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  1. Ah, but add up all the relevant track numbers: "inside the empire" - Pixel Empire (Track 11) "we can get it back" - Technicolor (Track 17) "son of daedalus" - Icarus (Track 13) 41. 4/1. April Fools Day, again. 
  2. Some of his songs have lyrics, but only one by him. They're all amazing, regardless. 
  3. That is not a given. They said something was coming in February. At this point I expect this to hint at a Madeon/Sonic collab rather than the game.
  4. No, they're all Madeon references. "Empire" - Pixel Empire "We Can Get It Back" - Back of the TECHNICOLOUR case, if memory serves "Son of Daedalus" - Icarus
  5. And ICARUS, is the name of another Madeon track. Heh.
  6. Top thing is "Hello Hugo," Hugo being Madeon's real name. "Pixel" has nothing to do with "Pixel Sonic," that's an internal branding name. It's a reference to Pixel Empire by Madeon.


    1. Detective Reptiles

      Detective Reptiles

      "The Pixel Empire Tour".

      Subtle, Aaron. 

  8. Caykzy5WwAADshN.png:large

    Sometimes doing this stuff hurts my soul


    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      i dunno maybe when sega suddenly gains, like, 400 billion dollars in revenue

    2. Tracker



      They did Power Drift, honestly Rad Mobile isn't too unrealistic 

  9. tumblr_o294yawyhj1rtr7mwo1_1280.jpg

    Finished this 1, 2 Fanclub Miku. Coincidentally timed with Chinese New Year! 

  10. Catz9gcWwAQXXEA.jpg:large

    The artwork in that Polygon article sure is something

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I'm getting some serious dark-age Archie comics vibes here.

    2. Inspector Gabe

      Inspector Gabe

      are their poses supposed to be a shoutout to the breakfase club poster?

  11. New favourite Vocaloid MV. And the song is one hell of a jam. 

  12. “Because [Rise of Lyric] tried a different take on Sonic from the norm — and considering the results — this made Sonic Team feel that we want to build a Sonic title which represents the evolution of the Sonic series over the last 20 years.” – Iizuka

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    2. Tracker


      Oh yeah, SEGA Europe are a bunch of morons right now, yeah

    3. TCB


      Well after the output SEGA has been doing that's non Sonic over the past number of months, western and back in Japan (7th Dragon, Yakuza, Project Diva, 3D Collection among others) SEGA arent too 'dense' to share Tracker's word you may think they are.

      of course, I would understand if your pessimism for Sonic bleeds into SEGA themselves and that validates everything they have done in the past number of months...

      Oh lmao SEGA Europe I TOTALLY forgot about that

    4. Komodin


      That said, there's nothing wrong with hoping that Sega will get Sonic Team to treat Sonic, also a franchise of theirs, better than they've been for the past few years.

  13. CapkUFpWAAAU0GN.png:large

    Sketched Miku from 1, 2 Fanclub's Giga-P mix PV. It's actually Chinese New Year tomorrow, something I only realised afterwards...

  14. CapBWE8UUAAdJKN.jpg:large

    Official Sonic Super Bowl artwork, from the Twitter.

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    2. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      "Player Number 25"

      hah i get it

    3. Ferno


      it's so rare to see fully colored and shaded 2D art in promos these days (that's not classic themed) that it almost looks bizarre 

    4. RosaRosaRosalina