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  1. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Disney Infinity.   

    One thing you could do is buy a software + playset bundle that retailers seem to be doing. So you could get the 3.0 game and the Inside Out playset bundle (just as an example) and then the only thing left would be a base which you can get new (still in bag)  from ebay for a reasonable price. You essentially create your own starter pack by doing it that way and it means you don't have to get the Star Wars stuff if you don't want it.
    I personally picked up the 2.0 Marvel starter pack the other day to get myself into Infinity and I'll get that Inside Out bundle shortly after release. 
  2. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic's First Home Appearance   

    It was Rad Mobile as Hogfather said above. The point is that this was his first appearance on home consoles.
  3. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic The LEGO Dimensions topic   

    I was doing the rounds again to try and find some more footage of Doctor Who content and it looks like someone was just as keen to see the different TARDIS desktops.
    Personal highlight is finally getting a look at the 10th Doctor's TARDIS at 4:52. The console room looks great and you'll even spot 10's severed hand in the jar sitting against one of the support pillars. We also get a look at the War Doctor's TARDIS as well as Eleven's who is using his 2010-2012 interior.
    Each Doctor says a line from the show just after regenerating. The player doesn't regenerate via death in the video so I'm not sure if we'll hear each Doctor's last words just as they begin to regenerate but it seems nothing plays when you manually trigger it.
    The player tries to see the Eighth Doctor's interior but it doesn't seem to change for him. I'm guessing it just isn't done yet rather than deliberately being excluded altogether. I mean I can't blame them considering the size of his console room.
    The biggest mystery is the War Doctor's TARDIS which is actually carrying the moment inside. The player smashes it and rebuilds it into its "big red button" mode. He activates it but the video ends before we get to see what it does. What a tease!
  4. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    The latest speculation topic is definitely an interesting one. I'll spoiler it on the off chance it's actually true and people want to be surprised. although I imagine something like this will get an official announcement.
  5. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic The SSMB Community Game Night - This week's games: Team Fortress 2 (Free 2 Play), Mario Kart 8, Team Fortress 2 MvM (Free to play)   

    I'd have to take a look around to see what's available but I have been wondering if a Board Game Game night could have any potential. Obviously it'd be electronic versions of the games but I am curious as to how something like a big game on Monopoly would work out.
  6. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Can someone tell me why SA2 is so highly regarded?   

    Sadly, age comes to most things eventually. I think only the likes of Tetris and Pac-Man are able to saunter own without worrying about that since there isn't much to them that can age.
    Sonic Adventure 2 is a product of its time and was a good game at the time of its release.
    The issue is not that SA2 has gotten worse,  I mean the copy you played in 2001 will function exactly the same today. The problem is that we're spoiled with nearly 15 years of hindsight. We've moved onto to new technical advancements while SA2 never can.
    As for the game's design, it's all subjective and it's a two way street really. You might like something you hated back then or vice versa. For those looking for a "Sonic" game then the statistic of only 10/31 stages actually meeting that criteria is going to be off-putting. Your enjoyment of SA2 is going to be entirely based on how much you enjoy the other two gameplay styles. Back when people were younger, I can imagine the game as a whole could appeal to them. Go really fast with Sonic, go shoot at stuff in big mech with Tails and go off to wacky locations for treasure hunting with Knuckles. 
    I can imagine kids really did get a kick out of that setup back in the day but by now many people have grown up, their tastes have changed and consequently so has their outlook on SA2. Nostalgia means they will look back on their time with it fondly but those who venture into it again after all this time are likely to have different views on it now.
    I personally prefer SA1 myself for various reasons but that's for another time.
  7. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Windows 10 (PCs, Windows Phone, Tablets, Xbox One / OUT NOW)   

    Actually, you can do it entirely on your PC as long as you have enough free space on your internal storage to accommodate it. I did it that way and everything went as smoothly as it could have.
  8. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Five Nights at Freddy's - "I've decided that maybe some things are best left forgotten, forever."   

    I could picture a publicity stunt with them starting a controlled fire and having reports of a set burning down with the animatronics inside and then having said animatronics unexpectedly show up somewhere some days later. Since they're using real models there's some great potential to creep people out outside the film itself.
  9. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   

    Just to check since I've already lost track of all the new stuff this time around. What is the "Character Sale" actually meant to be? Does that refer to a discount to the current purchasable characters or is this something to do with more characters being added for sale, perhaps even past event ones likes Classic?
  10. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Rise of the Tomb Raider - Xbox One (2015), PS4, PC (2016)   

    Hang on, so roughly a year of console exclusivity? 
    Oh it's is going to be really fun trying to avoid the spoilers for this for that length of time.
  11. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Rocket League (PS4 & PC)   

    I've been playing this since it showed up on PS+. This is definitely one of my favourite games on PS4 and probably my favourite for this year thus far. LEGO Dimensions and No Man's Sky (?) will likely take it's place on the chart but I can't say I'll be moving away from this any time soon.
    I've been looking for a "party" game for me and my friends to play online. Something simple that we can drop in and out of whenever. This game more than fits the bill and always provides a laugh when we play. 
    The balancing is absolutely fantastic. So much customisation yet none of it gives you any actual advantage over someone who's literally just started out. 
    This absolutely must be made part of SSMB Game Nights in the future. Smash Bros and MK8 are the current favourites and I can confidently say this will rank alongside them. Assuming the specs for this aren't ridiculous I'll have no issues double dipping for a PC copy.
  12. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic SEGA CEO admits they betrayed fans' trust   

    So it looks like there's been further emphasis on this whole thing.
    They do seem to be putting a fair bit of focus on this new-found initiative. Hopefully they've got the plan needed to justify it. TGS should be interesting.
  13. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion (Untagged Spoilers)   

    If there's one thing I liked in this it's Sonic's personality. To me, when he "retires" he acts like a toned down OVA Sonic. He's still a good guy but in a more passive way and is somewhat snarky even if it isn't entirely called for. I wouldn't actually mind if Boom Sonic was more like this normally. I do like that they tried to distinguish him from SEGA Sonic by having him be more sarcastic and relaxed but I found today's take on him far more interesting.
  14. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   

    The problem is you can't pay to get characters. You can pay to get a chance at getting a character. Games like Sonic Dash are also Free to Play but at the very least give you the option to get what you want, when you want. Many won't want to pay but at least the option's there.
    In Runners, someone can get lucky and get a character without paying. Meanwhile someone else could spend a huge sum on money and walk away empty handed. Many missed out on Classic Sonic because of this and it'll happen for all the characters for as long as they keep things like this. The regular addition of new characters is a non-event if many people will never actually get their hands on them.
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