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  1. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Killer Instinct   

    Hello darkness, my old friend...
    After months of silence we are getting some updates!
    This is the trailer for the reworked Shadow Jago (or Shago, for short)
    Shago will be released to the public on December 18th - January 15th, but if you were one of the people who contributed to the fund to make this character possible on the first place, you'll get him this Friday 4th!
    Also keep in mind that for some reason I can't really explain myself the character will be only available during those dates, so if you don't get it during that time you'll have a bad time trying to find him again . -.
  2. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (rated in AUS & Brazil) -- Platinum Games (PS3, PS4, 360, XB1 & PC)   

    All these people worried about another Korra.
    And I'm here hyped as hell because it could be another Transformers Devastation (One hell of a budget title with full retail prize).
    And I agree with Ryan, if this one were to be multiplayer it'd be amazing.
  3. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Man, I really don't know how to tackle this one, so much I want to talk about and so little time... I guess I'll make it on a list format like Stricker used to make and call it a day.
    What I liked:
    * Alternate timelines: Did it serve to the story? Sans maybe the last one and one of the others (any of them would do, but I'd personally take the Nightmare Moon one because it's the nearest disaster to the time Starlight traveled to) it really didn't. Was it blatant fanservice for the most part? Yes it was. Did I like it? hell yeah I did, I was geeking out during a lot of them. And while sadly both Discord and Tirek got the short end of the stick there is so much you can do with 44 minutes. Admittedly, the enjoyment you might get out of this depends heavily of your suspension of disbelief since time travel stories tend to be a mess and this one is no exception (everything happens at the same time and what affects all this changes is how Dash fails to pull off the rainboom, despite the rainboom never happening some timelines have the mane six with the normal cutie marks, it turns out Flim and Flam were the Dr.Eggmans of this setting after all (sorry, I'm being obscure and referencing and old as hell review I did), etc)
    * Humor: Haber is a very hit and miss writer in this regard considering he wrote things like Simple Ways but when he nails it, he nails it hard! This chapter had so many funny moments that I can't really say I wouldn't rewatch it over and over again for the laughs it gave me at some points (and the alternate timelines fanfic fuel), parts like Twi awkwardly trying to make the events of the first Sonic Rainboom happen, or how she couldn't memorize her own notes for the class (even after several rehearsals), or how on the scale of bad to worse futures the Flim Flam brothers somehow rank between Tirek's rampage and the end of all life (yes, I'm pretty sure the Flim Flam thing was meant to be a joke guys) made me laugh quite a bit, the animators also had a lot of fun with it.
    * Starlight's Defeat: I'm going to touch this scene multiple times since those last 10 minutes are a mix of all sorts of emotions for me so lets start with what I liked, something I mentioned I found very interesting on the season opener was that Starlight wasn't a villain the mane 6 had to overpower to defeat but rather outsmart her, and in a way it's the same on this episode. Twi makes very clear that she and Spike alone couldn't defeat Starlight nor made her change her ways just like that, our equalist unicorn had to make the choice by herself. It's a bit refreshing after the brainwash rainbow waves against Nightmare Moon and Sunset Shimmer and the friendship nukes against Tirek, Discord and the Dazzlings.
    * No "Buy Our Toys!": I'm pretty sure Starlight is going to be a pony that will have some merchandise besides the one that it already exists but it feels so nice to have an ending that doesn't feel to be as merchandise driven as the others we had for a while. No royal weddings, no random princesses showing up, no eye popping transmutations to the mane six's designs (thank Celestia for that, there is a Cutie Mark Magic line and I was dreading when it would show up). While in the first case it was awesome to see how the staff at DHX managed to turn what many predicted to be a sacharine borefest and turned it into one of the most epic commercials I've ever seen the rest of the attempts were... Not quite as successful (disregarding the quality of the episode itself).
    I have no strong feelings one way or the other:
    * The Amount of Timelines: I mentioned before that while I enjoyed the alternate futures, for the episode to work we needed only one of them (and maybe two if you want to include the last one) I personally expected an alternate timeline that started with Nightmare Moon and progressively got worse as more villains showed up but alas, we didn't get that.
    * Nightmare Moon's Kingdom: The very first villain of the show as well as the very first near omnicidal being who got away with an apology and a pat on the back (I'll admit I'm a lot more lenient with Luna since it was the pilot episode and those tend to be kinda weak)... Or so we thought... Nightmare's rule doesn't seem to be so bad (breaking Twi's speech about every timeline being worse), she might be harsh or even a dictator for all we know but the ponies live, the vegetation hasn't perished after a year of her rule and the living conditions of her subjects seem to be relatively nice, compare that with the lands filled with war and conflicts and the near inhabitable wastelands other timelines bring. But while I find this to be a very interesting thing to think about it feels like at the same time it cheapens a lot of things on the pilot,
    * Starlight's Backstory: It was very petty, rushed, and doesn't justify even half the things she did. Yet at the same time it works because it follows the theme of the episode (the Butterfly Effect), Starlight even questions this because she can't think Twi's friendship being all that important that the future of the land depends on it (I guess there were other backup plans for the whole Elements of Harmony thing? Otherwise I'm sure everything would have stopped at NMM) yet as the Princess of Friendship states "It's not just my friendships that are important to Equestria! Everypony's are! When yours ended, it led us here". On the other hoof, rushed as it was, it was still better than every other redemption we had beforehand (Namely: Luna, Discord and Sunset's) it's not a compliment per se (and I'll get later on other differences between some of these) but you could say it's an improvement.
    * Twilight and Spike's Excellent Adventure: After the premier I thought we'd be see more of the kind of two parters where the rest of the mane 6 contribute to the cause, yet this one was exclusively for the purple alicorn and the similarly purple dragon, the only reason I'm leaving this one here and not as a negative it's because the episode makes an effort to state that this isn't the ideal scenario, that Twilight alone can't fix this issue and that it was Starlight who ended up solving her own mess.
    * Daring Do and the Forgotten Plotline: Okay, no Daring Do on this one, sorry. Something Season 4 did (up to you how well it did it) was to have one arc that spawned the entirety of the season and it affected both the opener and the ending, this seems to have been forgotten on Season 5 since it opens with Staright, who disappears and is nowhere to be seen (sans two hidden cameos) until the very end, at the same time, the Cutie Map quest line is about the mane 6 traveling in groups and solving conflicts in some communities yet none of this is relevant to the ending, I guess you could relate the finale's message about how deeply friendships can affect a community and look forward to the grand transformations that the Cutie Map quest locations will go through in the future, but it doesn't feel like there was much thought put into this (if there was any thought at all).I'm also chalking this one on the Neutral Zone because I can't tell if this is really a bad thing.
    The Nerd Rage Corner:
    * The Animation: I'm not one to usually complain about this (most of the time I praise it) but the combat scenes on this episode were jerky as hell, you just need to watch the way the royal guard and Celestia fight and you can tell the movements are not as fluid as they usually are (Dash and the Kujo Pie Sisters being the exception), the same goes for the mini fight between Zecora and Chrysalis.
    * The Special Snowflake: Another thing I really didn't like about this episode is the way it paints Starlight as someone so awesome and gifted at magic that not even a princess (renown for her prowess at magic) could best her. Back on the premier we saw her struggling to keep up with the alicorn and raging about how things she took months of practice came naturally to Twilight, it really helped to differentiate the characters and gave a lot more impetus to Starlight's ideals about how someone being special or different was wrong and I'm sad to see all of that gone here, it would have also helped in her backstory since Sunburst discovering his talent for magic and later enlistment at Canterlot was what separated him from Glimmer.
    * Starlight's Forgiveness: Okay, this is where the last 10 minutes of the episode fall flat to me. I'm going to compare this scene with both Discord and Sunset's redemption (as I said, going easy on the pilot even if it was as bad as this one). First is the draconeequs, both him and Glimmer's redemptions feel like a let down to me because both episodes (this one and Keep Calm and Flutter On) make a great job at showing why these two characters are such cool villains and both end up crushing my hopes of ever seeing them like that again. The other comparison (and the most important because there are more parallels between the characters) is with Shimmer, and yes, both redemptions were rushed as hell but there are 2 key differences here that separate the characters:
    1) Sunset Shimmer was an awful villain, her plan was terrible and was filled with holes, her story felt more like a petty pony driven by jealousy, hatred and little else. Starlight on the other hoof managed to outsmart everypony she met, she was cunning and manipulative and her ideals of harmony clashed heavily with Twilight's making her a way better antithesis to the purple alicorn than Bacon ever was.
    2) The Aftermath: Sunset had to deal with a whole movie (and some comics if you count them) worth of emotional beatings and trials in order to even be considered to be part of the main cast (even more the rest of the school), also, she was punished by her actions (albeit the punishment was a lot lighter than what she deserved). Starlight Glimmer got a hug, a musical montage and now she, the mane six and the ponies of equal town are all Best Friends Forever...
    Hell, even Discord got a better arc if you take Season 4 into account (shame What About Discord? kinda threw what that season finale did out of the window).
    * Mane 7: Okay, not really confirmed, for all we know she might be a secondary character like the local chaos god... But the addition of Starlight to the cast on the heroes makes me... Very wary about the next season... It's just that she seems to be playing a lot like a Sunset Shimmer replacement (since they want to keep EqG and FiM separated) and as I posted above she feels like a very bad knockoff of Bacon. Also since she no longer has this ideological clash with Twilight it feels like all of the appeal of the character is gone. It's just one of the things that keep piling up that doesn't really make me feel so hyped about the future (except the movie and some more EqG, I'm really looking forward to those), or if you want me to sound less like a drama queen, I'm just not looking forward to her hypothetical episodes as I'd do with Discord or Iron Will or Diamond Tiara (another character with a rushed redemption, but feels more interesting than Glimmer) between other characters.
    tl;dr: I enjoyed this episode quite a bit but... That ending...
  4. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Steam Autumn/Winter Sale 2015: Without Daily Deals?!?!   

    I got myself Age of Mythology Extended (soon to get a new expansion) and BlazBlue Continuum Shift extend for $15 (7,50 each), not to shabby, but I don't think I'll spend in anything else til the winter sale. (not to mention I've been keeping myself plenty entertained with Starcraft II and PSO2 lately)
  5. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    After two episodes that I could describe as "I almost fell asleep watching them" we are finally getting some more interesting pone... and I also got some more time to talk about it. Tho not much time since I still have to get ready for my finals and I need to install some OS here and there so here are just a few highlights for me:

    Man! Puberty Cutie Mark Puberty did a number on her...
    The mane attraction of the episode fillies and gentlecolts! No other than Lady Rara (as I'll call her from here on)! She was a long since last seen friend Applejack made on Camp Friendship not too long after she got her cutie mark herself (I guess). The days in camp friendship were ones that Applejack would never forget, but conveniently she'd also never mention to anyone because of the... Discoveries she made during that springtime of youth...
    Okay no, I'm just messing around. But part of what I said was true, AJ and Lady Rara were fillyhood friends and when they unintentionally find each other again they seem... Different, Lady Rara went through a lot of changes and now goes as Countess Coloratura, she's a full on pop diva with at least half the glam of a JoJo character, with a manager that pushes a bad girl angle that managed to captivate the audience and a musical style that appealed to the masses.
    She also has the power to cause seizures...

    But yeah, Lady Rara was... Different... Which obviously means something wrong is going on!
    And this is where a lot of the appeal of the episode kinda vanishes for me...

    I'm always right... except when I'm not...
    Well not really since I still enjoyed it plenty, but the moral of the episode feels a bit off. The changes Lady Rara went through to become to new pony of pop (better get working on it Sapphire) are presented as a bunch of whistles and pretty lights that diminish the true value of the artist, the managers ideas and the production team's work are wrong despite the fact those are the ones that made Rara stand out between the rest. I can't deny that being yourself is a more satisfying way of living and something one should try to achieve, yet at the same time I feel a lack of compromise that was present in episodes like Canterlot Boutique (also written by Amy) is a bit off putting, as if you can't recognize there is some good in those decisions even if the one doing them was a jerk. It doesn't really help that even under all the glitz and glam Lady Rara was still the same pony she's always been, she just performed a different kind of music and was being misleaded into making unreasonable demands because .
    it also makes me think about the in-universe fans, what would they think about this new style Lady Rara is bringing, will they love it? The festival tells me, yes they will but also, will they crave for the old style as well as the new one? I'd like to think Lady Rara can pull off both numbers at the same time (Lady Gaga can) but the way the Magic Inside's lyrics directly contradict the (admittedly very hollow) ones from The Spectacle gives me some vibes that she doesn't want to.
    It really doesn't help that the moral of the episode comes from a pony who you could say I admire, yet at the same time I know she can be very obstinate about her way of doing things. You saw a few episodes ago that the moment her costumes clashed with others she didn't take it well and this episode reflected that as well. Nopony minded Lady Rara's pop act but she knew something was wrong because it wasn't the same one she admired, and I'm not saying one is better than the other (both can be good or bad) but this isn't the message I got from this chapter.

    But I thought Fluttershy was LaBeouf...
    Still I quite liked the episode, while the message was a bit odd I still loved the songs (except for the one about Equestria, the lyrics ring true and work wonderfully as Amy's last words towards the show but the melody wasn't so good), Svengallop was as cliched as you get but it works in two ways because of the story he's inspired in and because of how you can make some contrasts between him and Sassy (I really liked Sassy in that episode, I think I mentioned this before?). Pinkie was a bit screechy but it's pretty understandable since she was meeting her idol and the people at dhx still keeps this trend that this season has about showing us the pink mare taking her job as a party pony seriously, it shows us the trials and hardships ponk has to go through to deliver smiles to everypony and makes her a lot more relatable and likeable as a character instead of the usual image one has of her of a pink ball of fun who just throws parties randomly (with some... odd issues here and there).
    And while I complained about it there is this air of uncertainty about Lady Rara's future that also makes it engaging to see, you want to know how everything turns out for her (and we can guess it's going to be fine considering the show, but I still want to see the results of this decision) and that's been another theme this season has done quite well at some points (Twi and Flutters episode being one of the few exceptions). I wish I could talk a bit more about this but this text has grown quite large and I'm already behind my schedule as it is, maybe I'll make an S5 retrospective at some point. (hopefully but not likely before the finale).
    so as a tl;dr: it was a pretty good episode, but not as engaging as I thought it'd be, also the moral doesn't feel quite right to me.
  6. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Overwatch ( A team-based FPS made by Blizzard about Heroes vs Villians... Where heroes can team up with villains to... fight other heroes and villains? WHATEVER! IT LOOKS COOL!)   

    I've read that Blizzard is dodging that question like crazy :v 
    As far as we know all the 21 characters + maps + modes + whatever on the release are available to you with only some skins added as a pre order bonus (so we can assume there will be more skins to be sold later on like seasonal costumes and whatnot). It remains to be seen if there will be new champions added later on that will require money to purchase (tho I don't see the problem with that).
    My experience with Blizzard is only limited to Starcraft and the original Warcraft tho (both series that I really love) and most of the extra content there was either community made or delivered via expansion packs so I can't speak about how they handled things like WoW or Heroes of the Storm.
    EDIT: Oh yeh, forgot to mention I'm looking forward to this game :u
    It seems like it's a kinda unconventional shooter with all those auto aiming skills and that dragon that goes through walls (tho I haven't seen anyone get killed by it yet) so I'm curious about how it fares compared to more traditional ones like CSGO. (which has been on my "to buy" list for a long time...)
  7. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Hey guise! It turns out that pony Christmas album song was released way too early before Christmas, like the Christmas episode itself!
    Now, I don't think I'll get this album at any point since Holiday songs are not something I'm eager to hear outside of the season and ponies are no excep-
    >Auld Lang Syne by the Apples.

  8. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic NieR : Automata (PS4, Square Enix & Platinum Games) [2016]   

    Well, considering Raiden also used high heels...
  9. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic NieR : Automata (PS4, Square Enix & Platinum Games) [2016]   

    I've read on GAF that they are using some default UE4 effects so that might explain a bit, remains to be seen if they are going to tweak or change them (I don't think they will, doesn't seem to be a very high priority).
    Actually, Yoko Taro has stated that people who are new to the series will feel less confused than people who played the original, I'd guess it's because for a new player the story is "Oh, Aliens are attacking and humanity is in danger, we must stop them!" but for people who played Gestalt/Replicant it's more like "Wait, 8000 years has passed since then!? And how the hell did we get to this point!?" (especially since things looked kinda grim by the end of the first game).
    Anyway, more info is coming up, but first lets rewatch the trailer again on 60FPS!
    Eurogamer article summary:

    - Nier was born out of Yoko pitching Drakengard 3, and Square wanting to do something different, so ideas were reworked into Nier. Yoko then wanted to do a second Nier, and was told instead to do Drakengard 3.
    - Development on original Nier took longer than expected. Regret their low metacritic score, and feel by the time they got their engine working it was at a point where other devs had a better handling of then hardware, so they looked more dated by comparison.
    - Yoko felt Nier was an experiment, and that while modern games had a lot of love and quality work put into them, he felt once you played each one for 30 minutes you got an idea of what they'd be like until the end. Nier was an attempt to always keep the gameplay mixed up and surprising.
    - Nier: Atomata is similarly structured to the original. When Saito (SE) requested Nier 2 he wanted a more action orientated game. Yoko wanted something more like Ocarina of Time, with fields to travel, as a "natural, nice way" for a game to be. Yoko feels Nier: Atomata is more his way than Saito's.
    - Will retain the experimental, surprising design philosophy of the original. But doesn't want to retread ideas.
    - Jokingly suggested making a boring, tedious game. Because that would indeed be surprising.
    - Also suggested the game give random endings as paid DLC. Nobody liked that idea.
    - He feels his most popular stories were written while he was drunk.
    - He spent a lot of time angry with the dev team for Nier, and is impressed at Platinum's efficiency. Which he says frees him up to drink more, and thus write good stuff for the game.
    - Story trailer stuff will come at a later date. This trailer was mainly to show off that it's a successor to Nier, and Platinum's involvement for what they do best.
    Also I've heard people saying Boar Drift Simulator is back but I'm not finding anything else to prove it.
  10. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic NieR : Automata (PS4, Square Enix & Platinum Games) [2016]   

    Slightly higher quality version of the footage posted above. Dayum, Beepy doesn't mess around this time :v
    Also, wow, that backstory. I wonder what are they talking about when they mention the humans?
  11. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Street Fighter V (PS4/PC) | Mika But Slap OP must be nerfed   

    TBH (Improbable as it might be considering popularity) that silhouette looked more like Adon to me.
    I'd love Maki tho, mostly because I don't remember myself ever paying a game with her in it. 
  12. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Street Fighter V (PS4/PC) | Mika But Slap OP must be nerfed   

    So little hype for the 'Sim no one posted is trailer...
    As a side note, it seems like Ono has teased the first wave of DLC characters that will appear on the game.

    Who could they be? 
  13. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Actually AJ had some reservations beforehand but Pinkie reassured her everything was going to be okay, it certainly didn't help that the pink one made the same mistake she did back in season 4 and hyped all the things their families had in common while forgetting about the... Not so little details.
    I do agree that there is something that felt off here and that's the way AJ acted on the middle, those moments felt like if she were saying "Oh I respect your costumes, but I think mine are better" which felt so freaking condescending, easily the worse I remember Apple Pone act, tho it'd probably feel off no matter which character thought like that, it reminded me of the last season when Rara "tried to be country".
    Besides that, I don't really have much to talk about this one (I actually liked the previous episode more but that might be just me finding the Universe constantly messing with Pinkie for once to be hilarious) besides some things you guys might have already found out but I feel like pointing anyway.
    1) Just after 3 seasons of thinking Pinkie Pie was the weird one of the family we meet Maud, and a season later we meet the other 2 sisters! And as it turns out all 4 seem to be based in what's usually known as the four Humors (or temperaments):

    I won't pretend to know how Iggy and Rose Cloudy Quartz managed to give birth to such an unusual pair but it's nice to see there is some kind... Some very weird and crazy kind of connection between each of their daughters.
    2) There are few things that people feel are constants in the show, one of them being that Pinkie is a bubbly living containment of smiles and laughter... Sometimes even an irritable one (as I mentioned before Season 5, Pinkie was the only pony who could get on Fluttershy's nerves) but it's very rare (I can think of a case on Season 1) to see the pink one feeling irritated towards someone...

    Yet Limestone seems to be that rare pony able to pull it off in nearly every interaction they share, I don't doubt they love each other but they also seem to be at each other throats as every good sisters I've known of.

    * Reminder that Pinkie possesses a large file in Sugarcube Corner with info about every pony she meets, including likes and dislikes.
    * She put these two together every single chance she had.
    I'm not sure about you guys, but I can totally see Ponka doing a Gendo Ikari pose while scheming "I'm going to be related to Applejack, one way or the other" 
    ... Or she just want them to be happy, both works for me.
    Also, I'm not the biggest fan of this Fluttershy clone, by far the most blatant of all the other characters who got labeled like that by the fandom, but considering the jumps YellowQuiet went through across the seasons (and the results that are much more visible on this one) it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. If anything, it also remains to be seen how this would pan out (if ever) considering we have a setting where love spreading alicorns roam freely, kids can make hormonal stimulants and a teacher very aware of her age might soon see her good old BEST friend going out with another mare. So time will tell.
  14. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Them's Fightin Herds! "The stampede is coming!"   

    And so she did...
    Pretty much like BatGuy said the funding is finally over! 135% percent of the game funded, all stretch goals reached (tho there weren't many of them), 10.530 backers and $587.026 raised. Pretty cool huh?
    To celebrate the ending of the campaign ManeSix hosted another stream but this one with a twist, a first to 10 fight between Arizona and Velvet where the characters were being controlled by the chat a la Twitch Plays Pokémon. Ending with a 10 - 8 victory for Velvet fans. (might be hosted on youtube? I don't think so since it isn't the same without the chat experience)
    So what's next for us and this thread? Well there are still lore updates to come for all the characters and the backer forums is coming at some point this year (I think) but besides that I think we'll be mostly clear for what's left of the year, ManeSix has expressed wanting to keep the streams going (on a bi-weekly or monthly basis) so if any of that happens I'll try to let you know about this here.
    Another thing that's happening right now is something a group of fans did on Skullheart (Skullgirls forum) decided to create a way to help all this portion of the fans who contributed to the project despite the peculiarity of never having played a fighting game in their lives (or never do it well), enter Fightin Fœnatics! A group that plays the aforementioned game that will do its best to help players of all skill levels bellow SonicFox, while SG and TFH are going to be a tad different the basics of how fighting games work (and maybe the combo game) are quite similar enough to get people started. I'm going to assume every single one of the people reading this thread besides me are at least on Daigo Umehara's level but if you are not feeling so confident about your game then maybe it would be a good idea to check this group.

    See ya Soon-ish!
  15. Velvet Reindeer added a post in a topic Them's Fightin Herds! "The stampede is coming!"   


    Thank to all of you guys who donated! Or even just checked this thread out of curiosity! Now the real hype begins as the game starts getting out of that sub alpha state and becomes it's own thing!
    Anyway! So yeah, the game got funded with some days to spare (now I won't feel bad for throwing money at Indivisible and Starcraft 2), to celebrate Mane6 will be hosting an impromptu stream very very soon (I'll post more info as it becomes available but it'll be today).
    Also, Oleander's story is up. :u
    EDIT: Stream is up!