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  1. Autosaver added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    I can't fucking believe he passed away. I thought it was a joke at first as I was in the middle of a Splatoon round but it ended up being very real. I knew he was sick but him passing away so suddenly is just incredibly shocking. He also had a pretty cool E3 with his puppets and you can't forget the Iwata vs Reggie fight scene. Just knowing that he was this bad ass while fighting cancer (?) is just incredible.
    This is also the same guy who cut his pay in half instead of laying off hundreds of workers. He was a very humble man and he always talked about he was a gamer first and a worker second.
  2. Autosaver added a post in a topic Toxic   

    As others have been pointing out, this specific event wasn’t really the reason why people have been upset. All it did was make people realize what has been going on with the community lately and how out of place people have been feeling. The people that left are gone and don’t have their opinion in here with Sami being an exception. It made me want to write up a post too.
    Personally I think the moderation team was one sided on this specific event. I don’t care if people view me as morally or ethically corrupt but to have a flood of members harass me in the statuses with no one stepping in seems incredibly odd. Shauna as a moderator actually made a topic about how the moderation team was going to be stricter on people “bitching out” other members in the status feeds. I get that some were busy but I don’t really understand how multiple moderators were able to write walls of texts but weren’t able to write a quick status update.

    To get back to the point on the moderation team being one sided, I feel like none of them took action because of that. As others have been pointing out, it was basically a free-for-all lynch mob. I’m not saying that the moderation team was condoning bad behavior. I’m saying that with the time they had they were focusing on the actual argument and not what people were doing. Azoo came in late and finally put his foot down but I also believe that was handled the wrong way.
    We got an event that basically tore the community in half with tons of members breaking rules and the best decision was to move the discussion to “Ethics in Commerce”? A lot of us wanted to move on from it and placed our concerns that it was going to make people who participated in the drama feel incredibly awkward. I checked the thread and I got brought up and got accused of stealing along with committing fraud. I wrote up a pretty lengthy post about the issue I had with the thread but then I deleted that and just acted like a sarcastic asshole. I get that Oggy was a bit bored and wanted to keep discussing business but considering that it was a direct continuation of all the drama was it the best decision to keep going? Why didn’t the moderators or even the administrators just put their foot down and let everyone chill?
    Sami brought up an important point. A similar drama fest happened and Sami made a topic to continue discussing. The moderators put down their foot and said it didn’t need to continue. Yet, when a moderator got so heavily involved with it and did the same it’s perfectly acceptable. Even then if there HAD to be a discussion on it I think the community could do it without tying it to what happened before.

    On the community side, I just don’t understand. I’ve been friends with many of you and we’ve been in many engaging conversations. I’ve gotten into pretty serious arguments before with the likes of Hoggy, Blue Blood, and Tornado yet I never saw them harass me or shit talk me. I get that the situation wasn’t exactly clear but no matter what the situation is, I don’t think that means people should be able to harass me. Apparently there was some incredibly mean stuff that was going on off-site which got brought up here multiple times. Why do I want to be part of a community that in times of drama will crucify you?
    I’m not saying that I can’t handle criticism. There’s a very big difference between breaking multiple site rules and having an opinion. As others in this thread have constantly pointed out, no matter what actually happened on my side should give anyone free roam to “abuse” me. How can you justify this? Please don’t say you were misinformed or that it wasn’t clear. That’s not an excuse! I guess you can say I set myself up to get crucified but I really don’t like the general idea of victim blaming. I was asking for it, right?
    If insulting people and going behind their backs is the way the community wants to handle drama, then so be it. This is not something I want to be a part of. This isn’t even directly tied to what happened, I see this all the time in the statuses. Got into an argument with someone? Let’s just subtly hint at them and say some incredibly rude shit about them. No one will notice even though it’s blatantly obvious. That is /not/ OK. If I can handle arguments without resorting to harassment and shit talking, you can to. That is actually why the original status thread by Shauna popped up. It used to happen all the time and I can safely say it’s as bad if not worse than what it was before.
    As I said before, this isn’t a sentiment shared specifically by me nor is it exclusive to what happened yesterday. It’s an on-going issue that blew up like a balloon and finally burst. I don’t think anyone here was happy with the situation.
    So yeah, peace out. I know there’s a lot of good members on here. I hope you guys can keep the community tight and fix whatever issues there may be. I’m sure new members will join over the years so the loss of several members won’t be too impacting in the long run. You can still talk to us on Skype and Steam or whatever if you need to.
  3. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals
    If you have Gamers' Club Unlocked you can stack an additional 20% off that price.
    My bad. It's actually something people were throwing around in the status feeds as a joke so I used it as my topic title. Just thought of using it to lighten the mood, didn't mean to offend anyone.
  4. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    If SEGA announced the next Sonic game we wouldn't be in this situation.
  5. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    I didn't actually spend $1000 yet, all what happens is there is a hold on the card. This is 2 years worth of video games. 24 months. That's about $40 per a month with the spread of games. I'll make the money back too eventually. 
    My Dad is a business owner. We don't have credit issues.
  6. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    $60 game + tax = about $70.
    Online you're not charged tax.
    Honestly I did do this at one point as a joke. But I mean is anyone really jealous that over 20 years I have a pile of video games? People have posted bigger collections on here before. Not that impressive.
  7. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    Yeah I mean I really don't give a fuck about it anymore lol.
    Nep's post is full of factual errors and faulty comparisons. I'm not going to bother going through it because I think it's being overblown but one factual error is that he's taking me saying that I bought $2000 worth of video games as spending $2000. He's also trying to spin that as me lying and not being honest. I even told him this yesterday and he's still bringing it up. The fuck?
    When a huge portion of your post is dedicated to slamming me for something I never said and something I already clarified to you yesterday should I bother?

    That is the very first status I posted.
    I'm also not sure why I need to explain everything I do on the equivalent of a Twitter feed. I didn't think people would care that much. People brag about getting discounts and insane deals all the time. The only rubbing it in I can see is when people were playing along with me which I played along back.
  8. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    With how many people were giving me shit that they can't afford video games and that they will never get close to my life style, I honestly feel that there's some jealously going around. I hate to sound like a douchebag here but to me it started to sound that way when people were instantly writing me off as wasting money and that video games are not a good way to entertain myself. I mean, at least some people are admitting this up front and being chill about it.
    I'm on a video game forum, and being told video games are a waste of money by a number of people. What's going on here?
  9. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    I don't get charged until the games come out. Virtually everything I have done is reversible. If my parents didn't like it they would tell me to cancel it. They were completely fine with it.
    Again, I don't get charged until games come out. This is pretty much a "Lock" on the $20 price.
    I initially thought people were joking about it. Actually, people were. They were all impressed and kept asking. It wasn't until later that the rest of the forum caught wind and was giving me a lot of shit for it. Because of the attitude people had with taking it lightly, I did too. Now that I realized people were genuinely getting very angry I had to write this post.
    People keep pushing that I stole from my family.. I didn't steal anything.
    On the topic of taking advantage of a deal, well, yeah I give you that. Not sure why you'd be upset over that though. That's the stores problem.
    I also found it ironic so many people were saying they would do the same thing if they had the money. I mean, I get that you guys couldn't take advantage of it but I don't think you should be getting that angry over it.
  10. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    Ok, so a bunch of people are giving me shit for this so I think I should just make a post clarifying what happened.
    Retailers fuck up all the time. Walmart sold $3000 TVs for $7 once. Around Christmas, Best Buy had a B2G1 Free Skylanders sale that applied to video games (I actually took advantage of that lol). Early morning, Best Buy fucked up again. They had a 50% Skylanders sale that applied to video games and consoles. Bloodborne which is currently on a special sale at $40 cost me $20. The New 3DS and PSVita dropped down to $100. I didn't know about consoles until the glitch ended. I ended up buying a bunch of games because I knew my family would buy them at one point. Arkham Knight? Call of Duty: BO3? Star Wars Battlefront? Splatoon? Zelda U? Kingdom Hearts 3? etc, etc. Why spend $70 when I can buy them $20 after rewards now?
    Video games are pretty expensive. If you add up how much you spend on them, you'd be surprised. I know people are giving me shit for spending a lot of money but there are people out there paying $70 for games, including people on this forum. I made this thread so I could share ways to get discounts on games. Clearly I'm being smart in managing my money. If you shop at Gamestop, EVER, you're spending your money unwisely. I am the MASTER at being a cheapskate. I do not buy my games at full price and I do not like digital.

    This cheapskate attitude transfers to my entire life. I always use coupons and get stuff on sale. I switched our landline to google voice which cut our $30 monthly landline bill to $0. I convinced my parents to drop Verizon which shaved $200 off our cellular bill. I also haggle with our providers and services to get our bill cut. So overall I've been doing a good job in regards to saving money and spending money. That's why my parents give me free roam to buy stuff.

    I run an Amazon business where I sell my old goods. Since I'm a big Nintendo fan, these games KEEP their retail value. The money quickly adds up with how many games I have. I also sell old computer parts or stuff we don't need anymore. I keep all my stuff in mint condition so it keeps its value. That means upgrading consoles, handhelds, and smartphones is really cheap for me. I take good care of what belongs to me. I also don't like to hoard too much. Through the years I've been selling off collections of stuff I don't care anymore. My Wii library barely exists and my DS library is slowly getting smaller.

    I live in a family of 6 and we're all big video game fans. My brothers play on their PS4s and I play on my Wii U/Xbox One/PC. They usually pick up the major sellers on Day 1 such as Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Assassin's Creed, Sports titles, etc. These games cost over $60 and potentially into the $100s area if you include Season Passes. That's a lot of money. Without me they'd be buying games at Gamestop for $70 a piece. I look for deals on games and get games at over 30% off on launch date.

    Best Buy fucked up and after rewards/promos, I pretty much got every game for 70% off. That's a $40-$50 savings on every game that we would have purchased. I think some people are taking it as I'm going to be playing all these games. I don't own a PS4 so all those PS4 games are not for me. I guess you can judge me for spending the money but it's money that would have been spent with or without me. The $50 savings per game is huge. This is why I don't get why so many people are upset that I'm saving my family money. That's why my parents trust me with handling purchases. I'm not dumb, I'm actually pretty smart.

    On the topic of "money", I get it. My parents were immigrants and I was born in Canada. We grew up pretty poor. During the PS2 era I had like 1-2 games per a year that I wouldn't put down. This mass collection of games didn't start until I got older. I completely understand some people are in bad financial situations as I've been there. BUT, I don't think that should mean I can't enjoy or spend money because others are having problems paying bills or they're in college or etc.
    Emphasis on the fact I buy Nintendo games and physical games. Nintendo games RARELY if ever go down in price. Bayonetta 2 has been out for half a year and is still a $60 full priced title. I got it for about $25. After I beat my games I sell them. Games now a days don't really have a lot of replayability. I don't see the point in keeping $60 titles when they have 5 hour storylines with no replayability. If I play games quick enough I can sell them close to full price. Worst case scenario I break even, best case I profit. If it's an old game then I can usually make a bit of money. Games cost money though and I enjoy them. Worth the money, no?

    Profit? Yes, I actually can make money and a great example is the case here. Most of the games I bought come out to be $20. These games retail for over $70. Let's say I actually don't end up playing the game or I don't want it. If I return the game, I get $20 back. If I sell the game on Amazon, I make about $50 after Amazon's seller fees. That's a $30 profit per game which required zero effort to make. Now if you continually add up each game that can be a lot of money. This is just a worst case scenario if I don't play it/don't want it. May as well make the choice now because I either get a game cheap or I make money. That money can now be reused for future sales/discounts.
    The big point on profit is why I don't really understand why people are saying I made a bad move or I'm stupid. Are none of you guys going to be buying Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV on launch day? You don't preorder games? I'm sure SOME of you do and you guys are going to be paying full price for it. How does Gamestop sell millions of copies of games at full price if no one is buying them? People do! The one laughing is me because I got a game for $20 that you paid $70 for.

    Some people are asking if this is legal, it is. Best Buy could have cancelled all our orders but they didn't. On the topic if they're able to take back the games, I don't think they can. Walmart made a mistake like this before and tried to but in many states there were laws that once it was in the hand of the buyer they were not able to legally take it back. Walmart took a big hit that day and learned a big lesson.

    Video games are my hobby. I don't really buy expensive clothing. I don't go out often. I don't eat out that much. I don't spend money on luxuries. I spend my money on video games. $20 for months of entertainment is worth it. I don't even really see movies that often. When I do I get tickets 50% off because I know how to. My life is basically discounts, sales, and coupons. I'm smart with my money and I keep waste at a minimum. It ties back to growing up poor. Because I've always lived with trying to save money I use these skills every day now. I see people getting suckered into wasting money all the time. I avoid that.

    While at the time my parents didn't know about the purchases they didn't need to. A while back, I got an offer on my Kindle for a Lightning Sale on a $250 Chromebook for only $50. Because my Dad didn't answer, I didn't buy it. He ended up telling me that if there were sales that I should act immediately instead of waiting and possibly missing it out. This glitch was at 3am and only lasted an hour. There was zero way I was going to communicate with my Dad who is currently in Canada right now. If I waited, I would have never bought these games.
    Overall, I still want to emphasize on the fact that no matter what way you cut this or see me these games are games my family would have purchased. I mean, if someone told me they made $500 buying video games I wouldn't be upset, I'd be fucking impressed. The cost I got these games are so low that selling them would make me profit. You use money to make money. To those complaining that I'm wastefully spending, look at your spending. You're buying games and actually spending money. I bought games, spent money, but made a profit in return. The $20 per a game only gets charged when the games come out too.

    Basically point by point
    "You stole your parents money!" Actually no. My parents trust me with spending. I'm not 2, I'm 18.
    "You wasted money!" These are games my family would have purchased at full price, with or without me.
    "WTF I'm too poor!" I grew up poor too. I don't think that should mean I can't buy games or enjoy life. Life sucks, I guess?

    "You're bragging!" Well I bragged about getting a huge discount on games, not that I buy a lot of games. There's a big difference here.
    "You could've used the money on x, y, z!" I don't think you should be telling me how to spend my money. I don't tell you how to spend money, unless there's a way to get it cheaper I will let you know.

    "You're not even going to play these games!" Worst case scenario, I sell the games and make $30 profit per copy. This is a WORST CASE SCENARIO so it doesn't mean it'll happen. Maybe if a game gets bad reviews, I don't know.
    "You could have waited" If I didn't act now, I would bought the game for $60 instead of $20. I can cancel orders at any time or return them if I'm unhappy.

    Ignoring everything and over simplifying it, what if I said this to you? You can have every game you want and have a free $500 in your pocket. Would you say no?
  11. Autosaver added a post in a topic Image Extension not allowed?   

    If you take pictures from imgur/twitter/facebook, sometimes they don't end in .jpg or .png. If they don't then you need to actually go to the specific image and not the site it's being held on. Also, sometimes images have ;Large at the end to signify it's a large version of the image. You need to remove this portion.
    So basically make sure it ends in .jpg or .png.
  12. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    Who wants to have a heart attack? I put all the orders together into one big picture.
  13. Autosaver added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   


    Looks like Best Buy is honoring their mistake. Games that are already out have already been shipped out. There's no way to cancel them at this point.
  14. Autosaver added a post in a topic The "What the HECK Is A 2016 Sonic" Prophecy Thread (two topics from the pre-server wipe in one!)   

    Dunno where the whole "Big game companies can't use crowd sourcing" came from.
    Square Enix is currently using crowd funding to fund 3 of their games.
    edit: oh, looks like they launched a platform but not their own games yet. I SWEAR I heard news a while back about them putting one of their own games up.