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  1. ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    Admittedly, I was thinking of Archie when designing the boy, Travis... Kind of an everyman who ends up wandering an alien infested wasteland. Plus i wanted to go for a 60s-esque feel from the characters in the wealthier settings of this word. Plus I like Archie comics! XD Good to know they're designs are looking good!
  2. ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    I got bored at work, and I ended up getting the idea of making a road trip story starring two siblings making their way through aliens, mutants, and angry car salesmen in their souped up hover car their dad made. I was honestly shocked that I thought up of all that so quick, good lord.
  3. Franchises you enjoy that have fanbases you don't care for

    Gurren Lagann is a fun anime to watch, the art and animation is very colorful but has a sort of fast paced edge to it that makes it all work. However, there came a point where the fanbase just ruined the show for me. I don't think it's ever gotten out of hand as, say, Five Nights at Freddy's, My Little Pony, or Undertale, but I remember getting sick of running into fans TYPING IN ALL CAPS WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM BELIVE IN ME WHO BELIVES IN YOU WHO BELIVES IN ME WHO BELIVES IN... Well you get the idea. Not to mention I've been called some pretty nasty things for saying anything I didn't like about the show, ranging from "gay" or "pansy."  Of course, I've gotten over it all, and I do enjoy me some crazy mech violence. Although this one is a much smaller fanbase, I gotta say, I haven't really enjoyed interacting with fellow Oswald the Lucky Rabbit fans so far. They often treat Oswald, despite being a cartoon character, as a poor abused (Emphasis on abused, here) child who needs to be loved by everyone. I mean, yeah, while I would love to see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in more Disney projects, the way most of the fans I've encountered talk about this character as if he was a real person with a troubled childhood just downright cringe worthy.
    1. Inspector Gabe

      Inspector Gabe

      unfortunately, no.

      an emoji movie

      causing gennedy tarvotsky and luaren faust to walk away from the popeye / medusa adaptations

      and your management being so awful that phil lord/chris miller don't want to run your animation studio

      the sony pictures animation execs must be smoking some legendary pot right now

  4. Holy crap, I refresh and then all of the sudden, new layout! :o

  5.   Not really. From what I've heard, movie pilot lets various people make articles, be it official or not. In addition, the one who made the article in question is a random guy who makes amvish, fanfic cartoons on youtube. It's definitely not real.
  6. This title is kind of misleading... I just looked up "The Anytown Show" on Youtube, and it looks to me like some fan-made amv thing with some drawn stuff thrown in here and there, with no voice acting... I was kind of expecting something about that rumored Nickelodeon crossoer movie when I came in.
  7. ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    Full size It's been a good while since I posted here, hasn't it? Well, here's some fan-art of the horror game, "Spooky's House of Jumpscares." Here we see the main antagonist, Spooky, enjoying some popcorn and watching players attempt to traverse her house of horrors. I don't usually play a lot of horror games, but damn, if this game isn't addicting. I love it!
  8. Your Christmas Haul 2015 (aka How's your Christmas?)

    This Christmas was a pretty good one! I wasn't able to get everything I wanted, but you know... I can't really complain. My parents were able to get me some pretty good stuff despite not being clear on what I wanted. The stuff I got was: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Toad Plushie, Leather Zelda 3DS case Super Mario Amiibo Stand, along with a pipe Amiibo stand. Captain Falcon Amiibo A N64 t-shirt Walking Dead t-shirt This phoenix wright T-shirt here AoStH and Sonic Underground DVDs Phoenix Wright Manga A Pokeball bag for my D&D dice made by my sister   And that pretty much covers it all! After opening my presents, we watched the Disney World christmas parade on TV I took a quick nap (I stood up too late that night) and spent the rest of the day watching a Christmas Story, watched the Doctor Who Christmas special (Despite my sister not caring much for the new Doctor) and when everyone was heading to bed, I finished off christmas by finishing off the true pacifist run on Undertale and watching the MST3k episode, Santa Claus. It was a very nice christmas, and I'm pretty dang happy with what I got. I hope you guys had a very nice holiday as well!
  9. Not sure if your computer runs a game? Come here!

    I've tried it before, and to be honest, It's not that accurate at times. For example it said games like Skullgirls and Skyrim couldn't run on my old computer, when it actually ran just fine. Hell, it said it couldn't run Sonic Generations on my new computer, and it works just fine on it. One too many times stuff like this happened to me, to the point where I just said, "Screw it." So yeah, I'll just stick to crossing my fingers and hoping it'll work.
  10. Mystery Scince Theater 3000 returns with Kickstarter!

    Wow. I'm pretty surprised this topic hasn't been active! But in case you haven't been following the kickstarter, there's only 32 hours left before the kickstarter closes. In the meantime, they've successfully managed to make enough for 9 episodes, and we've got some new hosts as well, such as the Nerdist's Jonah Ray as the main host, and Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as the new mads. We've also got several offers from celebrities to cameo, ranging from folks like Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, and Mark Hamill. Overall, I'm pretty interested in seeing where this is going. I'm kind of having doubts about the kickstarter making it to all 12 episodes... but hey, 9 episodes aren't too shabby.  What are your thoughts on the news? EDIT: Apparently we got some guest writers as well! Interesting lineup we have, What with having the Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon of Rick and Morty fame being one of them, and Rober Lopez of Avenue Q and Frozen writing Some songs as well.
  11. Hey, just checking to you're okay. You were just trying to help out, and sometimes you just gotta get tough with some people.

    If you got a problem, I'm listening.

    1. Mikyeong


      thank you so much :)

  12. Sonic.exe Portable

      I thought i just told you, though, there's a ton of grammar mistakes, cliches and the majority of the story is a retelling of Sonic.exe.  Also, it doesn't matter if Charlie the Killer and Sonic.exe 2 (Admittedly, I think the latter is so bad it's good, but I will agree it's a horrendous pasta.) are worse creepypastas. This one you've showed us really isn't all that great from what you've shown us so far. And also, despite me enjoying some gaming Creepypastas, I will have to agree with Haayle that a majority of them are just terrible. However, there are quite a few gems in the dirt, Bead Dice Sky being one of them. However, it should be noted that some of the better gaming creepypastas have no supernatural elements to them.  I dunno if you're talking about the Some Ordinary Gamers wiki, or if you're a fan of his videos... bit if you watch his haunted gaming videos, you should definitely follow some of the critiques he gives at the end the videos... He gives some pretty good advice. Granted, I think some of his reviews tend to be a little too forgiving, but he's introduced me to some pretty interesting game pastas. That being said, I really can't give you anymore advice, because at this point, it's very unoriginal and uninteresting, and not to mention, Sonic.exe is already considered to be a pretty bad creepypasta by many.
  13. Sonic.exe Portable

    Well... There is a lot wrong with this story, and I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I really cannot find much that is right with it.  Grammar wise, I've noticed there are parts of the story where you failed to captialize certain letters, and lack commas here and there. Now, I'm not gonna pick on you for that, but I'd suggest you find someone to look over the story for these technical, as they can be pretty easy to miss. Now onto the story itself. As I've said before, Introducing the story with a "I'm a fan of 'x' but after I played this game, It ruined it for me," is not a good way to open up. For one, it's one of the most cliche ways to open up a story. Secondly, I just don't understand why a single unofficial game would ruin the experience for the rest of the series. Then there's the acquisition of the game. I'll let eBay slide, since it's a passable way to get a game that could potentially be a ripoff. What gets to me though, is that the player notices that something's off with the package, with the cover being "Sonic.exe" written on the cover. If I understand correctly, the player is looking for "Sonic Classic Collection." If that's the case, even if the price was so low, why would anyone take the risk of buying a game that could potentially be a cheap bootleg or a knockoff?  Next is when we get to the story itself. You pretty much just retold the entire story of Sonic.EXE, but crammed it all in to the point where it feels rushed to the point where it just feels painful. This is not a good way to introduce a story. Because this story is pretty much Sonic.exe lite, I really can't tell you if this story needs a total rewrite or change a few things. But all I can say is this: It's really not looking good so far.  I should also warn you, the Sonic.exe creepypasta doesn't exactly have a good reputation around here. 
  14. Sonic.exe Portable

    Well, I do enjoy me some gaming creepypastas, so I took a look at this and... Well, I'm sorry to say, but it's not good. So far, all you have is Sonic.exe lite, with more cliches somehow, such as introducing the story with "I used to be a huge fan, but now i'm not," and "Thinking nothing of a suspicious looking box." I dunno, I may not be the biggest fan of Sonic.exe or its "lore," but there really is nothing here that stands out by itself.