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  1. Phantomime added a post in a topic Capcom doesn't have the resources for a next-gen fighter   

    This might be a stupid/unimportant question, but I didn't see it asked anywhere earlier in the thread.

    If one of Nintendo's competitors buys Capcom, what would that mean for Mega Man in Smash Bros 4? Would he have to be removed for legal reasons, or would he be able to stay because the agreement was made before Capcom was sold? I don't know much about legal stuff.
  2. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    Bonus Day: Why Do You Play Games?
    Hey, we're already on the last day. That was fun. Anyway, my answer depends on the game. Some I play for simple, addicting fun, while some I play to feel awesome. Sometimes I play for the story, the graphics, or the music. Sometimes I do some self-imposed challenges, or maybe I'll just mess around and do whatever I feel like doing, no matter how stupid. Maybe I'll want to relive some pleasant memories. I could just sit back in my biggest chair, get comfy, and play a slow, relaxing game, while sometimes I need something that gets me hyped, and my blood pumping.
    I don't have just one reason. If I only had one, I don't think I would like Video Games as a medium very much at all.
  3. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    ​Favorite Ending: Super Mario Galaxy

    Mario Galaxy was a fantastic game. It was large in scale and atmospheric, but still kept the simple and fun gameplay Mario is known for. The ending though... it gets a little crazy. When you beat Bowser, his galaxy collapses into a black hole, which destroys the Comet Observatory, Peach's Castle, and maybe the rest of the universe(?), but then all the Lumas throw themselves into the black hole to become the new universe. I think. Maybe? So then, everyone wakes up all fine and dandy by Peach's Castle in what may or may not be an entirely different universe. Possibly.
    What a weird ending. It was pretty cool though, and though I'm pretty sure it's not the best ending ever, it's strange and happy and I like it. The real reason I'm using it though is because it's my most memorable ending,
  4. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    No other characters from this game will ever be in Smash.
    Favorite Overall Cast: KI:U

    I know I already mentioned the game's great cast on Day 2, but hey, no harm in going talking about it again. Every character is memorable for their own reasons. All of them. Well, maybe not the dog and little girl that show up in one of the later levels. The heroes and villains are all great and unique, and the dialogue is very Saturday morning cartoon-esque. It's very hard to talk about the cast in detail without spoilers, considering most of the cast comes after a big spoiler, but I will say that a personal favorite of mine was a certain superhero type fellow from a chapter about halfway through the game. A couple of my other favorite characters from Uprising are Palutena and Main-Villain-Who-I-Shouldn't-be-Talking-About-Because-Spoilers.
  5. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    I actually fell asleep on accident a little while ago. It's a good thing I woke up about the time I usually write these.
    Most Anticipated Game: Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

    Who doesn't love Smash Bros.? Well, I mean, I'm sure there are some people. For the purposes of this answer they don't count.
    Smash Bros. is a cool series. A massive crossover featuring a bunch of iconic video game characters (some lesser known characters too). It's got simple, fun gameplay that my family, and friends who haven't really played many fighting games games can still pick up quickly. Good soundtrack, appealing visuals (well, maybe not for Brawl...), and it's always so easy to just pick up and play.
    I'm especially excited that the character I wanted the most to get in, Mega Man, was finally added to the roster. Awesome.Yeah, great series, and looking forward to the next installment. Even if the title is stupid and unimaginative.
  6. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    We're already up to day 27? Damn.
    Favorite Developer: Platinum Games

    Okay, the thing about Platinum Games is that they understand things about Vidya that no other game devs seem to get.
    For one, they understand that boss fights can be great. They're all varied, creatively designed, full of action, and they're usually really intense. They also feel like rewards for getting that far, as opposed to a thing at the end of every level you HAVE to do (This is way too common a problem.)
    Also, Platinum Games understands that games can be AWESOME. They've got unique and fluid combat systems that never get old, awhich makes make killing even regular enemies fun. Impressive and crazy action sequences add to the appeal. Every game they makes makes you feel like a badass when you play them.
  7. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    I'd say PC's entire run, but I guess that wouldn't really fit the question.
    Favorite Console Generation: 6th Gen
    I uh, I guess this kind of ties into "Favorite Next-Gen Experience" in that this was my first proper console generation. Honestly, the main reason that this was my favorite is because it's what I have the most fond memories of. I had my PS2, my friends had their Gamecubes, and we all had fun. Some of my favorite childhood memories were playing racing games or Smash Bros. with friends. The graphics had also evolved from the blocky PS1 era stuff, into something, uh, less blocky with more draw distance. So that was cool.
  8. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    It's 2:00 AM at the time I start writing this
    Why the fuck do I always wait so late before I write these fucking things
    Least Favorite Character: Pokey/Porky Minch (Earthbound)

    Wow, hey, this wasn't a question I expected to be so difficult. Who'd have thought it'd be this hard to think of someone I hate? I'd be happy to write another post about Fi, but I did that last year. I guess I could talk about the Deadly Six, but they're only boring, I'm trying to not mention Sonic games that much, and I guess if I really, really, really, really tried I could probably come up with a more boring character.
    So hey, have an annoying, murderous, megalomaniac douchebag. 
    Alright, for those unfamiliar with Earthbound, Pokey Minch lives next door to Ness, His whole introduction in the beginning of the game is just him being a whiny little ass. He harasses you periodically throughout the game, gaining influence through Giygas and generally just being a harmless but annoying jerk, until your final showdown with him as Giygas's right hand man. (Though he's arguably more in control at this point than his boss).
    Everything about him kinda pisses me off, from the way he talks to his literally everything else.
    That said, he was intentionally designed to be hated though, so he's not a bad character in the way that, say, Fi is.
    I'd also like to talk about his appearance in Mother 3, but if I started with that I'd go pretty off topic from the idea of why he's annoying.
  9. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    I don't really feel very strongly about controllers at all, but here's my answer.
    Favorite Controller: Xbox 360 Controller
    I never really use the console that came with it, but I pretty much always use this controller for PC gaming. It's comfortable, fits my hands well, and uh, yeah. It's good. I'm not really a big fan of the D-Pad, but I only really use the D-Pad in some emulated games anyway, and even then kind of rarely. So yeah, I don't really have any problems with it, and it's probably the controller I use most often.
  10. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    This is most disturbing. 
    Favorite Song: Jet Set Radiooooooooo! (Both Games)

    JSR is a real cool game, but I really love the soundtrack. It's catchy, and it's got a great remix-y, stylish sound to it. I often get the tracks stuck in my head, and they're great for listening to while doing anything. Sonic Rush has a similarly great soundtrack. I'm not very good at describing why I like JSR's music, so instead here are three of my favorite songs from the series: 
    -Sneakman [JSR] (Posted Above)
    -Up-Set Attack [JSR]
    -Teknopathic [JSRF]
  11. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    Three answers for the price of one! Oh wait.... the price of one answer is $0.00. So these answers are worthless. Aww.
    Favorite Art Style: Various
    Example 1: Rayman Legends
    I think I posted about Rayman Origins having the best artstyle last 30 Days, didn't I? Well, while I still think Origins is the better game, Legends has a preferable artstyle. It's still just as fantastically animated and fun to look at, but the sort of thicker, more painted look to it makes me like it more.
    Example 2: Team Fortress 2 
    Isn't this just real pleasant to look at? I think so. TF2 always had a kind of simple, nice look to it. It's got a great hand-painted feeling. The different colors for the different bases are subtle enough that it always feels like the same general area, but it's also a good indicator of where you are on the map. I also really love the old west sort of look most of the maps have.
    Example 3: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Original Version)
    I love HR's cyberpunk-industrial artstyle, especially in Hengsha. You've got the cramped, dilapidated streets of the lower city, and the luxurious future utopia on top, with the massive industrial complex in between. The original game looks great, but I can't help but feel some of the atmosphere was lost in the Director's Cut Edition with the removal of the piss filter.
  12. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    30 Days: "I don't Have an Imagination" Edition
    Favorite Unlockable: Sonic The Hedgehog (Super Smash Bros.)

    Well ain't that just real fuckin' original. I mean, nobody's done Smash Bros. yet, right? Right?
    Whatever. Anyway, this was pretty much half the reason I was hyped for Brawl. I still remember the day Sonic was announced like it was yesterday. He's really fun to play as, but the main reason him being an unlockable in Smash was so great was because of the significance. It's Sonic the Hedgehog! In Super Smash Bros! That was SO AWESOME.
  13. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    It was hard to pick between this guy and Midna...
    Favorite Side Character: Groose

    Skyward Sword is a game that's kind of grown on me the last couple of years. First time around, I didn't really like it. Now it's probably my... third(?) favorite Zelda Game. Even on the first playthrough though, this guy was by far the best character. 
    I didn't really like him in his first appearance though. He was just kind of a dick. An entertaining dick, but still just kind of a lame, stereotypical bully. After the scene where he falls from the sky and establishes "Grooseland" I began to enjoy him, but it wasn't until later in the game that I realized how cool he was.
    See, from the beginning, Groose is convinced that he is destined for greatness. That he's supposed to become a legendary hero. But soon after he gets to the surface, he realizes that Link is the real legendary hero. So what does he do? Well... he goes off and sulks for a while. Later, though, he realizes that he needs to help anyway, despite not being as great as he thought he was. So he builds a machine to slow down The Imprisoned, and becomes a high-tier bro for the rest of the game. 
  14. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    Hey look, a 30 Days post! (Hey look, who cares!)
    Favorite Antagonist: Steven Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising)

    Originally, I was gonna pick Hades, but everyone's already chosen him, and I just did a KI:U character yesterday. 
    SO. Let me tell you three things about Senator Steven Armstrong.
    -First of all, he loves FREEDOM.
    -Secondly, he's BAT-SHIT INSANE.
    -Finally, he is FULL OF NANOMACHINES.
    Metal Gear Rising is a game just full of crazy. Then, at the very end of the last level, this guy shows up, KOs Bladewolf, pilots a giant mech, makes himself huge and invincible, and beats the shit out of Raiden (and kicks him to the sound of a screaming football crowd!) while telling him his insane political dreams for America.
    This whole fucking scene is just full of stupid, quotable lines and ridiculous action. It pretty much makes the entire last segment of the game. This being followed by a great final boss fight makes for a really fun villain. 
  15. Phantomime added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    30 Days Thread: "He's Already Been Picked Like a Million Times but Whatever" Edition!
    Favorite Protagonist: Pit

    My post for "Favorite Game" went to Kid Icarus: Uprising, and in it I mentioned that the dialogue was great to listen to. Well, this guy is a big part of why. He may be hopelessly optimistic, loyal to a fault, and not especially bright, but he's genuinely heroic, and actually cares about doing the right thing. Considering that just about every other character in the game is doing what they do for their own selfish reasons, it kind of sets him apart. He's also funny, in a goofy and dorky kind of way, and a walking arsenal.