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  1. Hinchy added a post in a topic [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 & Knuckles   

    Hey Vizard, just to let you know, I emailed you my submission last night.
  2. Hinchy added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World Announced   

    The Generations and Unleashed models are identical. Go back and take a look.
    (Well, technically the Generations model has a couple of deleted polygons to make the model a bit lower poly count, but it's practically unnoticeable to the naked eye.)
  3. Hinchy added a post in a topic Sonic Retro Member Cody "Polygon Jim" Lawrence has passed away.   

    As Jimmy's closest friend, let me just say that the condolences mean a lot to all of us. Thanks.
  4. Hinchy added a post in a topic The Official Sonic Generations Mods Topic   

    I'm the guy doing stage layout design and music for Melpontro's Sky Troops -- we're making a Classic stage after we do the Modern one (figured the music would make it obvious, but just to be perfectly clear).
    Speaking about Modern Sky Troops...