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  1. SONlC added a post in a topic Is Sonic a franchise that can be truely loved by both genders?   

    Yes, the franchise can be loved by anyone, regardless of their gender. Gender makes no difference to me when liking certain games or characters.
  2. SONlC added a post in a topic Sonic and Knuckles On Virtual Console   

    I already have Mega Collection, but I feel compelled to get this and Sonic 3 just to support the best of classic Sonic.
    Also, about Sonic CD, just play Sonic Gems Collection on your Wii.
  3. SONlC added a post in a topic Can Sonic have a plot?   

    Plots? Yeah, but nothing too deep. Too much inconsistency and plot holes. That's why I always laugh at people who are like "is this canon?" when discussing Sonic storylines. The stores are made specifically for each game and are not meant to be 100% consistent. Yeah, they make references to other stories, and sometimes a direct follow-up (IIRC) to a certain story, but not like a huge timeline or anything. I enjoy each game in its simple, repetitive tales as a story on its own.

    And if Sonic tried to do this and start anew with a long story, I wouldn't be able to take it seriously when we've got this large, blue, mickey mouse-looking hedgehog chasing some round old fat dude capturing animals, throwing them inside robots, and generally making an ass of himself for the lulz.