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  1. Sonic 25th Anniversary Thread (No Baseless Rumors!)

    And suddenly a new Sonic game is dead. Alright I'm off. Toodles. 
  2. Sonic 25th Anniversary Thread (No Baseless Rumors!)

    I know who the troll was. Can you solve the mystery?
  3. Sonic 25th Anniversary Thread (No Baseless Rumors!)

    As if you hadn't all already guessed, that rumour is totally fake. It obviously was made by an SSMB member considering ol' rooftree.
  4. Heya, happy birthday!

  5. You may be dead here, but you live on in our hearts


  6. Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun! c:

  7. It's no real secret that I don't fit in around here. And with a bunch of the people just do enjoy talking to leaving, now's a good time to jump ship. Toodles.

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    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      cya on retro

    3. DarkLight


      I actually found you to be one of the more insightful members. :(

      Farewell, Blue Blood.

    4. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      WHAT? Don't leave BB D:

  8. I can't believe what I'm even reading. Good grief.

  9. SSMB <\3

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    2. Detective Tenth Doctor

      Detective Tenth Doctor

      It's not nice, is it?

    3. Nepenthe


      @ T-Min: We've been that for years.

    4. DBZHedgy



      debate can turn anyone into ravenous monster who tear each other apart =P

  10. You know how not to get people to go along with this? You don't send them random PMs asking them to copy their data for you.
  11. Official Sonic 2006 topic

      '06 is objectively the more broken game. I'd even say Heroes has a lot more going for it.   But yep. For some reason I actually agree with this.
  12. I read the whole thing. Yeah, no. It makes things worse, not better. And that's the last thing I'm going to say on the matter.

    1. Tracker


      "but it's money that would have been spent with or without me."

      Yeah, on things more useful than a bunch of fucking video games

    2. Tiki


      Yeah, I did, and it didn't clarify much, but eh

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