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  1. Ebby added a post in a topic The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds   

    Didn't they do something like this with one of the Skyward Sword trailers?
  2. Ebby added a post in a topic You Know You've Played Too Much Sonic When...?   

    In the game it is! However, high schoolers who don't even touch platformers think differently.
  3. Ebby added a post in a topic You Know You've Played Too Much Sonic When...?   

    I still know Tikal's Prayer.. "The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the chaos." Once in high school I wrote that on the chalkboard and some people thought it was some deep quote filled with meaning. XD Hilarious!
    I can relate most things to Sonic. Completely unrelated stuff. ._.;
  4. Ebby added a post in a topic Hubs worlds in the Sonic series   

    Did someone say hub worlds???? =D
    I absolutely love them!! I'm aware that Sonic is always and forever a platformer, but I enjoy having a bit of adventure in my Sonic experience. Every time they included hub worlds in the series it always gave the game an extra sense of depth. It's not like Sonic and the gang are in this world that's void of anything but them, the doctor, and flickies. There's a whole WORLD to be admired and explored! That's cool.
    Though, I can agree about Unleashed's hubs. As much as I love them, it would have been cooler to just GO to the locations instead of the Gaia Gates.
  5. Ebby added a post in a topic I'm sorry but I hate SA2   

    This topic seems kind of silly, there's a lot of people who hate SA2. It's a common thing. 
  6. Ebby added a post in a topic The Dimps topic.   

    I like Dimps.
    Not even going to lie. I've never liked Advance because it's chunky and lacks the kind of thrilling speed I expect in the series. The sequel is speedier, but I find the boss battles to be a chore. The idea is neat, but I cannot handle that timing. Music Plant Zone is absolutely stunning though. If you can't respect Dimps for anything else, give them credit for that masterpiece.
    NOW ADVANCE 3? THAT WAS MY JAM. I've spent endless hours playing that game on my GBA as a teen. I know people hate the game, but I find it superior than the others. It CAN be cheap (Chaos Angel Act 3 is downlight mean), but I have too much fun playing it to be bothered! The team mechanic (which was better than what they did in heroes if you ask me), the levels design, and THE MUSIC. MY GOD. SONIC ADVANCE 3'S MUSIC. One of my favorite soundtracks in the series! Chaos Angel, Cyber Track, Twinkle Snow, Ocean Base, there are just so many golden tracks!!!
    When it came to the Rush games, I felt they were another grand entry in the series. Yeah, they're about speeding, but I have always liked that in Sonic! Boosting is endlessly fun, even if it can be mindless. Also, the first Rush has this crazy, funky style that I've never seen in another Sonic game. The music, level title screens, results screen, tricks... it's got this flair that's uniquely Sonic Rush! I loved the sequel more, but it's lacking that coolness in the first game.
    Colors? Hell yes!! I was one of the few that enjoyed Colors DS more than its Wii counterpart. It is Rush with wisps instead of tricks, but it was enjoyable. Also, those special stages are like crack.
    Sonic 4 ep 1 (Never bothered with ep 2) and Generations 3DS were dreadful. It's easily apparent that Generations was a rush job, but that is not an excuse. If you're going to celebrate two decades, but effort in both of your anniversary titles.
    I haven't had a chance to play Lost World 3DS, but I'm looking forward to it! I like what Dimps do!
  7. Ebby added a post in a topic Is this franchise based purely on nostalgia?   

    I doubt people asked for Werehog or a sword totting gimmick.
  8. Ebby added a post in a topic Sega talks remakes..   

    Crazy Taxi. Now Sega. DO. IT. NOW.
    If not, then give Power Stone some love.
  9. Ebby added a post in a topic Zelda Topic   

    I've always been okay with WW's difficulty (After all it doesn't get easier than TP or PH. Phantom Hourglass is the easiest Zelda game ever made), it's just that the game itself is so underwhelming and I can't find it anything but tedious and a chore to play. Shame, because I ADORE the art style and items. 
    All I know is that A Link Between Worlds better be a challenge. Do it right Nintendo. I want to struggle!
  10. Ebby added a post in a topic Is this franchise based purely on nostalgia?   

    Nostalgia? Part of me wants to say yes and yet part of me wants to disagree. Let's say both!
    A lot of the fandom just LOVES the series for what it is!!! I just get excited to play a new Sonic and see his new moves, listen to his snarky dialog, and everything else that comes into the series. It's not really a nostalgia thing for me, it's a, "Hot damn, Sonic is fun!!!" thing. There's a ton of people who get excited to see the evolution of Sonic. People who like SA2, Heroes, Secret Rings, and Unleashed don't love them because they're a blast from the past, but because they were enjoyable games in their own right.
    Though you can't deny that things like Sonic 4, Sonic Generations, and even the SA2 version of Green Hill (maybe even SA's Ice Cap), are obvious throwbacks. Hell, they have been using the same stage themes throughout the entire life of the franchise. They know how to use nostalgia to the series advantage, but it's not the only thing keeping it alive. Especially considering a number of people who play the games are kids. Young kids at that. They're not reliving the days of the Sega Genesis. They just think Sonic is cool and wanna the games.
    If Sonic Team decided to no longer do throwbacks, I'm sure people would STILL buy Sonic. Let them cease making Green Hill type levels, I'll be good with that. 
  11. Ebby added a post in a topic Sonic Event Megathread (Updated July 4th) - Sonic the Comic Con To Not Return   

    I will so be there!!! This is like something out of my dreams!!! *0*
  12. Ebby added a post in a topic [MUSIC] Summer of Sonic CLUB SONIC.. What songs do you want to see on it?   

    I won't be there, but YOU HAVE TO HAVE CRISIS CITY MODERN.
    It's just a glorious track.
  13. Ebby added a post in a topic Zones we hate   

    I recently decided to play Sonic Advance 3 on an emulator and when I made it to Ocean Base, I just stopped. Everything in this level is completely unfair and made to kill you. I just couldn't deal with it.
  14. Ebby added a post in a topic Super Sonic or Hyper Sonic?   

    Hyper Sonic is really pointless. I don't need a seizure inducing version of Super Sonic with stars. Especially considering how terrible Super Sonic was in Generations. Sure you can fly though the level at ten rings per second but that's the fun in that when you don't get that many rings? Though this mod of Hyper Sonic in Generations is fun to watch.

  15. Ebby added a post in a topic Who's Your Favorite Sonic Generations Boss?   

    Well the original isn't too hard. After a few runs it's a cake walk. But then again, Sonic CD isn't very hard anyway.