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  1. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Windows 10 (PCs, Windows Phone, Tablets, Xbox One / OUT NOW)   

    I tried using Edge for a little while. It isn't bad, definitely a step up from Internet Explorer, but it's definitely missing a few things to it that really make it worth it. The ability to change the default search engine is greyed out and I can't really do anything with it. There are extensions with Chrome that make my life easier that I wouldn't want to ditch, and the handiness of some things like pressing tab to search a site on Chrome is really handy too.
    I think Edge is a good default browser for people who just want to use Windows 10 the way that it comes, but Chrome still stands on top for me.
  2. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Disney Channel's 'Descendants,' featuring teenage kids of classic villains   

    Seems cheap, mediocre and a forced attempt to try and "fit in" with what teenagers are doing now. But that was the first three minutes or so. Then the song came in and I couldn't watch anymore. It's a shame that Disney Channel can hardly be relied on for anything decent besides something like Gravity Falls.
  3. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic We Bare Bears   

    Actually just heard about it today from my sister and she showed me a few trailers and spots. Some of it was pretty funny, even if it seems like another Regular Show but with different animals. I'll probably go ahead and give it a watch, definitely looks better than the other stuff some channels are trying to put out there.
  4. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Rumour: Universal Studios to build Third Theme Park... Based on VideoGames   

    The atmosphere, the music, the accuracy of that section of the park is mindblowing every time I go there. I love it, they really know what they're doing when it comes to decorating sections of a park. If this video game thing ends up being true, Universal Studios is the place to do it. I'm really excited to see what we end up getting here. I would really want something Sonic related and I could see it happening with how iconic he is. Six years is certainly not a bad wait for this and I know I would be dying to go, it's about time gaming gets some more recognition, which it seems it really has been with recent movies and now this.
  5. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Rayman Adventures (iOS, Android)   

    Paying for cosmetics and stuff in a free game is fine by me. Big titles like League of Legends have gotten by with free gameplay and adding in optional costs just to make yourself look different. It doesn't change the game itself and certainly doesn't make it pay-to-win, but people throw money into it anyways because they like the game. The mobile market has taken this and twisted it in an awful way where players end up having to eventually spend money if they want to get anywhere. Wait times and collecting objects start getting ridiculous and near impossible if you don't throw in cash, which is just plain dumb. It's even worse if you want people to pay for an app and expect them to pay for more stuff inside of that.
  6. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Rayman Adventures (iOS, Android)   

    This is seriously insulting to Rayman. Because putting IAP inside of your paid games isn't enough. Because a nice, solid anniversary game is just way too much effort. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of a big video game mascot with nothing but a cheap, money grubbing mobile game is straight up offensive.
    But hey, at least we get a full Assassin's Creed game. Every. Single. Year.
  7. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Animal Crossing: Happy Home Desinger.   

    It won't really be the best example of what an Animal Crossing game is all about. This basically focuses on the house customization aspect of it, only you're trying to meet expectations of customers. It doesn't include all the shopping, collecting, expanding, digging, and fishing that the typical games of the series do.
    The game looks nice for what it is though. I don't think I'm going to get it myself, but I can see why big fans of the series would like it. Seems very relaxing and fun, being able to help out some favorite villagers would be a nice change of pace.
  8. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Phantasy Star Online 2! Open Beta now!   

    Hmm, in that case, I might just go ahead and look up how to get started on the Japanese servers and see if I can walk my friends through it too. Hopefully the game ends up being worth the effort, I know they liked playing a demo of the game on the Xbox 360 or something, but this would be my first time trying out anything PSO related, so here's hoping. Thanks for the tip.
  9. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Phantasy Star Online 2! Open Beta now!   

    My friends and I have been waiting for PSO2 to come to the US, so we haven't gotten into this game at all. Do you think it would be best for us to start now with this localized version, even if it's out of date with the SE Asian servers so far?
  10. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic What game are you currently playing?   

    I'm trying to get through all of Kingdom Hearts so I can be all ready for Kingdom Hearts 3. I played the series before, but I've skipped some titles and it was a long time ago, so I'm starting fresh.
    Right now I'm on Re:Chain of Memories on the 1.5 HD collection. I completed the first game entirely and I just finished Sora's story of Re:CoM and started Riku's story not too long ago. I'm not a big fan of the card fighting system in this game, but I'm liking the story alot so it's keeping me going. Nowhere near as good as the first game, which makes sense considering this was originally a GBA game.
  11. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic The 52 Game Challenge 2015   

    I would love to, but my biggest issue is that the rules stress photo evidence for beating a game and I'm lacking just that, so it would be a bit of a bummer to be behind like 13 games on this leaderboard. Just because I didn't take pictures. But it's alright, maybe I'll try achieving the goal along side you guys myself anyways. 
  12. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Do people still think Sonic Adventure's a good game?   

    I still think that Sonic Adventure is a good game even today. It's a little dated with mouth sync in cutscenes and graphics and such, but I still think most of the mechanics and level design are fun. The game does have its own glitches, but I can't remember any game breaking ones from the few times I've played through this game.
    Honestly, I really don't see Game Grumps as a good source of whether a game is good or bad. Their main purpose is to entertain and sometimes they joke and very specific things and blow them up to sound like something so negative that it's painful. Not to mention they aren't quite the best players in the world, but people watch them anyways because of the commentary. Game Grumps run into a lot of glitches and pin point a lot of the stupidity above all else because that's the focus, not essentially finishing games (Because there are tons they've just left behind)
    So, yeah, I do think Sonic Adventure is still good in its own way and it has stood the test of time in some ways more than others. Some people still really like it and I can get why. It's fun.
  13. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic To think, just a few years back...   

    Well, the point of view from people within the fan base and people outside the fan base can be very different. Colors isn't talked about very often outside of the fan base, but people who hardly play any Sonic games make fun of 06 and Boom. It just seems like the let downs for the Sonic series are the ones that end up being amplified in terms of how many people know about it, which is really a shame.
    Lost World wasn't really a step in the wrong direction per se, I think. It wasn't a step up, but it wasn't a step down either. They tried out something new and it didn't exactly work in their favor. It was experimental without being painful, but even a title that wasn't that great doesn't get as much talk as ones that are just straight out bad. I think that's what gives Sonic a worse image to the general public, the idea that the series should just die off is brought up because the good titles just don't get shown around as much.
  14. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic To think, just a few years back...   

    I feel like people jump back and forth very quickly on when something is good and bad. One great title comes out and people say something has come back to its former glory. One weak installment and it's going downhill, it's very wishy-washy.
    But in the case of Sonic, there was a high point with Colors and Generations that came back down really fast with Sonic Boom, that's a separate type of game focusing on different mechanics and essentially a different world. I don't think it excuses the fact that it was awful, but I want to wait and see what they do for the next game in the main Sonic series.
  15. wingedarcher7 added a post in a topic Tembo the Badass Elephant (PC, XB1, PS4)   

    It doesn't really catch my attention. There isn't much here that stands out to me to make it seem interesting or different enough for a purchase. It seems like it's blowing the commando/elephant thing to a proportion of making it so ridiculous that it sells.