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  1. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Project M [CURRENT RELEASE: Version 3.6]   

    prohject em is bayd because it does not have mario bruddahs. smash 4 is the only game with mario bruddahs and bowz jun. therefore i`s better
  2. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Alright, Ike is looking pretty damn good, but because of him I'm not really up for Chrom anymore. I mean sure he'd be a nice addition, but as far as aesthetics go I'd really prefer someone who wasn't another Blue headed swordsman to rep the fire emblem franchise. I'd honestly take Robin over Chrom, as bland as he may be, hell maybe even Morgan if you need someone to rep the future kids, but goddamn they has more than plenty to work with as far as movesets go, even compared to Chrom himself. Though my top FE pick right now is still probably Anna since she's that one character that manages to appear in basically every game, and with Awakening finally making her a playable unit it seems like the opportune time to give her a spot in Smash.
  3. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire [3DS Hoenn Remake, November 2014]   

    We already know that Latios and Latias are getting Mega Evolutions from the data in Pokemon X and Y. Oh and the covers practically confirm Mega Groudon and Mega Kyogre. So yeah, we may already know the four
  4. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    To be fair, there's a 12.5% chance that Lucario could even naturally be a girl. Plus considering how explicitly male Lucario's inner voice is shown to be it's a bit safer to conclude that he's a he.
    To be honest I don't think that would necessarily stop them when the guys behind smash could just tweak around some of Sceptile's aspects without necessarily ruining his appeal. I mean, looking at Charizard, he's the fastest final starter in his gen yet still portrayed as sorta slow, and since Sceptile is technically slower that Greninja we could be seeing him get the mid-ranged speed similar to what Ivysaur got in Brawl. Plus aside from Leaf Blade that we'd be getting no matter what, there's still a /lot/ of moveset potential in Sceptile's movepool to more than differentiate him from Greninja.

    Plus the issue with Serperior is the fact that its a snake. It's be super hard getting around the 10 feet of body it sorta has to deal with without really cutting back on its length and/or making it roll in a circle instead of slither about. Honestly the only alternative that I think would be viable would be Meganium, but Im not even sure if that would work out
  5. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    Honestly I would've been happier if they just tried lumping all of the Koopalings in one kart/bike together. It would've turned out horribly, but we didn't need seven slots just to get all of them in
  6. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    Miis are usually separate from the rest of the character select. That bottom corner is probs either Bowser Jr. or some other baddie, possibly new or old. I'd guess either King Boo or Petey. The two spaces next to Baby Daisy are probs where Diddy and Jr (If he's not with the Koopalings) would probably end up. 

    I'd be fine with this being the final roster, though, part of me wants them to add an extra column just so that the Koopalings aren't awkwardly divided into two row
  7. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Im thinking that Villager's move will basically be Cook Kirby. The house will change size based on the amount of fighters Villager turns into bells (maybe items will contribute to it too?) and as the house increases so will the size of the explosion
  8. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. Direct - April 8 [11PM BST / 6PM EST]   

    The way Ridley animated in the trailer, or at least going by his shadow, was more like a character than a set-piece. So yeah Ridley's most likely a fighter and they're saving him to wreck the competition at E3
  9. #EndyGate added a post in a topic If other characters have there own game...   

    For me, I feel like Sonic is neither necessary and to be honest better off absent if another character is supposed to be getting the spotlight in a game. Like others have mentioned, him having a strong presence in such a game would be a hindrance due to there being little to no reason why Sonic himself isn't playable. If anything, Sonic would need to be a secondary if not cameo character for this to work. No we can't just pull in scenarios where Sonic would be stuck in an almost entirely supporting role, that would require him to be either out of character, like say the example of him working on machines while Tails fights even though Sonic has hardly been shown to be a whiz at mechanics and would never really give up the option for action for the sake of fiddling with a device. Otherwise you'd need to pull some crazy justification for him being on the sidelines like someone cursing him to take away his speed or maybe him breaking his legs or something along those lines. He's just better off with a more subtle investment in the overall plot of the story. Like even considering all of the issues Shadow the Hedgehog had, it handled this pretty well, since Sonic was just one of the many support characters that Shadow could team up with, yet he also had a stronger presence than most of the others in having his own boss fight (well he was more of a prop in the boss but whatever). If anything I don't think Sonic should get more prevalent than that, aside from maybe getting a full on boss fight next time.
  10. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    No I did a quick google search and the earliest source I could find is from exactly a month ago. 
    It could be even older since Im too lazy to look through the logs of this massive ass thread to find where it was posted here before. But I just know that this pic isn't new.
    Though speaking of characters with low pic counts, when is Sakurai going to give Olimar more love? Hell he was revealed months before Sonic and still has less than him. 
  11. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    This isn't exactly a new pic, I'm pretty sure we saw this a few months ago. I distinctly remember the "Peach: 'Don't worry Sonic, you'll get in a good game someday!'" joke from these very boards
  12. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World Wii U NPD LTD leak: 94,000 as of Feb 2014   

    Im too busy being pissed off that this piece of crap outsold my Wonderful 101 ;c
  13. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Odds are this is going to be a stage that has multiple rooms for fighters to explore since I'm pretty sure there's some kind of apartment complex as the focal point of living in the Tomodachi Collection. Plus that one room is way too tiny to be a stage/segment of a stage by itself. Though I wonder if they'll keep it down to Luigi's Mansion-esque size or if they'll make it one of the larger stages.
    Also I'd totally be okay with Yoshi being downgraded to an item/assist. I never personally play as him in any of the prior installments, but he'd make one hell of a battle stead
  14. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    I dunno, Nintendo has been making a bit of a push towards SMT recently. Like SMTIV even got its own special Club Nintendo deal, plus we have that crossover coming out whenever. I feel like it's not an unreasonable addition, yeah it's obscure but there's a bit of sense behind it.
    Anyway still kinda skeptical towards the rumor, mainly due to the usual "Oh hey 4chan I know someone who's working on the game here's everything you want out of the game!" sort of cycle. Though I admit it was an enjoyable and kinda believable rumor with enough curveballs to make it seem sort of realistic. Unless he gets some credibility behind him though there's not much reason to bat an eye at it
  15. #EndyGate added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    I can understand where you're coming from and all, but either way I find a character being a deciding factor to your purchase is a terrible idea. We all have favorites, we all have our most wanted character, but no matter what, you need to have something more to be excited for than just the idea of playing as this character that may not get in. Hell, in Tails' case, I highly doubt that he'll get in considering that he's not even a Nintendo character, and we really don't need more than one rep per third party franchise (if not for each company). It's just a bit unreasonable to have your heart so pegged to the idea when really it most likely isn't happening.
    Plus the mentality still just urks me. Wanting a game only for a single character just feels petty to me, especially when you say that you love the series. I mean if the game doesn't impress you compared to previous installments, it still sounds like a waste to buy what to you could be a $60 Tails add-on to Brawl. Yet, if you actually like what you're seeing, why does this one character's absence have to be such a fuss? Sure we all get disappointed sometimes, but not being able to even enjoy the game because that one guy doesn't have a slot on character select? It just sounds so shallow to be honest.