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  1. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    I wasn't particular enjoying it either at that point, it felt like the game was dragging. The upturn for me started with Twinsy Tropics after the Toad quests there. 
  2. I kinda hope we at least get some Sonic badges on Badge Arcade to co-incide with the release of Mario and Sonic RIo. 

    1. Detective Hero of Legend

      Detective Hero of Legend

      Hopefully! I believe there are Monster Hunter badges in the Japanese version, so 3rd-party badges aren't out of the question. :)

  3. The BumbleKast Topic of Archival (And Discussion)

    That comment was made like a month ago, I forgot about that weird thing I couldn't hear properly. You can tell Mega Man is not my thing. 
  4. The BumbleKast Topic of Archival (And Discussion)

    Past episodes;    Some of these auto-starting at a specific time despite the URL being clear of time cues, I don't know how to fix that. 
  5. *Is uneasy about making a new topic*

    *Tried to edit title to prepare and makes typo*

    *Hits enter instead of backspace*


  6. Welcome to the thread regarding all things BumbleKast, the fortnightly podcast from Ian Flynn and Kyle Crouse! Every two weeks (if things go to plan; that's not always a case), a new part of the BumbleKast is uploaded and we get more chatter from the comic writer and the music man over whatever they like discussing that week. All videos are uploaded onto their channel here.  This topic, however, serves a very specific purpose in regards to these; on the Bumbleking forums there used to be a dedicated sub-forum for the show, and with each episode release I would write up the cliffnotes version of the Sonic, Mega Man and misc question Q&A. With the Bumbleking forums shut, there's no dedicated place for the information to be archived, and this is where this topic comes in. The first 8-9 episodes are still able to be seen on the site, but I'll probably still migrate the info over time just in case.  Next episode is due out tomorrow, so content hopefully will be coming our way soon!
  7. Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Oh yeah, one of the interesting parts of that finishing Q&A is the Conquering Storm naming. She is now just Conquering Storm, not the Bride of the Conquering Storm. She still has a clan, but it definitely seems more likely that the four houses and brides idea is out. 
  8. Hmm, I still wonder if two Sonic didn't at heavily inspire Mighty and Ray in SSA (with personality and look), if not being direct remodels of them. I've already pointed out how the colour scheme is common as much, but to make the same two personalities to accompany Sonic in the span of less than a year (at least from the title screen; Ron looks like a bombastic show-off and Yvon looks pretty shy to the point of cowardice. Mighty has a loud, booming voice and like to flex his muscles, Ray is very jittery and nervous) is less likely to be co-incidence.  Is that in any way a realistic scenario? SEGA taking what the Bubble Bobble guy had made, letting AM3 take a look at it and then saying "This is what they made and we didn't accept, can you rework this idea into something more suited for Sonic"?
  9. Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I would say be temperate as opposed to abrasive, but I also don't blame them for being angry. Having delays on its own is bad but sometimes unpreventable, but Archie have communicated nothing on what the problem is. We've been three months without a main comic release (Sonic Universe at least got one out), that's not something you should brush aside as not important enough to tell your customers. 
  10. Dangit, now I really wish I could commision on short notice. 

  11. Say, what's happening with StCO? Last time there was a site updated, it said the finishing touches were being put on it. It's been like 6-7 weeks since then. 

  12. The "Other Sonic Knowledge & Discoveries" Topic

    Given the nature of the references that do exist, I don't know if they even necessarily featured the characters from other media.   Upon reflection, I do wonder if its one of those things they'd need to chase permission for, which I don't think Sonic Team would have wanted.
  13. So amongst the entries in the Sonic Boom plush competition we have the former Community Manager of SEGA of Europe and an entire fast food chain. Certainly an interesting line-up so far. 

    1. TCB


      Now if by any chance Aaron Webber reveals something we don't know about from this before the plush thing ends (not happening I know), then it adds to the interesting factor.


  14. Ehhh,  I really don't think Mean Bean Machine and SegaSonic Bros are related development-wise. If it was SoJ (because SegaSonic) not wanting to give up on a Sonic puzzler, why would they do it through a cartoon that they have no association with (since presumably like SatAM, most of the staff there wouldn't have seen it). It's more likely that SEGA was trying to bring Puyo Puyo over regardless of the fate of SSB, SoA decided it couldn't sell under the Puyo name and got whatever staff (forget who did Mean Bean Machine) to reskin it with the AoStH image. 
  15. The "Other Sonic Knowledge & Discoveries" Topic

    Wow, Sonic Team really were strict with the references.