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  1. Sean added a post in a topic The Ranking System: Should it Stay or not? *Plays Sonic Heroes, Gets an F Rank*   

    I kinda like what Rodea the Sky Soldier attempts. In the Wii version, you get two separate ranks based on time and collected gems. The former necessitates speedrunning and some rather clever sequence breaking, while the latter encourages exploration and chaining enemies. S-ranks are extremely difficult to obtain in this game (I try to settle for As, which is a bit of an achievement in itself honestly) but the manner in which you obtain them is simple and easy to understand.
    Sonic games that factor in multiple things for rankings like time, enemies defeated, rings collected, etc. are stressful, especially when time is the most important element (and sometimes it feels like the requirements are unfairly arbituary, such as in Rush's case), and I'm the worst when it comes to holding onto my rings and avoiding death when I'm going fast in games like Unleashed and Rush. I think separating the categories like in Rodea's case would be a good idea, since that encourages multiple ways of playing a single level rather than just the one right way.
  2. Sean added a post in a topic Steam Autumn/Winter Sale 2015: Without Daily Deals?!?!   

    Ori and the Blind Forest almost claimed me but the typical game stuff after the prologue (collectables, upgrades, enemies etc.) really pulled me out from the experience and I wasn't in the mood to be spending more money on games anyway so I requested a refund. I'll be sure to try it again in the future though.
  3. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)   

    It does save the game though for what it's worth and otherwise has no negative repercussions. I beat the final boss a few times afterwards (mainly shooting for S-ranks, which I thankfully managed on all bosses) and the crash doesn't occur after the first time. EDIT: Just realized I already said this in my previous post, I'm too tired to think atm
    The English version is also missing the Japanese credits and its theme song, which you can hear here:
  4. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)   

    Yeah I totally recommend it, although the asking price (60 bucks..) might scare off some folk. Unfortunately there's just no way for this game to succeed despite it being an overall really good game, since review copies of the Wii version weren't even submitted to reviewers. I really hope more people on this forum get the chance to play it too, due to the similarities it shares with Sonic Adventure and I think with the way a lot of people discuss Sonic level design on SSMB, there's a lot to appreciate about Rodea Wii's levels because it totally feels open and free in the best possible sense, while laying the main path out for you in a very clear way.
  5. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)
    This is your reward for beating Rodea Wii. Not only did NIS America omit the Japanese credits, but after the final results screen it freezes your system and you have to unplug it. Thankfully, it still saves your progress, and beating the final boss a second time on a completed save file does not trigger the crash.
    The final boss also sucks, big time. It's a massive leap in difficulty even compared to the penultimate final bosses, and it nearly soured the experience for me, but I managed to overcome them. I'll write up a proper review later, because I've been thinking a lot about this game and although it has a lot of big flaws, it's probably my favorite game of 2015, as far as pure gameplay goes.
  6. Sean added a post in a topic Sonic OSTs available to listen on Spotify   

    Speaking of, I know it's beyond Sega's hands but I really want DCT to just release the Sonic 1&2 soundtrack on non-JP iTunes already
  7. Sean added a post in a topic Hyrule Warriors (Legend of Zelda and the Dynasty Warriors sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!)   

    I'll take what I can get for now. I still want a female protagonist for a Zelda game, but I'm glad Linkle came to fruition. She actually feels unique enough to where I don't think of her as "female Link," although that's a thing I do want in a main game someday
  8. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)   

    I realized that boosting actually isn't necessary for light dashi... uhh I mean gem chaining. Does make it a lot snappier though
  9. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)   

    This game is amazing for an especially unique reason.
    So, the game has no invisible walls. No masses of land in the background that have no hitboxes. You can fly anywhere in the game, just as long as your cursor can reach it. It's pretty incredible just how open the game is at times, even though the path toward the goal is always clear to follow. You can beat the levels quickly if you like, but if you want to explore the surrounding area, you can go ahead and do whatever you want! You want to climb that mountain? If you're close enough, there's no stopping you. There may not be any collectibles or secrets to find (sometimes there are, in the form of medals and bonus levels), but that's not the point.
    The first instance I noticed the game's sense of openness was near the end of chapter 2, where Rodea flies toward the huge tree on that massive floating island. You can fly around the tree, explore the ground below the smaller islands, and even head up to the treetops where there's nothing but a little lake. It's such a cozy piece of detail. The developers seemed to have taken extreme care of developing the game's world beyond the normal path you are expected to follow.
    I think this is exactly the sort of thing I would want from a more open 3D Sonic game. A lot of areas in Rodea aren't just "highways in the sky" despite the premise. It's very clear what path you're meant to take and you're usually not required to branch off from it, but the option is there, and it feels like a very fleshed out world because of it.

    It feels like a proper spiritual successor to both NiGHTS into Dreams and the first Sonic Adventure, and playing it makes me miss Naka's influence on the Sonic series. Not that I haven't enjoyed recent Sonic games, but Rodea Wii makes me wonder about the possibilities had the franchise taken a different direction after SA1.
  10. Sean added a post in a topic The MOTHER Series Topic (No Crying Until The Lock)   

    Yeah I get all that and acknowledge its officialism/meaning but ehhh I liked EB more than M3 and the pig empire wasn't in the former so I'm kind of biased.
    Whenever I talk about the character in relation to the second game I always use the name Pokey. Porky is a name I accept in M3's context due to Nintendo using it and its added meaning in M3, but if given the choice I prefer using his original English name
  11. Sean added a post in a topic The MOTHER Series Topic (No Crying Until The Lock)   

    If it weren't for Smash Bros. basically confirming it I would have hoped an official Nintendo translation of M3 opted for Pokey instead of Porky. I mean... I know Porky is the official name but god I really hate it. Haha get it? He's called Porky because he's fat
  12. Sean added a post in a topic The MOTHER Series Topic (No Crying Until The Lock)   

    I feel like there's a LOT one can take away from EarthBound. What I felt the most was the empathy you develop for many of the supporting characters, even if all their roles are quite small. To be honest, the mother is actually my favorite character in the entire game. I love how she unconditionally supports you throughout your journey yet never stops treating you like her child, and she always provides you a sense of relief and comfort no matter how tough the going gets. I don't know what overarching theme EB has going for it, but I suppose I never thought about it because the game has a profound way of making you pay attention to and cherish the little things.
  13. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)   

    Yeah I've only played the first chapter so far, but so far my impressions of the controls are mixed to positive. I appreciate how simple they are (you can tell that Naka is a huge fan of simplistic control schemes), but camera control might have been better regulated to the nunchuk, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to reliably chain yellow gems. By the way, when people say this game feels like a mixture between NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure, they weren't kidding. There's quite a bit of familiar Sonic aesthetic to be seen, especially the use of item capsules and Rodea's gameplay essentially being a souped-up flight version of the homing attack. I'm really looking forward to playing more tomorrow.
  14. Sean added a post in a topic Yuji Naka's Latest game: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Fall 2015)   

    Doesn't seem like many people here are playing this... I'll be picking it up today and posting my thoughts on the Wii version. If nothing else, I really hope the world and characters suck me in like Solatorobo's.
  15. Sean added a post in a topic The MOTHER Series Topic (No Crying Until The Lock)   

    This officially kills Mother 3's chances of coming to the west. Nintendo is not going to bother localizing a game on dated hardware, especially not a Virtual Console release for which the costs for localization would equal to how much they would spend on an entirely new game.
    The only way I ever envisioned M3 being localized was if they were preparing a remastered version or 3DS compilation, and I was hoping the reason M3 took so long to reach the VC was due to that.