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  1. Sean added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Captain Syrup is my most wanted villain, but the Smash series refuses to acknowledge that the WL series even exists, save for like one song in Smash Wii U
    Toon Ganondorf I do want.... On one hand we have regular Ganondorf but on the other his WW counterpart is guaranteed to play entirely differently due to dual sword-wielding.
  2. Sean added a post in a topic Nintendo 3DS   

    Yeah the N3DS itself is still perfectly usable, and I can't see the scratch except under certain angles of light. I'm just really really annoyed at the way Nintendo handled this whole mess and it was kind of a shock that the rep stonewalled me even after explaining the trouble I've had with the repair process.
    I'm definitely not gonna invest in another system right away, I decided. I might wait for Nintendo to either release another color (that blue model that Europe and Singapore got is really sexy) or announce a price drop once the NX is under way. ...Well, by the time the NX comes out I'm probably going to lose total interest in getting another 3DS when I can just save up for the brand new system, which might be for the best
  3. Sean added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Generations does require a ridiculously good setup to run perfectly though. It's considered something of a benchmark game; if your PC can handle it, then it can probably handle just about anything else.
  4. Sean added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Yeah this is cool. I guess they figured they might as well port the last main game to another system since there's nothing else going on with the mainline series. I'll probably stick with the Wii U version unless a crazy good sale happens later on, which will happen
  5. Sean added a post in a topic Freedom Planet: coming to a Wii U near you! Indie Assault starring Spade is also a thing!   

    Another one was discovered post-release.
  6. Sean added a post in a topic Freedom Planet: coming to a Wii U near you! Indie Assault starring Spade is also a thing!   

    I really enjoyed what I played of this game but actually never even finished Lilac's story. I was waiting for the Wii U release because it's not currently convenient for me to play PC games. But I think I'll wait for the cutscene freeze patch to drop before I buy it
  7. Sean added a post in a topic Nintendo 3DS   

    Nintendo sent back my 3DS with another scratch, this time underneath the top screen rather than on the outer surface. I called them up and told them about my situation; the rep didn't give me the time of day this time and even sounded visibly annoyed at me. So since I can't send it back for repairs for it being too minor for them to bother with, I'm stuck with this one. Not that I would have been leaping at the chance to send it back a third time anyway, as I've grown mistrustful of Nintendo's repair service at this point.
    I'm thinking of selling this one off and just getting another one. The scratch doesn't ruin the system, but when I pay for a new system I expect to own a system in new condition for a good while, and I'm annoyed at Nintendo's amateur repair service (at least the one in California) that I don't like the idea of sticking with this one after having repeated 3DS troubles over the past month. If anybody on the forum is interested, I might give it away for some cheap/negotiable price, like $150 or even less than that. It's a red New 3DS XL and aside from that one scratch it's in gently used condition; I can take pics of course. I'm still mulling over whether to bother, so I might make a topic in the marketplace forum if I decide to wholeheartedly go through with this.
  8. Sean added a post in a topic StarFox (Wii-U)   

    I was excited for the game by default but I was still disappointed that nearly all of what they showed off was just reimagined SF64 stuff
    The delay doesn't bother me. I still have Yoshi's Woolly World and Xenoblade X to look forward to
  9. Sean added a post in a topic *SUPER* Mario Maker (Wii-U)   

    Jr.'s Airship Jubilee / 100coins (FB1D-0000-006F-0C41)
    My second level is way more ambitious, being a SMW airship/castle hybrid and sporting a level of difficulty you would expect from an actual Mario game. I spent two days designing it, and I tried making it as intuitive yet interesting as possible, with a few optional tasks to the side. That means I playtested it rigorously to ensure there were no moments where it was impossible to progress via careless mistakes, unforeseen deaths or enemy attacks, or any instance in which the average player would mistaken an optional path for a mandatory one (hopefully). I got the idea of putting in 100 coins from Jez's courses in order to provide an optional challenge. There's a boss at the end, along with a couple of secret methods to skip it entirely.
  10. Sean added a post in a topic *SUPER* Mario Maker (Wii-U)   

    Basic Course for Basic Nerds (26DD-0000-0064-6F59)
    First one. Just a simple course with no ambitious setpieces, but there is an alternate path of sorts. I'm interested in eventually designing courses that feel like they could belong in an official Mario game, so this level was good practice.
  11. Sean added a post in a topic Keiji Inafune strikes again with Azure Striker Gunvolt | 3DS eShop   

    Your post didn't mention the 3DS version getting these updates so I didn't know. Considering how long the game has been out this update is way too little way too late, I'm certainly not going to replay it just to listen to some in-level banter
    And I disliked the game because it was trying to be a MMZ successor, but it blatantly changed some things for the sake of change and nothing about it felt like a natural evolution of its source of inspiration. Killing enemies didn't feel good at all, it always required a set-up and it heavily contrasts how the action in MMZ would always bring me instant, satisfying results. I didn't even shoot for the good ending; the requirements were stupid, and the boss difficulty was fucking obnoxious. They don't give you enough time to learn attack patterns without suffering heavy, repeated damage in the process. I don't recall any bosses in MMZ being that frantic.
    It's a really mediocre game and I would rather just replay MMZ2 or 3 because there isn't anything Gunvolt does that's better than what MMZ did. I had fun with it for a couple of levels and everything afterwards felt like a chore.
  12. Sean added a post in a topic What's wrong with Lost World?   

    Tails hasn't been a good character since Colors (I almost said Unleashed, but he honestly wasn't much of one to begin with). Lost World just takes him to the most logical extreme
    Tails used to be my favorite character up until Sega started pretending that he had none of Sonic's abilities. SLW makes him into an asshole and he's now my most hated one.
  13. Sean added a post in a topic Keiji Inafune strikes again with Azure Striker Gunvolt | 3DS eShop   

    Game wasn't that good. Surprised to hear they made a Steam port and with the localized story that the 3DS version didn't get. Thanks, Inti.
  14. Sean added a post in a topic Nintendo 3DS   

    Got back my N3DS the other day. Turned out it was the same one, they didn't replace it with a refurbished system like I was told what happened? Anyway normally I would have been fine with that, in fact I would have preferred to have the same system back since I bought it brand new... if they didn't send it back with a freaking scratch on the top screen! It wasn't even a light mark either, it's the kind you could actually feel when you wipe it with a cloth. Specifically there was a dot-shaped chip on it that you could see even when light wasn't shining on it, so I couldn't just ignore it while it was in use.
    I was livid, and this was something I was totally paranoid about when I sent it in. I called them and (politely and non-accusingly) arranged to send it back, this time opting for an actual replacement after they offered me the choice. It's probably going to be a refurbished system after all, but I'm trying to place my remaining faith in the idea that it will be as new-looking as everyone who has ever bought a refurbished system vouches it to be, and I feel rather non-trusting in whoever is repairing my 3DS to replace the top screen without damaging something else. Of course it's entirely possible that they'll scratch the replacement 3DS during the system transfer process...
    There's the slim possibility that it happened during shipment (either to or from their repair center) but I honestly really doubt it?? It was fairly well-packaged both ways and it couldn't have been moving around in the box. Plus it was on a screen: the inside of the system and not the shell. I was very careful to not accuse Nintendo of scratching the screen themselves while I was on the phone, but I can't imagine how else this would have happened
    I can't believe how much headache the 3DS has been giving me these past several weeks and it's really put me off from playing other games at the moment, so I've been finding other hobbies to take my mind off it such as reading, lmao
  15. Sean added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    I'm assuming the Jam Session version of Splattack is the tutorial music. I actually really love that song and in my gamerip tracklist I put it right before the main Splatoon theme so I'm happy to see that whoever compiled the CD had the exact same idea.