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  1. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic This Week On PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Free Avatars, Oh Kratos... you continue to goof.   

    Naw, the graphics are pretty good.. well at least the Hades stage looks great. I've been playing the game(private Beta), it is a lot different from Smash as far as mechanics go. I will say this though about Brawls artstyle, it's far more appealing, perhaps it's just my familiarity with Nintendo's characters, but whatever. The games fun.
  2. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic The Sonic Generations Review Topic   

    Yea, but I'll probably forget everything I saw once I'm done with Uncharted 3.

    Besides, the game isn't to heavy on story anyways lol.
    Can't wait to pick up Generations later today!
  3. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic The Sonic Generations Review Topic   

  4. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic The Sonic Generations Review Topic   

    I'll probably end up watching that review after I get the game.
    I like GT reviews, but they show a bit too much sometimes.
  5. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic The Sonic Generations Review Topic   

    That's exactly what it is.

    Just like how fighting games give a lame reason for everyone to want to beat the crap out of each other.

    And as you mentioned, Mario's stories are just an excuse for to go on what ever adventure he's going on.

    This is just giving us another reason as to why Classic Sonic and his stages are intertwining with Modern's world, and vice versa.
    Colors was very light in story, and was a departure in the traditional Sonic story that we've gotten used to since the classics, since it was more like a Saturday morning cartoon. And that worked imo and the script while some say it fell flat I felt it was really well written compared to past Sonic's that stumbled upon translation, I don't really know if I want another DBZ Sonic game story. I would like to see the characters represented in a good way. I think Generations will be as light as Colors.

    But on topic:

    I really can't wait to buy this along side Uncharted 3 next week. My life will be complete.

    Regardless of the review scores, I know I will enjoy the game, but hopefully some reviews don't scare anyone away.

    If Genera
  6. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

  7. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic Sonic generations open world gameplay   

    If they could incorporate a way to seamlessly switch from Adventure style gameplay with Modern gameplay, and fit that into an open world that will have entrances to stages or even be the stage itself that seamlessly makes the transition to Adventure or Modern level layout/design. That would be really interesting.

    For example, in Modern Green Hill, after you break that bridge(shortcut near the end). Immediately once you land, there's a water fall to your left, that is blocked off by an invisible wall. Imagine being able to have access to that. And once you entered that area, your controls automatically switch to Adventure style. Lets face it, while Modern's control is a lot tighter in Generations than Unleashed or Colors, Sonic is still very stiff in slow movement, try running in circles and you'll see what I mean.(You can run in circles if you try a couple of times but it feels clunky)

    Anyways, when you accessed this little location. You discover there is a completely different path, that you can go through using some fine tuned Adventure style gameplay. But if you do not wish to explore the area, you can continue running the Modern route which would bring you to an entirely different Zone/Area/Stage. I think it'd be cool if they made it Modern style(still maintaining on the core mechanics of Modern Sonic) for traveling from place to place, and Adventure style for exploration and precise 3D platforming.

    Now I know they moved on from Adventure style, but I'm just brainstorming idea I get lol.
    And a lot of this was from being restricted by the invisible walls in Unleashed, Colors, and (from what I've played) Generations.
    I totally think it could be pulled off correctly with a 2 year development cycle, and a worthy dev team, but ain't happen' lol.

    EDIT: They can totally find a way to sneak 2D in there too lol. Bonus stages, some boss stages, certain missions, etc.
  8. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    Not really lol.

    I did get stuck this one part of the stage though.

    On one of the upper paths, I was at the edge of a cliff, but I had no idea the floor would crumble.
    While falling down, I held down right, and got caught in this floating inaccessible part of the stage lol.

    Very weird, but I'd hardly call it a hilarious glitch, just a weird one.

    EDIT: This happened on one of the 2D sections of Modern's stage.
  9. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    I guess, I'm betting that S4: Episode 2 will nail it right on the head.
  10. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    You might be waiting a while, you have to take into account that Sonic Team no longer has the same talent they had before.

    Look at all the franchises that are still extremely successful, and release hit after hit.
    They still have those same core game designers.

    But maybe we'll get something new after Sonic Generations and Sonic 4: Episode 2.

    Btw, lol, we are all so off topic right now.
    I guess I'm partially to blame.
  11. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    Prime example of what I'm talking about, stuff like that starts shit.

    Shouldn't people be allowed to comment on Dio's opinions? The same way he comments on ours?
    No ones getting butthurt, it's called discussing the weak and strong points of the game.

    He has as much as a right, as anyone else on here does.

    And there are ways to criticize an opinion, without getting into an all out war over nothing.
  12. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    The rolling is annoying.

    I don't understand why it is so hard to replicate the physics of a 20yr old game.
    I'm sure they built Classic Sonic's mechanics around the level design, and are also restricted to having to emulate the physics within the Hedgehog Engine.

    But I'm just curious, as to what they were aiming for with that.

    I still enjoyed both Modern and Classic though, Modern slightly more.
  13. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    I think that has more to do on how split/divided this fanbase is.

    Most fanbases love when their favorite franchise takes a new direction that at the same time, works on the conventional core mechanics that the respective franchise is usually accustomed to.

    The thing about Sonic, is that everyone has a different opinion of what a Sonic game should be, so you'll never really get a general consensus in a fanbase like this one.
  14. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    No one discuss anything on here, especially with Dio. Since apparently ...

    Discussion=ridiculously over heated argument, on here.
  15. SpeedsMyGame added a post in a topic modern demo?   

    Thing is, I don't entirely disagree with what he was saying.

    And I did nothing ungentlemen like, so I'm not sure what you were reading.

    It's funny when people try to act rational, by butting into something that doesn't involve them, but at the same time try and make any discussion seem like some huge argument.