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  1. YES!! The more I see of the game the more I want it. I know the "second" game didn't even release it yet, it too bad that I want this to actually become a game series.  
  2. I got to say that recent events did have an effect on me and I feel like I'm slowly disconnecting with the franchise. But in terms of past games I can't really say I enjoy them less than before. I probably say that what this fan base needs is a kickstart something that hypes people in someway. I think that most probably the begining of next year will turn things around. I don't have big expectations just a small hope that Sonic Team will deliver something to be excited about. So no I can't say I feel like that only a bit tired of the rollercoaster that is this franchise.
  3. Disney Infinity.

    I find that decision from Marvel rather odd...I mean since not only we have Big Hero 6 which is basically Marvel(like it was said above) but we had cross-overs like the Phineas and Ferb ones... Oh well maybe things will change in the future. 
  4. Sonic Channel

    It's fireworks celebrating the Obon festival if I'm not mistaken. 
  5. Hapz 2 the birth, homie G.

  6. Happy birthday, boss!

  7. Scalebound (Xbox One)

    I knew Platinum wouldn't disappoint. The game looks great, the combat seems a bit slower in comparison to other games but the game feels more focused on world exploration which I'm ok with. And scope looks so cool! I seriously want to play this....I hope it doesn't really stay xbox one exclusive and becomes windows exclusive because I don't want to buy the console just for this      
  8. Well I think the game was good and big for its time. Now it's aged a little yeah, but I can still have fun with it more than I can have with SA2 that's for sure. In terms of glitches, while I can see the game has them it never hindered my experience. In fact most of them I only encountered them when I was actively looking for them, something that wasn't needed in games like 06. But to be honest I think what makes me a little upset is the fact that the re-releases don't address these kind of issues and are merely weak ports of ports.  
  9. I'm sorry but why are people assuming it's probably a sonic game, since when did Japan care for Sonic enough for a game to be announced first there...Showed? Ok makes sense, but announced? Nope.   I would expect something like a new Project Diva game or something. 
  10. Sega Plans 2015 - Service Games Games

    Maybe they really are committing to it this time and maybe that's why the Sonic Game that might release next year possibly has a bigger development time.   I wouldn't count too much on it, but who knows.  
  11. Dragon Ball

    While I can't say I don't agree with this, I will still say that a person doesn't change personality overnight. They could have at least kept her personality. You who know marrying a person doesn't change who you are, and they could have kept some spice in her. I mean look at Chi-Chi.   Until now I'm probably gonna say that the change to Videl is basically they only thing I didn't like about the episode, the rest seems fine.  
  12. Transformers Devastation "Platinum Games... YOU GOT THE TOUCH!"

    I think they said in the ign interview that no Decepticons will be playable, the game will be in the Autobots perspective. 
  13. Transformers Devastation "Platinum Games... YOU GOT THE TOUCH!"

     Ok...I guess.   I mean I enjoyed Korra's game last year. And I do like Transformers.   So a Transformers game done by Platinum count me in....but to be fair I think I'm always in for a Platinum game 
  14. Transformers Devastation "Platinum Games... YOU GOT THE TOUCH!"

    Oh Wow a new Wonderful Game?! That would be really cool!   But I think Vanquish deserves a sequel more. Not only because of how it ended, but it can me so much more. An awesome game that got cut short. I seriously want to see more of Vanquish in the future, but I can't be mad with a Wonderful 101 sequel.