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  1. Sean added a post in a topic Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]   

    I'm annoyed because the amiibo is most certainly going to be facing stock shortages and would take several months to find its way back onto shelves. I'd buy this anyway, it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth that something as big as co-op is locked behind a sure-to-be rare toy rather than being released as its own update.
  2. Sean added a post in a topic Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]   

    Co-op being restricted to the amiibo is absolute garbage. Everything else sounds fine but that is way too major of a mode to be tied to a toy that costs almost as much as the game itself and is guaranteed to be swiped up by scalpers, thus guaranteeing that most fans will be barred from ever playing it.
  3. Sean added a post in a topic Mega Man: The Legacy Collection - PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS   

    Of all the things they SHOULD have programmed, graphics is right on top of the list. I want to play these games without flicker or slowdown, so the fact that they didn't get ironed out in the conversion frustrates me. I might as well grab the originals on a digital service elsewhere.
  4. Sean added a post in a topic To those who haven't picked a next-Gen console yet (like myself), which one are you getting?   

    Now's a good time to get a Wii U, especially due to the popularity that Smash, Splatoon, and to a lesser extent MK8 are enjoying. We still have plenty of major titles coming soon, such as Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, Star Fox Zero, and Woolly World if you're American. SMM is looking to be the game of the year for me; I was barely interested in it at first until its showing at the NWC where I and countless other people had fallen in love with it.
    We also don't know if the NX is backwards compatible. If Nintendo is serious about putting out another console that can place itself alongside its competitors once more, then PowerPC and the gamepad are things they would surely have to drop support for, especially since they refuse to sell gamepad replacements. Last I checked, the Wii U is the cheapest of the big three consoles out now, and it has an extremely rich line-up of first party titles that has more than justified my purchase at this point. If you like Nintendo games, you can't go wrong with it.
  5. Sean added a post in a topic Nintendo filed a patent for a video game console with no disc drive   

    I don't think this would happen, but honestly I'd be okay with this. If the next system has a proper account system like Sony's then I don't have to worry about stupid shit like my digital games being tied to a console and thus I would opt for digital-only anyway.
    The reason this won't happen is because Nintendo would immediately lose all public attention in retail. Consumers would look at the system and constantly ask why there are no games on shelves. It would also be a headache for people who frequent used game shops.
  6. Sean added a post in a topic Pokkén Tournament (July 2015 - JP arcades first) "I See No Shinies"   

    Hell YES you bet your ass I'm getting this
    This is probably the only instance where I've been genuinely excited to play a Pokemon spinoff
  7. Sean added a post in a topic Sega's Secret Sonic Bible that we'll probably never see "TO MARS!"   

    Tails used to be my absolute favorite character for years, but his recent portrayal(s) have dulled him for me to the point where SLW actually has made him one of my most hated ones. I liked him in the past because he was like Sonic except he could fly, and now I can't even play as him and have to put up with his smug asshole bullshit in cutscenes.
    *boots up Sonic CD 2011 and cries*
  8. Sean added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    No she wouldn't??? what the fuck?!!
  9. Sean added a post in a topic Reputation Icons, Forum Listing   

    Lol you should switch Eggman and Rouge's icons for Pelly's sake
  10. Sean added a post in a topic Pokemon Anime General Discussion   

    The problem with the fucking anime, and one I picked up pretty quickly in my middle school years, is that there's no reason to ever invest yourself in what is happening. Ash will never become champion. All of his partners will eventually leave him. He will continue to visit new regions and have his level 100,000 Pikachu lose against level 2 Pidgey clones. Team Rocket will never catch Pikachu and they will never be as good or endearing as they were in the early seasons.
    It's far too late to do this, but what they should have done was have a new protagonist in every season. They can all follow the same exact plots with a new MC starting out in their hometown, getting their starter for the first time, and going on a journey to become a Pokémon master... and yes it will still be very formulaic and predictable, but damn at least you know that each arc will reach its own conclusion and that there actually is a legitimate reason to care about what is going on. As it stands, although the Pokémon games are some of my favorite RPGs ever and have this all-ages appeal to them, the anime is worthless kids' TV fodder in my eyes. The anime can end spontaneously for all I care, I adored it as a kid but my current attachment is nil.
  11. Sean added a post in a topic Kirby: Triple Deluxe ( I NEED A MONSTA TO CLOBBA THAT THAR KIRBEH... IN 3D!)   

    I liked it better than RTDL - its level design is much tighter due to being single-player only, and I liked the music more too. It also had more interesting tropes for its stages, whereas RTDL's were fairly standard for the series.
    Its main downfall is a lack of a proper Extra mode. Dedede mode is cool (and I'm kinda glad they didn't go with Meta Knightmare for a third time) but it isn't a suitable replacement.
  12. Sean added a post in a topic Video game tropes you love   

    Final bosses that use or remix a major theme song throughout the game.
    Viewtiful Joe spoilers:
    As far as Sonic games go that do this, I think Unleashed's final boss version of Endless Possibility is the absolute best example. Unfortunately I don't think any other game that has attempted an orchestral remix of its main theme (2006, Colors) has succeeded quite as well at it. Live & Learn is a fantastic final boss song, as was Open Your Heart except the latter is weighed down by the pretty boring phase 2 music that interrupts the song before you even finish the chorus.
    I don't know what to call this particular trope, but I love how hopeless both Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy start off: you're playing the prologue and visiting Peach's castle when suddenly Bowser wrecks havoc on everything. In Galaxy you're right in the middle of his blitzkrieg, while in Paper Mario you're faced with a hopeless boss fight which to my knowledge is the first instance of Bowser actually defeating Mario. Phantom Brave begins in a similar way: you're actually playing as Ash right before he dies trying to protect Marona's parents. Extra bonus points for showing the title card afterwards.
    Also, if your game is great and you end it with an emotional-sounding credits song, chances are it's going to succeed in making me extremely emotional no matter what it is.
  13. Sean added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.
    More fun lore:
    Yes Callie and Marie know about your Unleashed vs Colors arguments on forums, and they're judging you.
  14. Sean added a post in a topic Songs Frequently Used in a Game Series   

    Green Greens is unanimously seen as Kirby's theme but I always liked KDL1's title screen song more.
    It's seen a surprising amount of usage in recent years, first re-appearing in Kirby Super Star Ultra and giving us this absolute wonderful orchestra-like mix for Dream Collection.