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  1. Just fought this dude in Disgaea called Darkdeath Evilman. Sucks for anyone else who is trying to come up with a villain name because they'll never be able to top that

    1. Dizcrybe


      That guy is actually from a game called Zettai Hero Project.

  2. I see a lot of people citing Mother 1 on the eShop as a sign of a western release for 3, so I'll just chime in by saying that M1's localization was done over 20 years ago. Nintendo literally had to do no work for EarthBound Beginnings aside from testing it on their emulator.
  3. Cashews have got to be one of the weirder (but not bad or anything) toppings I've had on a pizza yet.

    1. Komodin


      ... Huh, so that's an actual pizza topping? And here I thought anchovies would be the most unusual topping I've seen...

    2. Nix


      That actually sounds pretty good.

  4. Finished Disgaea D2's story; I kinda cheesed out on the final boss because with six or so stars and even with a Laharl that was 200 levels above him, I still couldn't kill him due to his obnoxious stat-sapping evility, so I just dropped the difficulty down to zero to get it over with. I don't see a lot of people praising this game's story compared to the first game, but I thought it was pretty good, and in a few ways better than the original's.

  5. Disgaea D2 has frequent crashing problems that can't be avoided. I need to learn to not buy games published by NIS America anymore.

  6. There's a pretty obvious experience/money grinding venue early on in Disgaea D2... I can tell this series is going to ruin my life again

  7. Just finished everything in Generations which officially finishes off my bi-yearly Sonic gaming mood lol. Gonna be going through Metal Gear Rising and Disgaea D2 next

    1. DBZHedgy



      Disgaea D2 is gonna give you hell if your planning on 100%ing it like the Sonic games :V

    2. Sean


      Hell no. Might try to unlock Petta and some other characters and just stop there.

  8. Jr. is better

    1. Komodin


      Have him and the Koopalings all show up together more often, and they can help make each other even better.

    2. Sean


      Jr. doesn't need the Koopalings

    3. Komodin


      I still like them all, though.

  9. I got the Time Eater achievement in Generations. Now I never have to play that boss again for the rest of my life

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    2. Wolfy


      I thought you were Pelly at first

    3. BenderBR


      One of the worst final bosses.

      @Wolfy Sean <3 Pelly

    4. Detective Reptiles

      Detective Reptiles

      then the data wipe happens

  10. I consider Sticker Star to have been a reimagining or even reboot of the Paper Mario series - there's just utterly no way it could possibly take place in the same universe as the past games considering it's the only one to acknowledge its paper-based world to any extent. In which case I don't see it in Nintendo's best interests to revisit the style of past games; it would mean that they'd have to admit Sticker Star a mistake. In either case whether this rumor turns out true, I'm not getting my hopes up about it. You can also bet on Nintendo whoring out an entirely new line of amiibo cards for this game.
  11. I'm playing Sonic Generations. What game is Crisis City from, anyway?

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    2. Detective Panda

      Detective Panda

      Why are you guys giving weird answers?

      To answer your question properly, Crisis City is from So- *two guys put a bag over my head and carry me away*

    3. Mikyeong
    4. True Detective Soni

      True Detective Soni

      *dust his hands*

      Welp, that was a GRIND?

      and what is this 06 you speak of? The only 2 Sonic games that I recall ever happened in 2006 were Riders  (which I absolutely LOVE) and Rivals.

  12. So what's this about Jay Leno playing the Joker in the upcoming Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad movie?

    1. Pink Cat

      Pink Cat

      I don't remember that Badnik, did Robotnik make a new one called Jacob Lego?

    2. True Detective Soni

      True Detective Soni

      Does he play the badnik that makes a literal blowup doll?

    3. Faseeh


      idk about that but beautiful dp 

  13. I bought a Blu-ray without realizing that PS3s can't play Blu-rays without an HDMI cable. I is smart

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    2. KHCast


      Don't PS3's come with a HDMI cable?

    3. Sean


      Older models definitely can, but starting with the Slim(?) Sony removed the ability to watch Blu-rays using composite cables.

      I actually already had a Blu-ray movie that a friend gave to me a while back, but I neglected to watch it before buying the one I got today. Also, I can't returned opened movies. Definitely not a purchase I thought entirely through.

      @KHCast Mine didn't, and I don't have an HD TV anyway.

    4. Tara


      You can probably get HDMI to RCA adapter cables pretty cheap on Amazon,.

  14. Holy shit, this Endless Possibility remix is phenomenal. (video)


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dejimon11


      Yeah a really good remix.

    3. goku262002


       Yeah its the Generations Unleashed Project intro. its pretty nice.

    4. Inspector Gabe

      Inspector Gabe

      >Falk composed it

      Always bet on Falk. =D

  15. Moderation Feedback

    Chris already told some of us about this earlier today, but just as a heads up to others on the staff who might not be aware, this topic is not intended for us mods to defend or explain our actions. Its purpose is to allow members a venue for expressing concerns and critiques without the fear of being told upfront they're wrong or mistaken. I have faith in Chris to read and address the issues himself members may have with the way we do our jobs, but in the meantime, I don't want to see any member here feel discouraged from expressing their thoughts, even if we may not necessarily agree with them ourselves. Right now it's about your guys' perspective, not ours, which I think will be coming later in due time.