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  1. No more added a post in a topic April Fools 2013   

    Happy Reala Day!
    Actually last year's was pretty sweet! SEGA Bass fishing of the dead was brilliant!
  2. No more added a post in a topic The NiGHTS Topic   

    *Jumps back into forum* Did somebody say NiGHTS?
    Personally I think NiD and JoD as equal, there are somethings which the first game lacks which the second game has and vice versa. I first got into NiGHTS aged 15 through JoD so there is no nostalgia towards the first game. In fact JoD had such an impact on me that I refused a PS3 for my 17th in favour of a Saturn.
    (I also don't need the PSN/Xbox/PC remake as the original's good enough for me)
  3. No more added a post in a topic What music are you currently listening to?   

    I would like to talk to you guys today about Adam Young.
    Before any of you turn up your noses at him just because he's the guy behind Owl City, he has done other projects which include, in my opinion, are probably some of the best tracks I have heard from the last decade. One of the projects I am referring to is Port Blue and this song is just mind-blowing

    Enjoy listening
  4. No more added a post in a topic Jet Set Radio   

    This is actually one of the reasons why I'm getting a PS3 in June. I've always wanted to play this game.
  5. No more added a post in a topic [Sonic 2 Hack] Sonic 2: Hold Right To Win Edition!   

    Can you do a Sonic 3 version please?
  6. No more added a post in a topic Sonic R's music...   

    I love the Sonic R soundtrack, I think Screwattack was wrong to say that the game was the worst Sonic game ever made because of the music.
    It is on the list of things to do before I die that I can memorize all of the songs and sing them properly.
    Just thought you might like to know
  7. No more added a post in a topic ARTWORK: Rawrdom's art   

    Metal Sonic made me chuckle
  8. No more added a post in a topic Old stock in stores   

    There's a shop in my local area that is dedicated to old video games. So far I've seen games for
    Master System
    Mega Drive
    And a Sonic Underground DVD would you believe?

  9. No more added a post in a topic Hate Groups on the Rise in US   

    We have to accept that hate will always be a human factor, take away creed and colour there will always be another excuse to hate. I don't support hate groups but we have to accept that this is the case especially with the economic difficulties we're going through.
  10. No more added a post in a topic Sonic Classic Collection   

    When I first heard that they were porting the original games to the DS I was so excitely I actually created a countdown until the day it was being released in the UK (fact).
    When I got the game I developed an instant love for Sonic 2 but I found Sonic 3 really hard (mostly because of the special stages).
    For those of you who have played the original games on the Mega Drive how does this port compare to the originals?
  11. No more added a post in a topic Strangest thing(s) you found in a Sonic game?   

    When ever Sonic talks in SA1. Especially that 'Ah' when he sees Tails falling at beginning
    'Nuff said
  12. No more added a post in a topic KONY 2012   

    I'm signing the pledge. Me and my sister have decided to take part in this campaign in our local area.
    The biggest problem I can see with this is now we'll be all 'Yeah let stop this bastard' But the internet has the attention span of a goldfish. This could all be forgotten by this time next week. We need to keep bringing this up time and time again, otherwise this will completely die out and Kony will kill more in his greed for power.
    Who else is going to take part in cover the night on the 20th April?
  13. No more added a post in a topic Sonic lands #1 on GT's "Top 10 WORST Blockbusters"   

    What's betting that the person who made this list even PLAYED the damn game?
    That's why I'll never call a game bad until I've played it.
    I find alot of online sites which involve gaming are very biased towards nintendo examples include the smosh pit, Screwattack, IGN etc.
    Sonic, outside of the fanbase, isn't a respected character any more and that is a tragedy.
  14. No more added a post in a topic Ian Flynn Explains Himself over at DA   

    I don't understand, what happened?
  15. No more added a post in a topic Suggestion: Make a Recolor day.   

    Love the idea. count me in!