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  1. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic LiamTheAnimator's Art & Animation Thread   

    Oh man, college sure is keeping this place dusty!
    I've been learning 3DS Max in the past few months and I'm now making the switch to Maya since it seems to be the favoured software and from what I've used of it so far I think I prefer it too.
    Here's one of the models I've been working on for a little while now. I'll have to bring it over to Maya at some point and finish it.

  2. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    I've been having a think about how they might be going about Clara's fate and thought of something the other day.
  3. LiamTheAnimator added a topic in Chit-Chat   

    John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015
    It's that time of year again! Well, almost.
    When Christmas is comin-a-knockin you can be sure John Lewis won't be far behind with their annual Christmas advert to make people feel all good inside and, hopefully, spend a few of their British pounds (hey, they're still a business afterall).
    Following on from Monty the Penguin last year, John Lewis have just launched their Chistmas advert for 2015; "Man on the Moon".
    I won't say anything about the actually story since these adverts are best seen blind the first time around.
    I will say though, I think it's another winner this year. The core idea is a very simple one and it's a relatable one at that but they present it in a fun way. The visuals are really nice and overall I think it just perfectly shows us how far Christmas joy can reach; across boundaries, across generations.
    What's everyone's verdict this year?
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  4. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic SSMB group picture~planning thread (Requests are closed)   

    Oh this looks like fun!
    If you'e still taking entries I'll go with my little character that I've created for my animation intros (the one I have as my avatar).
    He's literally a round ball with a pupil on it, attached to a spring which is fitted to that little purple base. 
    The whole model looks the same on each side except for the front where the eye detail is so he should be pretty simple.
  5. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Would anyone be able to take a few screengrabs of the files in the Sonic Lost World folder? I'm still trying to find a way of fixing this T-Pose problem and SEGA support has gone quiet so I guess I'm on my own with this for the time being.
    I'm just trying to make sure I definitely have all the files I should before I tinker with them.
  6. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    I'm out of the house for a while but SEGA has brought in some extra options for people struggling to get the game running properly including a 30fps cap and unlocking the frame rate.
    Found in the pinned topic on the Steam forum.
  7. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    I've been talking to them today to try and get this T-pose issue sorted since those of us with the issue can't play the game until it's fixed. They've definitely been prompt today with trying to help. They've taken my DxDiag and msinfo32 files before coming back and asked me to try running as an administrator and you can guess how well that worked.
    Still, at least they do seem keen to iron these issues out and considering the game has only been out for around two days I couldn't really ask more of them at this stage.
  8. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    They've been removed from the game and the animal requirements have been adjusted to compensate. It makes sense really, the circus tents are really meant for the touch controls of the gamepad.
  9. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Turns out I'm having some problems on my end. (for some reason the image won't embed properly).
    I've just booted the game up and begun Windy Hill 1. Immediately Sonic is stuck in his T-Pose including his eyelids being shut. I can slide him around like this but trying to run or spindash crashes the game. The Motobugs are just outright spinning on the spot which I'll admit is pretty funny.
    I'm going to try and see if it has anything to do with the Dualshock 4 but the fact that even the Motobugs are freaking out has me puzzled.
    EDIT: Just tried it with only the keyboard and the controller completely unplugged and got the same result. If I can't get it working then I'm probably going to have to refund it for the time being.
  10. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    I'm no programmer but that sounds like a bug with how the game's detecting directional input, or rather the lack of. I remember Sonic 4 PC did a similarly weird thing where Sonic would slide around if you held right and left together.
  11. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Unless you really want those Nintendo levels  you're really losing nothing and have everything to gain from the mod community. You might as well really.
  12. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Why do you need a DLC-free version? The included Nights level hasn't jacked up the price or anything. You've gotten ever so slightly more at no extra cost.
  13. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Lost World PC is available for £15.99 at getgamesgo if you're looking to save a few quid.
  14. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sega apologises to fans (hints at a old styled Sonic game?)   

    The problem with their last attempt at a new classic style game was that it wasn't even meant to be one in the first place. They thought they could just slap "Sonic 4" onto their non-related game and get away with it. To be fair, episode 1 certainly won professional critics over which only really seems to showcase their understanding of Classic Sonic is only skin deep. Episode 2 was then a salvage job which SEGA probably knew was a situation they couldn't possibly win.
    Sonic's 2D adventures have for the most part been totally fine, classic or otherwise. Right now what they need to do is come out guns-blazing with the (presumably 3D) anniversary game and say "here's this game that's been in the works for five years. We're taking our time now and look what we've managed because of it". They need to prove that they can make a truly excellent game and not just a serviceable on. They need to do that first to prove that present day Sonic is just as high of quality as his earliest adventures.
    A parallel series of 2D adventures alongside the newly-revitalised 3D games would allow them to keep a large majority of SEGA Sonic fans happy and they can still have Boom to appease the kids who maybe only care for that side of things and aren't really fussed with the main series.
  15. LiamTheAnimator added a post in a topic Sega of America's chief operating officer says 'words'   

    They sure are pushing this whole quality angle. If they're putting in half as much effort as the statements over the last few months imply then we could be heading for great things.
    The only thing is, they've really backed themselves into a corner now. It all starts with the Anniversary game. If that doesn't deliver then they're going to be in some seriously hot water with fans and press.