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  1. N8te added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Y'know, this game might actually be okay without the gamepad mechanics.
    Maybe I'll watch some videos and consider picking it up.
  2. N8te added a post in a topic ART: DanJ86 - DLC Update: Sketched Professor Zolo, Azookara, Ogilvie, Komodin, Adamis Fox 'n more   

    Oh yeah, we had this server crash or whatever... and basically we lost a couple months (maybe even close to a year??) worth of content. :I It was a thing.
    And I understand that feel. I like this place, but sometimes it does get really hostile and aggravates me a lot. I'm really on-off of this place, staying or going for a couple weeks/months.
    Thanks for showing me, but that's not exactly what I meant, sorry. Guess I shoulda been more specific. xD Can you post the image that was done specifically for me?
  3. N8te added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art [No Motivation]   

    Hey guys, I did a new art! I made a status, and Penny said something really funny, and then well, I felt inspired...

    And this happened...
    (Click for full size.)

    No Motivation - A Mid-2000s Pop Punk Single Cover 
    Coming never to your local indie record store.
    So uh, yeah. Thanks Penny, for inspiration and laughs.
  4. N8te added a post in a topic ART: DanJ86 - DLC Update: Sketched Professor Zolo, Azookara, Ogilvie, Komodin, Adamis Fox 'n more   

    Holy coooooooooooow!!
    So I discovered this topic earlier, and I had to read all the way through to understand what was going on. It's super amazing that you'd take on such a big project for everyone, and that's great! :J
    And I NEVER SAW THAT YOU DID ONE FOR ME! Thank you sooo much! I really, really love it, even if I haven't seen the full image. Would you mind posting the whole image for me to see? (I used to be Wooly, if you can't tell who I am. xD)
    Since this topic hasn't been updated in a while, best of luck with whatever's going on and whatever you're trying to do.
  5. N8te added a post in a topic Pokkén Tournament (July 2015 - JP arcades first) "I See No Shinies"   

    This game better have Greninja or Chesnaught. Otherwise imma be sad.
    Also YAY Spring 2016! I'll definitely be getting it, but not sure if it'll be right away at launch.
  6. N8te added a post in a topic Sonical (Retro) Returns!   

    I'm having this right now too, but it wasn't like that at first. It's probably a bug created while fixing some issue with the theme.
  7. N8te added a post in a topic Sonical (Retro) Returns!   

    So this one technically isn't an error or glitch or whatever, but for me, the color behind the reputation text is a little... off-putting. It kind of clashes with the overall design of the Retro theme. It looks bad imo.
  8. N8te added a post in a topic Sonical (Retro) Returns!   

    So I assume it's cool if we use this thread to point out discrepancies with the new, old theme?

    The statuses still show the little white triangle, instead of the dark blue.
  9. N8te added a post in a topic ARTWORK: N8te's Wicked Art [No Motivation]   

    I present to you a story. A dog story.

    Girls 'N' Dog -- A Dog Story (Click for full size.)
    This art here doesn't really have some deep backstory or reason I made it. I just wanted to draw cute girls (and a cute dog). :x Can you blame me?
  10. N8te added a post in a topic Sega's Secret Sonic Bible that we'll probably never see "TO MARS!"   

    This "Sonic Bible" basically just sounds like a GDD, but vague and large enough to cover the entire series. It's not even a documentation of "this is what you can do, and this is what you can't do" it's a documentation of "this is what we consider to be true in the Sonic lore, at this time".
    For those who don't know, GDD stands for Game Design Document, and it's basically a massive document that holds whole-and-complete information and explanations for every single thing that is implemented into a video game. These documents are created for (just about) every professional game ever, and they stay with the company who created the game. It's almost always very illegal to disclose them or information from them.
    This "Sonic Bible" is essentially a Game Series Design Document, and likely follows a lot of the same rules as a GDD. We'll probably never see anything from it, and information within may even be changing as we speak.
    I was going to make a point with this post, but I honestly forgot. Oh well, my input and information is still interesting enough.
  11. N8te added a post in a topic Sonic's Best Moments   

    The inception and introduction of the Chao, and how they are used to tie the games together as a whole is pretty great, specifically and especially in Sonic Adventure 2.
    Chao raising is not something that's required (unless you want to 100% either SA1 or SA2) but most agree that doing so was fun, especially since players were given a reason to replay there favorite levels from each game over and over.
    I don't really know exactly how to explain what was so great about Chao and how they are used and handled in both games (or maybe I'm just too lazy to think about it right now), but I know that people love Chao in both the Adventure games (especially 2). Since you're the one doing the video making, I'll leave it up to you to figure it out....
  12. N8te added a post in a topic [ARTWORK] NintARTIE. Such Clever. Much wow.   

    Wow. I really love the glowing lines and the rainbow effect. It's looks incredibly nice.
    Now I'm wondering how you did the rainbow effect... Was it just a texture or something?
  13. N8te added a post in a topic A complainant about the new avatar restriction   

    I do think having an avatar be too tall or wide could be a problem, but having the ability to make an avatar rectangular to an extent would be nice.
    Having avatars be forced into squares can remove some of the detail from profile images.
  14. N8te added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    The Squid Research Lab has posted the exact time the update is going up! 7PM PT (NoA)! I assume this would be the same for all regions, but I don't really know how this whole update process is happening...
    Whole post here: http://splatoonus.tumblr.com/post/125937962749/gather-round-kids-andor-squids-lets-have-a
  15. N8te added a post in a topic Status Updates are Broken (aka mass hysteria begins now)   

    IPS Support 2 has come to reap the sinners.