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  1. Adventure Time!

    I feel like we've been waiting for this stop motion episode for quite a while. I'm excited
  2. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Honestly, I haven't seen one Pop! figure I'd actually ever buy. Loving Steven doesn't change that ._.; I'm sure they'll come out with other toys eventually especially seeing the progress of their CN store.
  3. Adventure Time!

    I honestly just wanted an animated version of this fan-video tbh: Everthing Stays Gives me the serious feels.  ;____;
  4. Adventure Time!

  5. Adventure Time!

    Yeah, I've seen a lot of fans leave for more the concrete narrative shows. But I definitely wouldn't call Adventure Time 'directionless.' I had this same idea recently as a week-to-week episode as well. I constantly complained Adventure Time had changed and I continued to watch out of dedication. Then I bulk watched the entire series from season 1 to the end of season 6. I was completely wrong -- it hadn't changed at all. Its narrative is structured unlike anything I've ever seen/watched/read upon a second glance. The storyline isn't a cascading series of events like most shows. It is structured around Finn the Human's perspective and his advancement into adulthood. All of season 1 and 2 are random, building blocks as characters, as a child would see the world. But then Finn meets the Lich, is heartbroken, faces his fears, travels different dimensions, meets his father. You start noticing 'directionless' or filler episodes aren't as random as you thought. It transforms into something more -- Finn's psyche, how he sees the world, how the world slowly peels back Finn's filter of childhood. This is literally addressed in 'All the Little People' when Finn controls his friends and their romantic inquiries. The show is almost poking fun at itself because they're saying Finn is unintentionally GLOB and the narrative is himself. Season 5 hits hard for me because there are definitely bigger pictures there -- morality, enlightenment, forgiveness that I struggle with. That pillow episode hit me hard. I'm honestly excited for season 7. The end of season six honestly starts a brand new slate for Finn. He decides to throw the frustration and depression he's faced over the last 3 seasons aside and continue to fight for the life he's created on Earth. I'm honestly mystified because I don't know where Finn stands. Is he now an adult with clear goals, a realistic point of view, and has a strand of hope? I'm watching to find out. I don't know if this was Penn Ward's original intention to rewrite the story of his own child-to-teen-to-adult (as the character was Penn in the pilot), but bravo to such a complex narrative that it took more of an introspective look for me to finally wrap my head around it. I would definitely still consider AT groundbreaking in its own right as it made SU and Over the Garden Wall even possible. But I will agree it's not for everyone.
  6. Adventure Time!

    Nah, the King of Ooo is basically a scam artist who convinces most people he's Ooo royalty. He's about fame, narcissism, and money, but he's not evil. So I don't think PB thought he could do much harm. But she did persuade Finn and Jake to serve him (more in to their loyalty to the Candy Kingdom). King of Ooo's election pitch.   I can see where you may have gotten this impression from the first couple of seasons, but this is definitely not the case. PB, before her letting go, was a crazy overbearing mother to the Candy people. Often times even crossing over the line in terms of privacy or interfering with other kingdoms for her kingdom's safety. She created all of them and basically spent all of her time either guiding them (because they're idiots) or creating a better life for them via science. The last two seasons we've seen glimpses of Candy Kingdom history and I think that's where you see most of her love stem. Honestly, she was getting annoying in season 6 with crazy mother syndrome, I'm glad AT writers decided to go in this direction instead. Even if it was a bit unexpected.
  7. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Sorry, I feel like this is shameless plugging for Adventure Time, because I'm still an avid watcher. But I just wanted to give Rebecca Sugar fans the opportunity to see her voice/new song feature here if they haven't already. I'm sure there will be more of her in the rest of the mini-series featuring this week: omigoshsocute I love how all of her Adventure Time and Steven Universe songs are based in nostalgia -- a combination of sad/happy. She nailed this one. Just brightened my day a little.  Better Everything Stays as it aired on the show. Been playing it on my uke lately!
  8. Adventure Time!

    Rebecca Sugar as Marceline's mom. omigosh so cute
  9. Adventure Time!

    I still watch, but no one ever posts in here! I just don't think anyone in SSMB cares anymore.. though I love Adventure Time and how its themes develop with Finn's maturation. It's definitely turned a dark corner, so I can see why many cartoon fans turned to SU or GF with their lighter themes and more concrete narratives.   Yes, her character has developed quite a bit in season 6. Through a series of events, Bubblegum tuned down her surveillance of her citizens and decided to rule with less of a magnifying glass. The kingdom then held an election and the King of Ooo won the vote. Though it's a fake election, PB basically said "fuck it, I need a break anyway." Then Bubblegum  and Peppermint Butler took up residence near the Candy Kingdom. It's really weird to see her let go of ruling and responsibility and really develop as more of a laid back person. Plus! She's been hanging out A LOT with Marceline which I think was a good lead up to "Stakes."
  10. Adventure Time!

    GUYS GUYS GUYS IT'S ALMOST HERE (LIKE NEXT WEEK) and I'm the only one that cares. :'(
  11. Adventure Time!

    It's been on a hiatus for the last 3 or 4 months (which most of us assumed was for the movie), but I don't think the last two seasons have been as popular. Pretty dark themes and Finn going through weird love/puberty shhhh. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxMfa074TNQ I think Steven Universe filled a void for a lot of fans that were looking for more narrative in their entertainment. I personally am a fan of both. 
  12. Adventure Time!

    GUYS, THIS IS ALGEBRAIC. I know I don't come to this forum often enough, but when I come I bear great news. Adventure Time season 7 is starting November 2 and shortly will be premiering a mini-series named 'Stakes' circling Marceline and starring Rebecca Sugar (former writer and creator of Steven Universe)! I'm freaking stoked! I've also heard that Adventure Time writers are diverting from their season 5 and 6 style (small stories on tier 3 character or deeper stories about love and loss with Finn) and going back to their roots with more fun, adventure, and season 2 and 3 style episodes! I know a lot of fans have dropped off, but this is definitely a time to pick it back up again. [SPOILERS AHEAD] 'Stakes' is the entire backstory of Marceline the Vampire Queen and Rebecca Sugar is voicing her mother. Article: http://tinyurl.com/ntpwmhl Leaked opening to 'Stakes' mini-series: Sneak-peek of Rebecca Sugar as Marceline's Mother:   P.S. The producers haven't confirmed Marceline/Bubblegum to be canon during the Stakes mini-series, but it has been confirmed by Pen in the past, so I pretty much consider than the golden rule.
  13. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Ugh, I need to find a better video of this theme extended version. I hope they air it.. because I'm obsessed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1w18Kkg16c
  14. What music are you currently listening to?

    I'm six years late, but I finally watched FMA and FMA:B. I watched it all so fast (in a matter of 4 days), so I've been having a hard time retaining closure that it's OVER. Ha.   So I've been listening to this on repeat for the last 3 hours. Probably one of my favorite OPs ever: