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  1. gato added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Considering how much the staff seems to love to tease us about

    I wouldn't be surprised if what we are seeing, if it's even true it's because of

  2. gato added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    People over at EqD comments already decoded a hell lot about that poster! Namely:

  3. gato added a post in a topic Phantasy Star Online 2! Open Beta now!   

    Despite all the flak it gets Block 1 is actually a nice place to get you started if you are going to Ship02, lots of helpful people between the Twitch-chat esque atmosphere of the place. Otherwise you can always look yourself for a team, plenty of newcomer friendly teams on the ship as well.
    As for guides, Bumped used to have a whole guide that could be used to get you started on the Japanese version but it's probably quite outdated by now so I can't vouch for it. (haven't checked)
    That's probably my biggest Concern about the game so far, SEGA themselves said they haven't gotten Win 10 fully supported yet and the full release of the system is coming on the next days.
    Apparently making it run in compatibility mode works just fine tho.
  4. gato added a post in a topic Phantasy Star Online 2! Open Beta now!   

    TBH I feel you are better playing the Japanese version, if anything because the SEA version made some changes here and there that bother me like having costumes with stats. Not to mention the Japanese version is the most up to date one and hence it's a completely different beast when it comes to class balance and skills compared to SEA. (if memory doesn't fail me SEA is still on episode 2 and that was kinda of a bad time for Hunters and Techers and maybe Fighters)
    I heard SEA is more casual play friendly tho (affixes that in the regular game give like 30 atk do a lot more on SEA), so you could go with it if you want. But I've been playing on the JP version since the open beta and had little to no problems myself. And is also quite casual friendly tho in a different way, since instead of giving you easier ways to kill your enemies it just throws you with enough exp to go from 1 to 40 in on a day or so. (and then other options for those last levels but that requires some level of skill and luck on Advance Quests... Which BTW are getting buffed in the future).
    EDIT: Everyone keeps saying my latest character looks like a girl...

  5. gato added a post in a topic Street Fighter V (PS4/PC) | Necavelli joins the fight! So does New Zealand.   

    It's basically the way MKX unlocks stuff with either winning Koins (game currency) or buying it from the store (except even better since apparently you can also get DLC with muh fight monay), which for some reason pissed people off (also the "easy Fatality inputs" unlock).
    Maybe people worry that the Bison Dollar/Fight Money ration will be unfair? Or maybe they worry about the way the content will be distributed? Truth to be told I'm not seeing the complains either since you are not forced to stick with one method. As I said they are going to test this on the beta so if there is anything problem people will complain about it and it'll get fixed by release.
    I believe they are also revealing a newcomer today (or Blanka... But many people expect Ono to Ono)? Can't wait to see what he's all about.
  6. gato added a post in a topic Street Fighter V (PS4/PC) | Necavelli joins the fight! So does New Zealand.   

    Can I mention how much I love that the currency is called "Fight Money"? 
    if not, pls delete mods.
    Also, a part of me thinks this is something good since me and my casual-ness enjoys this model but I'm not sure how the competitive crowd might take it. Especially since MKX has taken a lot of flak for the way they handle a similar model (tho that's mostly because of the ways they constantly patch the game not allowing a meta game to be formed). I guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out, apparently the beta will also put this to the test... I guess once Nash and Cammy are available to download people will have the option to buy it with some complementary zenny's or fight money.
    ps: From now on I'm calling zennies Bison Dollars and you can do nothing to stop me D8<
  7. gato added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Ehhh not feeling it, as I said this one was actually the first fully Luna centered episode for me. The whole focus is on her until the shared dream sequences and really, the only background pony who had more than 4 seconds of airtime was Derpy and that might been 20 at most... I'd hardly call that overshadow. Also, almost every scene centers around her and her attempts to seal the Tantabus and the whole conflict is hers alone (and self inflicted at that).
    Luna eclipsed on the other hoof had a divided focus between her and Twilight, and I feel most of the episode focused on the then purple unicorn and how could she befriend the princess (even if the screen time between both was roughly the same).
    I do second that we need a Celestia episode really bad, it's a shame that if Panels are anything to go by we aren't getting one until at least S6... Like the CMC marks... *grumble grumble*
  8. gato added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Well if it makes you feel better none of the things you mentioned are on the episode, I just said it reminded me of IDW because of the humor and how zany it gets at one point. Also, because it's a full fledged Luna episode so all the focus is on her for once, unlike Luna Eclipsed when it was shared and all the dream episodes where what she did was more akin to a guest appearance.
    Also, upon further watches, this episode feels more like it was made by Gainax (or rather, Trigger) . -.
  9. gato added a post in a topic Posting an image creates an army of squares   

    I'm experiencing this issue as well while trying to edit my profile.
  10. gato added a post in a topic Welcome To Your New-Look SSMB!   

    I really don't like the new status system, it's such a hassle to have to go click in every single status to see the replies, this is especially annoying when the status has a picture since in the main page it looks like a blank space so you have to click to see what the user is trying to share. It was a lot simpler in the previous version. :x
    This kinda sucks since the status zone was kinda like THE place I liked about this community.
    Maybe I'll have to give it some time since I'm complaining about something that feels very minor, but I'm not feeling the forums right now.
    As for a more important complaint I also don't like the new theme, I know the old ones are coming back at some point but could we have a temp dark theme for the time being, all this white kinda hurts my eyes . -. , I've also read the main page is also going to be switched to this look so I'd appreciate it if you guys also work for some extra themes for that page as well.
    Other than that I'm having no problems whatsoever besides all the spoiler tags that I set manually before no longer working (I can only guess how some of my more text/unage heavy posts might look like right now >_>)
  11. gato added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    I just wanted to leave this here.
    Man, when did IDW started making episodes? Guess it's a.... something thing that they decided to cut the season with this one.
    We'll have a long time to munch on this one tho, so I'll be back later.
  12. gato added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Yeah, as a matter of fact the odd toy naming (like all the Dazzles randomly thrown in some toy names) is precisely to avoid that kind of issues, when fans got mad about the Heartstrings issue Hasbro was bro enough to actually look for a compromise and so Lyra Heartstrings was born. Besides the fact that DHX posses all the BG pony assets and whatever detailing their creations so I really doubt any potential lawsuit against the toy makers could hold any merit because the ponies in question had no personality until the fanon happened.
    Anyway! This episode is going to be the last one we have on a looooooooooooooooong while so we could say that once again, we got a mini season without a Rara (and in this case, also without an AJ) episode...
    I'm... Not upset about it...
    ... Not at all...

  13. gato added a post in a topic Transformers Devastation "Platinum Games... YOU GOT THE TOUCH!"   

    Bumpity BUMP!

    And some game time with IGN.

    Haven't been able to see it yet so I won't comment about it, tho I don't remember being that impressed with what they showed on E3 so here's hoping this one is better.