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  1. RAGE is finally happening GET IN HERE

  2. at this point i just assume everything tracker posts ever is a hoax because 99% of the time it is

    1. TCB


      You're learning

    2. Cola


      i learned a long time ago

      he also has turned my twitter feed into 90% anime


      i know im pulling these percentages out of my ass but that's what it feels like to me

  3. the fact that this was a thing announced on the sega account and not sonic's twitter kind of clued me in that it probably wasn't a sonic game, but whatever. glad it's coming over   EPISODE 3 DREAM ISNT DEAD YET BOYS THE NUMBERS THEY MEAN SOMETHING B E L I E V E
  4. just wait until azoo rolls in here tomorrow with this Nostradamus bullshit predicting the future he did it the sonic 4 dream is still alive
  5. its definitely sonic 4 episode 3

  6. New Year, New Something Something

    this theme is PERFECT   ever since nu sonical died I've pretty much exclusively used the ip board theme. Loving the JP Sonic 1 flair in the background
  7. I've posted here more in the last two days than in the last six months. What.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cola


      scott pilgrim will return one day, but right now i gotta be repping good ol hibiki tachibana

    3. Komodin


      Well, what genuinely new Sonic info has actually been unveiled during the last six months?

    4. Cola


      i have not cared about a new sonic game since lost world and even then i didn't like it at its initial reveal

  8. As long as we get a Kid Icarus anime, I'll be satisfied. If the anime shorts have taught me anything, it's that a Kid Icarus anime would kick ass.
  9. Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.

    I'd like to see at least one more game mode squeezed out.
  10. Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.

    They only ever specifically stated that weapon updates are over. I don't understand where everyone gets "all content updates" from.
  11. That sounds great! Can't wait to see what choices they make. Some more unexpected ones like Chandelure would be awesome.
  12. Really looking forward to the game. I'm satisfied with the roster but I hope we at least get another character or two to round things out.
  13. but where's the wii u version
  14. The last Sonic game that really wowed me was Unleashed.   Wow me again, Sega.
  15. memes

    1. TCB
    2. Siobhan


      i thought i told you not to bring this blasphemy here