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  1. If it's an headache for some people, surely these people can just not come to this topic ? Also, he didn't release anything because there's been a death in his family recently (as he told me in an e-mail from a few days ago + there was a message on his Twitter account), so as bad as he can get, maybe drop the acid ?
  2. 12 weeks of Sonic Games

    Are there badges to win ?
  3. According to what he just said on Twitter some minutes ago, yes.
  4. According to some e-mails I had with Ken, he was approached by Bioware during the development of Chronicles, in 2006 in fact. They wanted him to be a consult or something, it didn't happen and he lost track of that. I won't quote the whole explanation for obvious reasons, but there might be some truth in what he says... or not.
  5. Dragon Ball

    It's not really laziness, but you can't expect him to remember every character he created ever, especially since he's been in the manga industry for 30+ years. He created TONS of characters for Dragon Ball, Dr Slump and all the other mangas he drew. Can't really blame him.
  6. The 52 Game Challenge 2015

    Honestly, I sometimes do it by pure luck, and sometimes I get better results when I repeat some touches (like when I must press square, I press it twice)
  7. The 52 Game Challenge 2015

    And now for the final three games ! Parappa the Rapper 2, PS2, 100% Aaaaaaand that's the final game. It was a real pleasure playing through old and new games this year, and completing some I didn't complete before !
  8. The 52 Game Challenge 2015

    Silent Hill 2, PS2, 100% with every endings + The Dog ending.
  9. ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Best wishes !
  10. The 52 Game Challenge 2015

    And yesterday, I've finished the fantastic Bayonetta 2 on Wii U !
  11. ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Updates ! Jessica Jones
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