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  1. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Nintendo 3DS   

    I'm just about to get into the 3DS scene properly with a 2DS on the way this week so this is great timing for someone like me. Given the way Ninendo games hold their price though, I can't get too excited about this until they say what the price range is for the new Selects titles.
  2. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    Since there's no MCM Comic-Con topic (that I know of). I figured I'd mention my first outing with my 10th Doctor Cosplay.

    I've never done any cosplay before but this turned out to be a brilliant day. I was really surprised at the amount of people that commented on it and wanted photos. 
    There was a big group shot out front with all the Doctor Ccsplayers so of course I had to get in on that. I'm in the group and I notice this woman standing in front of all of us. I'm working my gears trying to figure out who she is and then it hits me. It's Sophie Aldred (ACE)! I knew she was coming to do signings but I had no idea she was coming out for the photo as well. I've been told they're doing the photo shoot again tomorrow so hopefully I'll get a chance to say hi then.
    I also ended up messing around with my screwdriver a bit (the Wand Company remote version if you're curious). The TV-B-Gone mode seemed to be a crowd-pleaser, as was my one-on-one fight with a Dalek (He even identified it as the remote, there's a true Whovian in that casing).
    I'll be out on the floor again tomorrow so hopefully there's more adventure ahead!
    Now then, who's ready for the Witch's Familiar?
  3. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic disappearing rings in Sonic 2   

    I think the idea is that "in-universe" it literally takes 50 rings in order to power up those checkpoints and create the rift to jump between dimensions. I think one of the early comics used that logic at one point. The game doesn't immediately take them from you in case you speed by a post with 50+ rings since you'd lose them even if you had no intention of stopping for the special stage.
  4. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    I'm a bit too hyperactive just now to give full opinions but I will bring up one thing. I can't even remember the full quote but anyway.
  5. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    The writing was on the wall for a while and it's almost definitely the right time for her to start a new adventure somewhere else.
    I personally wouldn't mind her staying around but there'd definitely be tons of people who'd flip their lid if she stayed any longer. Looking forward to seeing who's up next. 
  6. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic *SUPER* Mario Maker (Wii-U)   

    Another level from me. It's a pretty short one and is designed to be played at speed once you initially build the momentum up. Don't stop for anything! After the less than 2% pass rate on my first level I've made things a bit easier this time round. Hope you guys enjoy it!
    Hasty Escape: 1DC2-0000-0043-F3D5
  7. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   

    Sorry, but how many people have so far actually said "This delay means better quality so I'm going to pre-order"?
    You seem very fixated on this idea of people giving SEGA money when all that's happened so far is that the game has been delayed for further development which has given people some new found optimism about the game's potential. 
    People are seeing the delay as a good thing, not the game itself. Well, not yet anyway. The only message people here are sending to SEGA so far is that delaying a game is encouraged if it needs it. 
  8. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   

    I don't think there's one single person here that said this instantly means better quality. The logic is that them delaying it in order to in some way work on it isn't going to make the final product any worse. At best they really will improve it in some ways, at worst it will stay the same and likely turn out competent but forgettable.
    Why is it such a bad thing for people to find some optimism in a game that they have been either been cautiously optimistic or indifferent about.
    You said it yourself, we know next to nothing about the game. We don't know how it plays, we don't know how true their earlier statements about taking on feedback are. The most concrete information we've had in months is this delay which follows not too long after SEGA's own CEO said he'd rather not release anything than release a product not up to snuff with quality.
    I can see why you're taking the stance that you are. It's a completely valid one and I totally respect it. But you can't then turn around and give people a hard time over this when we all have as little information as each other. People will have different outlooks on ever situation, some look for positives and others debate the negatives. Neither are wrong, it's all subjective.
  9. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic *SUPER* Mario Maker (Wii-U)   

    Might as well throw my first course into the frying pan too! 
    Bouncy Shells & Springy Wells: 498F 0000 0025 D3B9
    I had hoped to put more little rewards and secrets for those thinking outside the box but I still don't have too many resources available to me yet. There's a 1-UP to collect on the way and odds are you'll spot it just fine.
  10. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic *SUPER* Mario Maker (Wii-U)   

    In case this is considered an important secret I'll spoiler this.
  11. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   

    Just tried this trick myself and landed on the left side golden egg and got a Chaos for it. Considering how terrible my luck has been with the wheel this is already an improvement. I'll need a few more tries to make up my mind about it.
  12. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Wear the Rose Animated Short   

    I was on a night out last night and they had the football on one of those giant projection screens. I couldn't believe my eyes when this came on. I'm studying animation right now and the sheer quality of this just blew me away. I don't think I've seen an animation style quite like this before but I'd love to see more from whoever's behind this.
    John Lewis has some rock solid competition if they go 2D again this year!
  13. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Live Action Movie "Breaking News, there is no news."   

    The dreaded hybrid is definitely a valid reason for people to have the guard up but there are ways for this to work out fine.
    Let's pretend the film adapted SA1 and filled in the gaps in order to achieve a full run time. Sonic and Co are in a word, or at least a part of one, inhabited by humans. The areas populated by humans are very grounded as well. I mean beaches, cities, forests, theme parks and so on are all very much rooted in reality. Of course the game makes them a bit more wacky for the action stages to make them more interesting and fun to traverse.
    It all really depends on what is CGI and what is live action. We know the precedent for these types of movies but it's not a closed book case that this will follow the same route. I mean for all we know we're going to have Shia Labeouf on a green screen wondering around the Sonic universe for an hour and a half.
    To me, we're just too in the dark right now to really be able to gauge it. Right now there isn't enough information relating to the movie for me to get all down and grumpy about it. We can either be optimistic or pessimistic about this, both are completely valid, but I know I'd prefer to see the positives in things and you can call me naive or ignorant all you like.
     The fact there's an actual Sonic Movie in the works is still something that makes me smile and until we see something from this I'll still be excited to see more.
  14. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Disney Infinity.   

    Great to see some activity in here! 
    For 3.0 I went with the Software Disc + Inside Out bundle and the pre-order means the Toy Box Takeover is in there as well.
    I haven't seen many people talk about the Inside Out set yet so I'll give some thoughts on that. No spoilers here really but just in case!
  15. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Disney Infinity.   

    One thing you could do is buy a software + playset bundle that retailers seem to be doing. So you could get the 3.0 game and the Inside Out playset bundle (just as an example) and then the only thing left would be a base which you can get new (still in bag)  from ebay for a reasonable price. You essentially create your own starter pack by doing it that way and it means you don't have to get the Star Wars stuff if you don't want it.
    I personally picked up the 2.0 Marvel starter pack the other day to get myself into Infinity and I'll get that Inside Out bundle shortly after release.