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  1. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Game Grumps   

    Here's some more Banjo Kazooie for you Grumps out there!

  2. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Do you think the fanbase overrates the latest games? (As in Colours and Generations)   

    I completely agree with Nepenthe's post (the one just a page before mine).

    If the game's good to some, it's just... Good. To some.

    Sure, Generations isn't a very long game, and its plot is short, but I for one believe it's a very well polished game, and deserves all the love it gets from some fans. But if you don't like the game, you don't like the game. If you do, you do. Overrated is relative, only applicable on not many things. This isn't part of them. Opinions will stay as opinions. We can discuss about it (respectfully or not) all day, but everyone's opinions will remain the same.
    Not trying to destroy the merit of intelligent debating and formal discussion, but let's try not to get too touchy with stuff. This discussion is being pretty tame otherwise. I'm just saying.
  3. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic The Triumphs of the Modern Games   

    Sonic Generations, in my opinion, is one of the greatest Sonic games of all time, being crowned second place in my list of favorite Sonic games ever. First place goes to S3&K.

    The level design, soundtrack, speed, gameplay, and overall replay value is absolutely stunning here. The game was everything I hyped it up to be. I wished the game was longer, had a better written plot, and had constant streams of brand-new DLC levels from the Dreamcast and Genesis games and whatnot, but oh well. We got the community making some pretty cool stuff!

    But, yeah. I don't know why people diss Modern so much. Sonic's overall quality has done nothing but go up ever since SA2. Sure, 06 and some of the later games leave a lot more to be desired, but that's progress. Something that y'know, games need nowadays.
  4. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Post Your Desktop   

    Quick question: how's 8 like? Never had the chance to use it.
  5. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Sonic Adventure 2 Discussion, Speculation, Media Topic   

    Even though people adore Sonic Adventure 2, I doubt one huge screw-up with a port will screw any progress Sonic's made in the past couple years.

    Like lots of people have said previously here:
    SEGA should just slow down, think before acting, and just keep on doing what they were doing with Colors and Generations. They won't get completely destroy the hate people have for his franchise, but it'll get a lot more tame, hopefully.
  6. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:: READ POST 11156/PAGE 558   

    Man, this video is genius. I hope he does more dubs of MLP.
  7. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Sonic Adventure 2 Discussion, Speculation, Media Topic   

    ... Oh boy. Too bad I'm broke and can't get the port right now. I wanna try it out for myself and see if it really is that bad.
  8. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary   

    ... Wait what? Nergal Jr. is there? I never noticed!
  9. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Rouge the Bat from a Design Standpoint   

    Rouge is an awesome character. I wanna see more development in her as a character later on. She can be a damn interesting one, similarly as to how she was pulled off in Battle, just a lot more complex.
    Anyways, I kinda like the look Rouge has in Riders and 06. Riders, as she has a sassy, girly, yet very confident and strong 'tude going on. 06 being more of the definitive design. It's pretty much an SA2 Rouge with some more modern, refined tweaks. I like her this way. I don't like Generations Rouge a much, though... She looks too tan. Just me though.
  10. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary   

    Robin IS there. You just have to look more.

    It kinda sucks that there's a lot of Adventure Time characters when there could have been more characters that could have been placed there instead, but AT IS their current program. It's a way of marketing themselves, I guess?
  11. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Sonic Adventure 2 Discussion, Speculation, Media Topic   

    ... Wait what?

    SA2 on iOS? It wouldn't make sense! xD

    The only way I can see SA2 running properly on mobile devices would be on (EXTREMELY) high-end Android Tablets like the WikiPad and whatnot. And the yet-to-be-released Microsoft Surface. It'd be interesting to see how it runs there, actually. Especially the Pro version. Lawd, portable 3D Sonic on the go...

    ANYWAY. Since a lot of SEGA games are seeing a lot of PC releases, there could be chances that it'll come out months after, sorta like Dark Souls. (more like a year)
  12. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary   

    Modern CN is okay, I guess. But it can't be compared with the likes of Billy and Mandy, (love the gigantic Billy with his snot in the left part of the poster xD) PowerPuff Girls,Dexter's Lab, KND, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, and Foster's, but Modern CN is good.

    I freakin' love Adventure Time because of how complex it truly is as a cartoon. Regular Show is hilarious as well. They're the best cartoons of the late 2000s, to be honest.

    And yes, I agree with some people here:

    Ben 10 got crappy once the original series ended... God, it got so longwinded. I never bothered watching any more afterwards. I did watch that special episode when Kid Ben meets Teen Ben though. That was cool. Everything else? Meh...
  13. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Characters you feel have the most potential.   

    Hence my earlier example about Harry Potter. Neville had little to no involvement in the plot until the later books. Yet I find him to be a million times deeper than Harry, Ron, and Hermione themselves. Unbalanced writing. The main characters must be filled with detail, have depth, character, emotions. And most important of all, be interesting. It's something I see all the time; books, movies, video games, you name it: the main characters are boring, shallow, and makes you want to hate them, while the supporting characters are actually interesting and badass.

    I'm not saying, "Screw the supporting characters in Sonic's games, write the main characters better", or vice versa. But if you're going to write the supporting characters well,(when you're actually supposed to, you're not there to write a mess of a shit character, you're here to make the best ones possible) at least make sure that the characters that matter the most are written well, too.

    Actually, I agree with this. It could work. And everything needs numbers. Even though it's not visible to the human eye on how these things work, there's always some math involved in video games, no matter what.

    I actually like what you did, but it's true, Knuckles and Tails are too slow.

    I'd put Tails to a number like 8, and Knuckles, 7.
  14. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:: READ POST 11156/PAGE 558   

    Wow, they're fast.

    Also, I saw shed.mov a few hours ago (as soon as I woke up, pretty much). Pretty funny, but nowhere near as good as apple.mov or dress.mov.

    It was a little cruel, and funny at times. But most of the time, it was just a gigantic parody of Cupcakes, which was okay, I guess... I can't say I didn't laugh however. I liked this one, but apple.mov is still the best one.

    Also, gonna watch the new ep right now. Thanks for embedding it, Celestia!
  15. Tatsumaki added a post in a topic Characters you feel have the most potential.   

    I agree with you to a certain extent. For example, Knuckles shouldn't even be involved at all in Colors, as the Chaos Emeralds have nothing to do with the plot at all. However, for a character that used to be so important in the series just decline in not only importance, but character quality as well (depending on your definition of quality) is just plain shocking. Especially the fact that the prominent object in almost the entire series are the Chaos Emeralds, so there have been so missed opportunities for Knuckles to shine, doing what he does best. Instead, it just ends up getting squandered.The same could also be mentioned for all the characters in the Sonic series, like Rouge and Big.

    All characters really need work, but in my opinion, Knuckles needs the most polishing of all because of how they're horrendously writing him nowadays.


    Also, having seen the cutscenes in Colors (I never could play it, I am a sad fan), Tails' scene being mind controlled was seriously bad. I know some may like it, but... Not my cup of tea. Didn't grasp my attention or play with my feelings at all. It just happened.