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  1. EEIUY5D.jpg


    I must move at an accelerated pace.

  2. Catfish is disabled again, can we truly call this an "update"?

  3. What's with the PSO2 talk? I thought me and maybe JezMM were the only ones still playing it :u

    1. Pink Cat

      Pink Cat

      It's anime is getting dubbed by Sentei.

  4. Keep scrolling up, nothing to see down there...


  6. (pic)


    It's funny how this picture works without a single edit on it.

  7. (pic)


    So the leaks were real after all...

  8. Kamiya being Kamiya

    1. Hero


      I can't tell, is he taking the piss or actually being serious?

  9. Happy birthrate, boss!

    1. Velvet Reindeer

      Velvet Reindeer

      Thank for remembering the passage of my lifetime vassal, you shall be spared today.

  10. .... So... Why is Waluigi in Street Fighter V?

    1. Komodin


      He wasn't in Mario Kart 7, so compromises had to be made.

    2. RosaRosaRosalina
  11. Killer Instinct

    Well, he was mostly a bonus character (and looking at how he's being sold, he still is) so I don't see Iron Galaxy doing much with him. There is also the fact that, canonically speaking, Omen already got out Jago so they getting together again to make this happen would be a little odd.   What I find interesting is that they seem to have found a way to make Shago's Ultimate work on TJ Combo stage (I believe the previous problem was because it could only happen in the Shadow Tiger Lair) by obscuring the background, makes me wonder if they are going to add Ultimates to the rest of the cast and all of them will work like that. EDIT; Confirmed on Stream only Shago gets the ultimate :x
  12. Killer Instinct

    Hello darkness, my old friend... After months of silence we are getting some updates! This is the trailer for the reworked Shadow Jago (or Shago, for short)   Shago will be released to the public on December 18th - January 15th, but if you were one of the people who contributed to the fund to make this character possible on the first place, you'll get him this Friday 4th! Also keep in mind that for some reason I can't really explain myself the character will be only available during those dates, so if you don't get it during that time you'll have a bad time trying to find him again . -.
  13. All these people worried about another Korra. And I'm here hyped as hell because it could be another Transformers Devastation (One hell of a budget title with full retail prize).   And I agree with Ryan, if this one were to be multiplayer it'd be amazing.