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  1. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic Pacific Rim- "Chicks dig Giant Robots!"   

    Pacific Rim was pretty great. The combat scenes have already been spoken for, and honestly they're some of the best I've seen. The Kaiju are strong, and it quickly gets that point across, even in the first fight. As for the things other than the main attraction, although I think the main character lost some of his enjoyability early on and even became forgettable, the other characters really made up for it. Both the scientists in particular were very enjoyable and had a great dynamic. The designs are memorable, each Jaeger and Kaiju very separate from one another.

    All things considered, it's a great action movie. Definitely see it if you are into the whole giant robots thing. I mean, who doesn't dig giant robots?
  2. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic [FICTION] Mr. Awesomest's Massive Monster Mammajams   

    Sorry I haven't updated anything ever. Preoccupied with a lot of things, many of them ideas, but I'm glad that I'm able to show you one thing I've been playing with. An original story, for once. Well, concept. It's not really a story as much as it is a prologue, and I want to know if it seems interesting enough for me to put more on paper.
    The Gargantuan Queen

    To get in more depth of what it would be like, it would be a fantasy/mystery/action story. I tried to stray from typical generic fantasy and most of its cliches when conceiving the world, but there are a couple things that would need ironing out.
  3. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic April Fools 2013   

    I see it stacks up pretty well.
  4. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic The Sonic Vs Thread.   

    I don't think you guys considered Knuckles' digging ability. It can be used to dodge, and he can come out of the ground with a punch powerful enough to stun even an invincible foe. While I think Knuckles is at a huge disadvantage, there's still hope if he digs to get out of the way of Shadow's ranged attacks or to escape the wrath of a Chaos Control.
  5. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic Half Life 2: Episode 4 Ingame Screens Found... ... One... Two... FOUR! *three sir* THREE!   

    I believe I know why Valve time is a thing: They have a time machine, and jump in it at scheduled points and go to a random, also-scheduled time frames, and continue working as normal.
  6. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic The "what could have been" topic   

    In Demon's Souls, there were six archstones. They were to the Kingdom of Boletaria, the Stonefang Mines, the Towers of Latria, the Storm Shrine, the Valley of Defilement, and last and most certainly not the least, the Northern Land of Giants. Long ago when demons previously brought pain and misery upon the world, gargantuan demons wreaked havoc upon the Land of Giants, and because it could not be contained with force, the Monumentals destroyed the Archstone, forever locking away the Land of Giants to the outside world.

    What could have been the most worthy of the message "The Real Demon's Souls starts here" was removed from the final game due to time constraints.
  7. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic 2012 Christmas Gift Thread   

    I got:
    Dragon's Dogma
    Hitman: Absolution
    Assassin's Creed 3
    Sony Smash Bros
    Steelseries Sibera V2 (My brother got one last year, I listened to my music through it once or twice and it felt AMAZING, so I got my own)
    Razer Taipan (Don't do all that much gaming on my PC but my mouse wheel was not functioning properly, so I decided why not)
    Sweet Aviator-style Jacket
    And 50 dollars.
  8. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic <INTERACTIVE FICTION> Whose Plot Is It Anyway?   

    No dibs, no turns, just piles of stuff. If there were dibs, the same people would just post replies reading "dibs", robbing others their chance to make a difference or to show what kind of stuff they can come up with. Plus, this isn't an RP thread, so there's no need for those parentheses. You can comment on the works posted, but please, no arguing over how X should have Y.
  9. Mr. Awesomest added a topic in Showcase   

    <INTERACTIVE FICTION> Whose Plot Is It Anyway?

    Hi, I'm Omochao! Welcome to the Whose Plot Is It Anyway Interactive Story thread, and you will be reading this entire post in my voice! I'll be explaining the rules for you!
    <Open spoiler if you choose not to throw Omochao off a cliff>

    Welcome to Whose Plot Is It Anyway, the thread where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Absolutely anyone can come it at any time to write anything (so long as it's allowed on forum rules) done entirely with improvisation. Keep conversation about canon to a minimum, comments a decent rate, and chapter rate at a nice pace and we'll be golden. It becomes boring reading material by the same writers over and over again. This story seems to work in ways best put by Doctor Eggman: YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, THE MORE THE MERRIER! The more writers, even if they're not good, hell even if they are the worst people to ever show their faces on SSMB, the better this story will get.
    Typically, there would be a preset starter for these kinds of threads. Since SGttS Redux didn't go as planned, I thought I would be able to scrap the story and recycle that story's beginning as the kicker for this thread, but apparently I do not have the green light on that. So, the first legitimate chapter posted is the beginning of this snowballing mess.
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  10. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic The Blaze Paradox.   

    They have cars in cities because people live there.

    I get what you're trying to say though, because they fit the theme. It's just that it's a theme based on something over a hundred years ago (Victorian era), used in the interpretation of something we've already seen done in modern style.

    You could and you'd be pulling almost everything out of your ass. At least the thing I pulled out of mine seems to fit with things. Besides, it was a rhetorical question.

    The islands are zones from the counterpart of Angel Island. It's not the very same Angel Island we know, but it's close enough to be considered a counterpart. You know, Plant Paradise = Mushroom Hill, Blizzard Peaks = Ice Cap, and Sky Babylon = Sky Sanctuary.
  11. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic The Blaze Paradox.   

    Regardless of whether or not Blaze lives in the future, there's still Eggman Nega who has been shown to be from both. And if those were machines made by Eggman and Eggman Nega/Whisker and Johnny patrolling the island, why would they run on coal and steam instead of modern technology?

    And other than that, Machine Labyrinth isn't the ONLY correlation between Blaze's world and the Genesis games. Many islands seem to be Zones from Sonic 3&K, except they aren't one island, they're several islands a sea apart from each other. What would pieces of Angel Island be doing in an ocean, if Sonic, Eggman, and the rest did not exist back then? What would be holding up Angel Island of that world, and who would guard it? Why on Earth would Eggman Nega be calling himself Eggman Nega from the start, if he never knew a person named Eggman ever existed?

    While I don't know why the history of the world isn't paid much attention to, I think my theory has more evidence than any other theory I have read.
  12. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic The Blaze Paradox.   

    Give everyone else one, and this is exactly what I think.

    Eggman Nega is a lying cheating bastard that wanted to destroy the world, so it's safe to assume the possibility that he's might have given out the wrong information, also hiding things, while trying to battle the secrets of Space-time travel himself. The Sonic Rivals Nega said he was Eggman's descendant, while working against the doctor, but in Rush, no such connection was made, and they worked together under the guise they are interdimensional counterparts. Nega is hiding something, because what people know about his relationship with Eggman seems to dictate his plan of action with (or against) him.

    In Sonic Rush Adventure, we get a look into Blaze's world. It has many islands, reminiscent of Acts from the Genesis games. Most relevant to discussion is Machine Labyrinth, which I find akin to Chemical Plant. Machine Island is an island factory, run entirely on coal and steam power. The level structure is very similar, and Eggpawns are littered across the island. This island is relevant in particular for confirming the distance between Blaze's time (Any time where Blaze was alive in one dimension) and Sonic's time (Times where Sonic is alive in one dimension). '06 Blaze is in the future, Sonic is in the present. Rush Blaze is in the present, so that must mean there's a Sonic in the past.

    This would imply that there are absolute counterparts of everyone else, too. The Chaotix were problem sleuths in the Victorian era, while Marine tries to make it by in a shattered future. Metal Sonic is run on coal and has trains for shoes, while Johnny is a rogue robot roaming the wastes, searching for someone who can actually race him and not just levitate themselves like a loop-hole abusing prick.

    That's my batshit insane theory about this, but it works.
  13. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic Nurse treating The Duchess Of Cambridge has committed suicide.   

    This actually sounds like the opposite. Maybe they could have pulled some laughs from this, but really, what the way you put it sounds like is that they were actually concerned for the Duchess and wanted to know more about what's happening, and couldn't get knowledge through typical journalism. It's an assholish way to get information on someone in such a state, but I really don't see any other use for the call. I mean, if you call someone saying you're the Queen of England, it's either they find out it's a prank call immediately or you're legitimately impersonating her for unfunny reasons. Plus, how can they to decide who answers the phone? They didn't know any of the staff working with the Duchess, and I don't think they would know a nurse on a personal level just because she answered the phone.
  14. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic Dark Souls 2: "Let DLC be granted so the money might be extended..."   

    If Kota Hoshino was composing the soundtrack to this game I'd pull a Sonic 4 and preorder the game on every console.
  15. Mr. Awesomest added a post in a topic Dark Souls 2: "Let DLC be granted so the money might be extended..."   

    At first, I thought this was a game that was trying to copy Dark Souls. I kept placing similarities between them: The undead, how the masked enemies reminded me of Pinwheel, and that swagtastic armor. I wonder what the point of the girl was, and all the massive nigh-unkillable stuff thrown in. I hope they stooped down for a wider audience, but regardless I squealed like a little bitch when I saw Dark Souls II pop up.