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  1. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art   

    Time for me to JAM MORE ART up in this MAINFRAME!

  2. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic When the lack of foresight is fun and when it's bullshit   

    I'm going to scream because I wrote a big ol' essay on this topic that I know about because I'm studying game design in college, but Google Chrome failed me and sent me back a page when I pressed backspace EVEN THOUGH I WAS IN THE TEXTBOX. I will now use a quick and probably poorly vague explanation to help you.
    An interesting and likable surprise is one that is fair, safe, believable, and non-distracting to the player. It has to be some kind of surprise that keeps the player immersed and likely helps build the world and make it even more immersive.
    There. I did it. Just kill me now.
  3. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art   


  4. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    Watched the new trailer.
    I don't think I can describe how much I like the music. It's so erratic, but so clever and amazing.
  5. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art   

    I actually drew Sonic for once. Did this kinda quickly. Juice.
  6. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art   

    Holy cow I forgot about this one!

    I drew an Inkling! (Y'know the Splatoon squid people.)   )) I'm really really excited for that game! It looks like a really fun and bright and colorful game, so I had to draw something about it! It's a simple piece, but I really like it. Doesn't look quite as good since bad phone camera.......................
  7. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic SSMB's SSB Screenshot Thread   

    Guys guys. This thread doesn't need to exist anymore... Y'know why?

  8. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art   

    But here's art from around when I actually starting feeling good about my art!
    EDIT: Added a story-like description of all my art. Also some other minor things.
    So back in May of 2014, I finally graduated from high school. Free of the useless work I had been doing, I was finally able to spend a lot more time with my art. I finally had nothing else to worry about, and I was able to really work on art and try to find my own style.

    I drew a donut for National Donut Day back in June! 8D Donuts are too good.

    I drew my avatar (at the time) in Pokemon X, since I really loved how it looked, even with the game's lack of customization options... I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try to be really bright and colorful, so much so that I even colored the outline.

    I carried this style into another piece of art I did, of my hero, my love. Luigi. ♥

    In my next art, I wanted to try to break free of my usual still action, so I made Alice have some odd stance. I ditched the light outline, going for a pure black, but I kept the bright colors, making them a little bit bolder. Also, I switched to doing subtle cell-shading.

    Yaay Wooly's Comic art!!! Finaly!! Being busy, I didn't (and still don't) have a lot of time to work on the comic I'm making, so I decided to make a portrait about one of the main characters. The colors and outline are a balance of the two past iterations of style, but I stuck with the cell shading, making it a bit more prominent.

    This was really experimental for me. I admit I do stick mostly to drawing people, and not things, but it's really just because I love people and they fascinate me. But, I also really like the night sky soooo HERE'S A MOON! It's a bit sketchy but I'm pretty fond of it.

    Now here, I just wanted to draw something pretty. ;w; I think I succeeded, though I actually changed the original setting and background entirely, so I kinda-really-a lot rushed the background, but I still think it turned out nice. In fact, I think this is one of my favorite art pieces overall! The moon isn't as good this time though. :/

    Again, my lack of actually having time to work on my comic made me want to draw Wooly. Didn't feel doing it digitally (which I guess has became the norm) and so I did it with pens, markers, and colored pencils. :3 I really like doing things more traditionally, but they're not quite as pretty usually since my scanner sucked and my phone camera is well.......a phone camera. Also, I had Wooly wearing a shirt inspired by this dumb contest I had to enter previously for school. :U

    Inspired by Jezmm (again) I decided to do an art but add small changing elements! Y'know, like a GIF. :I I was really excited for Sm4sh so I did some fan art! Hooray for getting a free version of Photoshop with my new tablet!

    Now originally I did this quick sketch for fun while hanging out with a friend. Sometimes we just sit around and art. It's really wonderful. ;3 I ended up wanted to color it, so I scanned the sketch, did the line art, and colored it. I'm not really sure why, but it turned out really wonderful I think.

    I moved into my college dorm, and was pretty busy for a while. Once I settled down, I stole the idea to do Smash style palettes for an OC. I did Wooly of course! 0u0 There's some references in there that nobody would actually get since----like----my comic isn't a thing yet. :I

    I decided to do a single picture with all the frames in it. Yep. That's essentially it.

    Eck. I hadn't drawn in a long time. I was really busy with school and then didn't want to do ANYTHING over break so like. I didn't do things. Until eventually I got myself to do this really wicked Peach art. I really love the way she looks in the new Smash, so I based it off her look there! I did it on real paper, then took a sweet pick. It seems like this is my most popular art piece ever, which makes me happy. C:
    Also it doesn't have a filter on it why would I do that?

    I did another art during that break. With this one I tried to do more action and also some stuff with lighting. I also used the outline as a bit to kinda signify this lighting. Also I decided to not shade with grey. So like, that's good. Originally I was going to make it one of my OCs, but decided not to since that'd be like spoilers for things. Originally I wanted to try a completely different art style, but I wasn't really comfortable with it.... Also also also also also.

    Yay newest art! No real shading, but I did some stick outlining. The colors are kinda diluted like usual, but the overall style is more like what I originally wanted to try with my last art! I drew this because I wanted to update the blog icon for Wooly's Blog, the Tumblr for Wooly's Comic.
    And here we are now. I really like how my art has been progressing. I'm really proud of myself.
    *Pants because this took so long to do.*

  9. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic Auto's Art - Drawings and Music   

    Auto, your art never ceases to amaze me.
    You're always coming up with something new, and each work has such vivid action and expression. I love it.
  10. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic What music are you currently listening to?   

    Sometimes I like listening to covers. Also so I can download them without it being pirating.

    I adore happy and upbeat songs. Plus this anime is great.
  11. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. Direct - April 8 [11PM BST / 6PM EST]   

    I think it's more of the fact that little kiddies are gonna play with their Darth Vader and Muhammad Ali Miis. That's freaking dumb. Gotta be honest. <.<
    Also on a related note, the Wii Fit Trainer covers the Wii / Mii / Fit series so Miis being in this game as a form of representation is redundant. Not that Smash has ever cared. (LAND MASTER.)
  12. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. Direct - April 8 [11PM BST / 6PM EST]   

    I don't like this idea because Smash Bros. has always been about fighting Nintendo characters with other Nintendo characters. This may be an odd thing to say, but I think this is the only game I'd ever say this about. I DON'T WANT to play as myself.
    Part of Smash's charm comes from all these characters coming together, and for players to interpret it in their own way. The Subspace Emissary in Brawl took away from this, since it gave concrete interactions between characters. Adding Miis would just make this game feel like a bad fan fiction.
    EDIT: But character costumization in SOME FORM would be great!
  13. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. Direct - April 8 [11PM BST / 6PM EST]   

    Personally, I think it'd be cool if we could actually draw in stages. Whether it be the actual models, textures, backgrounds, whatever, it would open up so much opportunity for stages. It's definately a far-fetched idea, but both the 3DS and Wii U have touch screens, so it COULD be done..
    Seroiusly though, MORE VARIETY is a must.
  14. N8te The Natural added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. Direct - April 8 [11PM BST / 6PM EST]   

    So so... Here's an idea.
    Does anyone else want to hear about the Stage Builder this time? I love the idea, but it was so poorly executed in Brawl...
    They should let us be more precise. Like, we could edit the spawn points and blast zones. Also, the blocks they gave us to use were way too big. Even the "small" blocks were still pretty big.