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  1. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic What Sonic Series would you like a sequel for?   

    Sonic Adventure 3 would be ni--

    Nah, but seriously Sonic Advance.  The best portable Sonic games to come out thus far in my opinion.  They were the best SEGA has done at taking the classic games and adding while still keeping in touch with roots.  Plus, it'd be cool to see what kinds of things they could do with those games on today's handhelds.
  2. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic GTA V (Trailers in OP)   

    Soooo what do you guys think online is going to be like (just speculating) since we haven't seen the trailer yet?
  3. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   

    1.  Lots of characters aren't necessarily a bad idea as long as they serve a purpose and are developed enough.
    Hell, look at the Sly games.  In Sly 3 Penelope serves literally no purpose outside of being a love interest for Bentley.  When Sanzaru took over for Thieves in Time though, they gave her an actually kind of cool and genuinely surprising role by making her one of the main villains.  Make characters memorable and unique, not lame stereotypes with little to no personality.
    2.  Eggman appearing in every game is not healthy for him as a villain or for the series.  New villains can be cool if they're done right.  The only problem is they're always so out of place in a Sonic game.  Make more suitable villains who are cool in their own right and it will help keep Eggman fresh whenever he shows up again.
    3.  Oh and I don't care if Chip was Light Gaia he was still a stupid character in my opinion.
  4. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic Advance - The Forgotten Series?   

    That's a pretty pathetic reason to not like a completely different trilogy of Sonic games.  They are literally nothing alike and the Sonic Advance games came before Sonic 4.  So umm...what?
  5. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic 1 & 2 : Taxman & Stealth Edition; coming to iOS/Android, most likely consoles too ("BUY THESE" - Retro)   

    Can't really get too excited about this.  However I will say the ports of Sonic 1 and 2 on the PS Store right now suck balls.
    (Console please?)
  6. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 - THIS IS NOT AN SA3 TOPIC.   

    I have this feeling the rumors might just be true.  Honestly, I really hope so.  As much as I like the "run, run as fast as you can" gameplay, it has sort of reached it's end point.  There's not much else that can be done with it really.  I'm looking forward to either something new or maybe a return to the Adventure styled gameplay.
    Truthfully, it feels like SEGA's been trying to dodge the inevitable bullet that's going to hit them sooner or later.  Sonic's got to go into full 3D and be fun.  No more treasure hunting and mech gameplay to add some variety, no more boosting to distract you with the awesome super speeds you reach, just pure Sonic in 3D.  I'd like if Sonic Team would maybe try to just put the classic titles into 3D perspective.  Add in multiple paths to the end goal, some other characters to play as and I think it'd be a fun game. 
    That's why I'm excited about these new rumors going around.  It sounds like the game Sonic fans have wanted for so long, and it sure as hell is more exciting than any "Sonic 4" has been, since it's a chance at finally nailing down the 3rd dimension.
  7. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic The Virtual Pets topic   

    The chao garden mane.  The chao garden.
  8. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic What do you want to see in Episode 3?   

    It's like SEGA tries to rely on the classics with so little different from the classics, but when it is different from the classics it's in the worst ways possible.  Like the boosters.  God, the boosters...
  9. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Which Sonic Game has the best soundtrack?   

    Sonic Adventure or Sonic 06.  They're both pretty good, for a lot of the same reasons.  Both have some good variety and plenty of good tracks for each variety.  Every character's personal theme is great too.  Not to mention "His World" and "Open Your Heart" just get me so pumped.
  10. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic General American Politics Thread   

    I think it's funny people are making such a big deal out of that little clip.  It couldn't be less of a "meh" than anything else in the news today.
  11. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic This PSN Sale is insane   

    Of course this happens the day after I spend all my PSN money. WELL FUCK.
  12. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic character's Hidden Depths   

    Like what kinds of little things exactly?
  13. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic character's Hidden Depths   

    It wasn't numbing characters down to certain stereotypes, it was pointing out which ones they are.  Honestly, anyone can see that certain characters fit certain other characters quite well, and then the stereotype is established.  Sure, some characters under the same stereotype have certain traits stand out more than others.  In the end though, it's the same set of beliefs.
    And I don't ever recall Sonic's love of freedom being his main characteristic.  It's there, but it doesn't take up his whole character altogether....
    Unless of course you're referring to the comics or the older TV shows, in which case I've been dismissing from the beginning.  Just talking about video games.
  14. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic character's Hidden Depths   

    This post is so fucking stupid I had to delete it myself.
  15. Gaming Misfit added a post in a topic Sonic character's Hidden Depths   

    Honestly, if you have to try this hard and go this deep just to prove Sonic is more than your average hero it kind of ruins the point.  Most of the traits you listed are typical goody-two-shoes hero traits.  All the Sonic characters are just stereotypes when it comes down to it. 
    EDIT:  And I hate when people try to act like the Sonic series is deep and has deep characters.  When it is, it's a clusterfuck, and when it isn't, it just isn't.  But some people just aren't cool with that.