray"   

    Step 1 - Buy a Property under the focus of the light
    Step 2 - Design property to take advantage of such light
    Step 3 - Set up a Breakfast/Steak Bistro using such light focus as a heating palette for the summer months
    Step 4 - Get Ingredients and Staff
    Step 5 - ???????
    Step 6 - Enjoy your moolah.
  13. novelty added a post in a topic Disney's Zootopia (2016)   

    Wait, Disney is creating another ORIGINAL story?

    This would probably make me a Disney fan now.
  14. novelty added a post in a topic Suggested Meetups Subforum   

    By that logic, all the 500 page threads should have their own forums.
    Maybe if TSS was segregated pre-2008 wipe then probably we could have a separate site for meetups....
    I digress. I rather spend hours using the search bar to find something that Is almost impossible to find than quickly browsing a simple title on a couple of pages.
  15. novelty added a post in a topic Woman tricked into buying two apples...the fruit, not the tech.   

    There is only one GIF that can explain this exact situation.