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  1. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Your Most Disliked Tropes   

    Green Aesops
    This is a relatively common one that people really hate, so I probably wont go into too much detail. Yes, we get it, the world is filthy and it needs to be cleaned... I think almost everyone gets it by now.
    Negative bonus points added if the trope contains misanthropic undertones (I'm looking at you, Avatar.)
    Freaky Friday Plot (Aka Body Swap plot)
    This one on the other hand everyone seems to love... me? I've always hated this plot device. It's the same damn plot every time. Two people who have differing personalities and views somehow end up swapping bodies, be it through a error in a science experiment, or a magical curse. HILARIOUS Hi-jinx ensue as the characters, now having switched their bodies, try to do the things the other does and screws things up in a wacky way, while others around them wonder what's going on with their friends. It all ends with the characters getting back into their own bodies, and and then have a newfound respect for one another. The end.
    It's probably funny the first few times you see it, but after a while, it's just kind of obnoxious seeing it in every show in existence has a plot like this, and it always turns out the same in the end. I really wish this trope would die off.
    Believe in yourself!
    Those three words have become one of my most hated morals ever made. Like the body swap plot device, almost every show ever made has to have some moral pertaining to this, and it's gotten really annoying. Yes, it's a good message but after having characters say this 100 times on TV, it's hard for me to take it seriously even in real life. Every time I hear those three little words I cringe violently. Not to mention, just because one believes in themselves doesn't mean they're always going to succeed. Yes, you're probably going to better chances at being successful if you feel good about yourself, but the the way movie and show writers go about it, they always make it seem like belief in oneself will help you win everything in life. 
    I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a cynical ass, but I've just seen and heard those words so much, I just wanna punch the TV every time I hear those hamfisted words.
    Adults are useless
    This one seems kinda insulting to adults. Most often in cartoons where the kids are the heroes, the kids will often take matters into their own hands, no matter how dangerous or scary the situation is, without telling an adult. Though if during one of the few times where, if the said kid does let an adult know, sometimes even clearly terrified and wanting help, the adults will laugh it off or tell them that it was just their imagination... Going off of what someone else said about shows telling kids that keeping secrets from your parents is an okay thing to do, this trope also implies that adults wont do anything to help, seeing as how adults think everything kids say are lies. 
    Eh, I dunno, maybe I'm just looking too deep into this... but it does really bug me when kids shows/movies do this, especially the latter example. Though I might make exceptions to this trope if the said kid is a well known liar or has a big imagination.
  2. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   

    The knife is supposed to be a carved street sign. I got the idea from an article I read about a guy who fashions old street signs he finds in the junkyard into swords, and I thought it would be pretty fitting. The sign on the knife (Or at least the part that's visible,) says "View Ave," loosely named after a street nearby.
    But it's good to know that the post-apocalyptic style is showing. I kinda wanted to give the vibe off while still retaining a Dungeons and Dragons-esque style as well. Basically a D&D setting in the distant future.
    Thanks for the feedback!  
  3. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   

    Well done, Pixar!
  4. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Pixar Animation Studios   

    I just got back from seeing Inside Out with my mom and sisters. While it might need some time to process the movie, I have to say that I came out more than pleased.
    We weren't able to see it during the week it opened, since the family wanted save on money for a roadtrip, and I don't like seeing Disney and Pixar movies without having family to tell my useless trivia and pointing out the easter eggs.  For a while I was worried that this would be the first Pixar movie we wouldn't see in theaters. Thankfully that wasn't the case.
    But enough about me. Lets get to the movie.
    The Characters very lovable. You would think that characters who's main trait is based on emotions would be kinda flat, but the minds behind the movie really made the emotions believable and relateable characters, basically a bunch of people doing their jobs and doing what they think is right for Riley, while having emotions of their own as well.  In my opinion I didn't find any characters really annoying. Someone has mentioned Sadness getting some hate, which kinda surprises me. C'mon! Look at her, don't you just wanna give her a big hug? 
    As I said before, I'm still letting the movie sink in, but I have a feeling that I could end up in the boat with everyone else saying it'll end up being one of their favorite Pixar movies. The cartoony art style within the minds is a wonderful transition from the more grounded style of the real world. The story really gave of tons of "feels" (as the kids are saying these days) and overall creativity, the characters we're introduced to, outside and inside, are very likable. In addition, there's a ton of easter eggs, both from Disney and Pixar. I managed to catch the Haunted Mansion theme, a Finding Nemo board game called "Find Me" and and a picture of Figment from Disney's "Journey into Imagination." I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those movies where you'll find something new every time you watch it, very much like how the Lego Movie was with so much stuff happening in the background.
    Overall, a great flick! A wonderful watch after Pixars recent flicks, which ranged from decent to meh.  I'm glad we managed to catch it in theaters. 
  5. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   

    I like how this one came out. I Tried something new with the shading and lighting tools, and made alterations to her design in attempts to give off a more Post Apocalyptic vibe. 
  6. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   

    Funny thing last night. After My best friend from highschool showed me that Tyson Heese comic with Knuckles, and when I saw the Ken Penders gag at the end, I ended up asking him if he knew about Lara-Su Chronicles. When he replied with no, I had to make him share the pain I felt, when I first saw the Su-kini pic.
    I think I may have scarred the poor guy for life, I mean, he did graduate from an art school. His reaction pretty much consisted of "Oh god, please tell me this guy is trolling" and "Jesus, this isn't real... TELL ME THIS ISN'T REAL." Then we, being the art students we were, proceeded to tear apart what was wrong with the pic.
    That was pretty fun.
  7. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic The Kingdom Hearts Series: THE KH3 HYPE TRAIN IS REAL   

    I'm kinda surprised to see how many people want the Black Cauldron in Kingdom Hearts... I thought a lot of people didn't like it? 
  8. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    God damn it. It seems like when I go on vacation, a great man leaves this world.
    I was away from the internet for most of this week, so I had not heard of it until my dad told me at the hotel room. I was in legitimate shock, the last time I saw him, he looked like he was in good health! How in the world could someone like him pass away? and at a young age at that? 
    Well, it wasn't until today I saw his most recent picture... I hadn't realized he was this sickly. The more I browsed through this thread the more upset I got. I had a lot of respect for the man, it was very clear he absolutely loved his job and cared about the fans. I hadn't realized he was so involved so many Nintendo games.., Needless to say, I had no Idea that Iwata was the one who helped put Kanto on Pokemon G/S/C, and for that I have to say I've gained so much more respect than I already had for him. 
    He's made some decisions I didn't agree with, but in the end, Iwata has done so much more and to see him go really breaks my heart. He was a very good, fun loving man and I'm really going to miss him. To this day, this moment has and always will make me smile.

    May you rest in piece, Mr. Iwata. 
  9. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Disney Thread   

    The news about Wreck it Ralph has got me pumped up! Funny it be announced after my trip to Disney... I watched a parade where "When can I see you again" was the main song that was playing throughout, and yet there was nothing related to Wreck it Ralph. it was at this point when I began thinking "Yeah, we're not seeing a sequel to Wreck-it Ralph are we?"
    And surprise surprise! I come home to Wreck it Ralph 2 being announced. I hope the writers get to do what they've been planning, such as console games, meeting modern versions of Ralph and Felix, and of course, Mario with a possibly big role!
    As for the Genie film... why? Robin Williams is the genie. I thought the genie from the Aladdin TV series was a bit more obnoxious than funny, probably because Dan Canastetalleta's (sp?) deliveries were not as funny as Robin williams. Not to mention, I don't like it when characters try to imitate the character of the Genie altogether. It's one of the reasons why I do not find Discord funny in the slightest.
    Yeah, I don't have much hope for the latter.
  10. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Jimquisition "Garme Jurrnalizm!"   

    Isn't this the same guy who threw a tantrum over Jim giving one of his precious games a bad review? And then proceeded to post a video where he childishly mocks Jim's criticisms?
    If so, suddenly the interview is a lot less surprising to me. I mean, don't get me wrong, the guy is still obnoxiously childish, but considering he's done this before...
    Even so, I can't believe this is a married, 35 year old man with children. 
  11. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Skullgirls! 2ND Encore! Latest: Robo Fortune and a freaking train stage you heathens   

    So is this going to be the last update? I'm assuming it is, considering Lab Zero recently announced "Indivisible," and they probably want to focus their energy on that.
    If it is, then it was a pretty good run, I had lots of fun with Skullgirls, but It's probably best for them to try out new stuff. That being said, I'm looking forward to what Lab Zero has in the future. I'm already interested in Indivisible, and the creators have often expressed interest in a Skullgirls Sequel, so it's not all over for that series.
    That being said, Robo-Fortune's DLC was very comedy heavy, not surprising considering Robo-Fortune was originally conceived as a joke, turned into a alt. voice, turned into an original character altogether. In the end, the final story character for Skullgirls ended not with a bang, but with a great laugh... or maybe it did end with bang to some people. Either way, I liked it.
    But yeah, I still gotta try out the alt. voices sooner or later. 
  12. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    I can't help but wonder if it'll be as outlandishly comedic as Lord and Miller's other works or if it'll be comedic with some serious moments to balance it out.
    Either way, I'm pretty curious to see how this will come out.
  13. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Little Witch Academia   

    I watched the first a little while after it was released. I gotta say, it was really adorable, definitely not something I was expecting from the people behind Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking. It had a bit more of a Ghibli-esque vibe with Gainax/Trigger's zaniness sprinkled on it.
    I had no Idea the second episode premiered, not too long ago. I'm gonna definitely check it out when I get the time. 
  14. Emperor Robrainiac added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    I'll never know why do many dog lovers hate cats with a passion. While I prefer dogs, I've taken care of cats, and I thought they were nice company to have around. My dad is like this,  saying the thought of cats walking on counters and furnature after using the litterbox is disgusting. It doesn't help that he's allergic to them.
    Of course, that's waaaay off topic. I thought the first Splatfest was a pretty neat change of pace, having turf wars at night and all. I personally chose the dog team, since (as I mentioned above) I'm more of a dog person. I've been playing pretty poorly the last few times, but I was doing pretty well with my team this time around. Overall, that was pretty fun, I'm looking forward to seeing what the next splatfest will bring us.