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  1. I hate this patch. It's got me playing this character again >:C
  2. Mewtwo's up throw is one of the strongest, but ultimately it's still an up throw. It's killing people less than better kill throws that are usually mapped to the character's back throw. His forward throw doesn't trap people in place, either. You get hit by the multi-hitting projectile, then that's it. Mewtwo can't combo out of that throw at all; it's purely for damage. His up smash is good and powerful, but it's still quite punishable on whiff so it still has a downside. Shadow Ball is nice and all, but plenty of characters can reflect it twice if back at Mewtwo and have him die instantly because of how light he is. (Fox, Falco, Palutena, Zelda) or characters that can purely absorb/ignore it (Rosalina, Ness, Lucas, eventually Bayonetta with bat within reducing the damage and knockback significantly, Corrin) so it's not impossible for a  good amount of characters.   Disable isn't very good either with it's short range and being able to shield it. It's more of a gimmick than anything else.
  3. Ok calm down Mewtwo isn't that good because of a combination of his large size and weight. He's very easy to hit and when you do he explodes because he's the 2nd lightest character in the game. It's not a gigantic issue now that he's been buffed, but it's still significant enough to keep him from being as good as other characters. Mewtwo's grab range is also very mediocre, and his grab isn't particularly fast. His up throw and back throw are decent at killing but they don't compare to superior kill throws of other characters (Ness, Toon Link). Furthermore, his grab game is okayish at best maybe, he doesn't really get any extensive combos or followups out of his down throw, he has enough to compete, (like 50/50 kill setups) but again, not too amazing. His up tilt has a lot of cooldown for a move that's hitbox isn't very reliable, his back air is a good move, yes, but it's nowhere near as powerful as you make it out to be due to it's fairly honest startup, cooldown, and landing lag. Confusion isn't really all that great either. Most characters can jump out of it before he can do much of anything unless it's in the air for followups, or if he forces them to land on a platform above them. It's a situational move and it's not that powerful in the grand scheme of things. That better?    
  4. wat Mewtwo isn't that good fam. Not terrible either, but he's far from the most OP character in the game.
  5. Samus isn't better than most of the characters below her. Charizard is way too low as well.
  6. Where were you when she needed us?


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      Ratcicle King


  7. You are one sexy man.

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      What about me? He's not even bara!

  8. #endygate

    endy her pain

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      accurate simulation

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      Inspector Gabe

      best part were the extra hit SFXs near the end after the game has been won lol

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Very inaccurate

      Snake's mere existence would had annihilated Shiek out of existence

    1. Inspector Gabe

      Inspector Gabe

      (I know the picture is quite smaller in size compared to the others, so I apologize in advance. It was unintentional.)

  9. One more thing: Ok I'm out
  10. No, level 9 CPUs do not power shield at every opportunity, how the hell would people even play this game at higher difficulties. They have intentional flaws in their programming so you can y'know, play the game. We're also not taking into account several things here.   Does this work on more than just fastfallers or heavies? Did they mash their best/safest move in that position? And let's talk about DI/SDI. Because you definitely can't just expect CPUs to know the most optimal DI or SDI for every move in the game. There is no way to tell me this is guaranteed without more extensive testing than "I've seen people get hit by it, I've gotten hit by it!" Because that's not reliable at all. And no, your bolded statements still don't work. PK Fire doesn't immediately come out, it has loads of startup! Who's going to even airdodge into the ground in a situation where Ness could even hit anyone with PK Fire from the ground anyway? That sounds like a whole lot of convolution. PK Thunder isn't that much slower in startup, and it's a lot easier to punish airdodge options when it autocancels out of full hop.   There's a difference between dying at 0% to a counter with Ness, because it's his only way of getting back on stage. Let me repeat, this is his only way to get back on stage.   He practically has no options, and one option is better than zero.
  11. I just looked at that 0-Death combo. First of all, that is going to hit absolutely nobody that knows how to approach Ness with a brain. Second of all, Roy touched the ground multiple times in the middle of that combo. He could have Up B'd out of that on more than several occasions. Third of all, you did this to a level 9 cpu. Is that a human player? No.   Please, please look at the bolded in your statement. I hope you realize how this doesn't work, you can't just reverse your statement and then apply it to the other move, because obviously the reverse of that reverse can still be applied. Moreover, you realize that PK Thunder autocancels at the apex of Ness' jump, meaning you have 4-5 frames of landing lag and act way before your opponent anyway. Teching the PK Thunder saves you from getting stage spiked, but surprise surprise! You're still in a bad position when he starts up PK Thunder again. It is easy to predict and punish, which is why it needs to be changed. Ness should NOT be dying from a counter at 0% if he happens to be offstage, nor does he really need to use it as an attack considering he has plenty of much more intelligent options to attack with, so just nerf it's kill power and make it an actually good recovery like I've been saying.
  12. A lot of characters have 0-Death true combos in this game, are we just going to nerf every single move that allows them now? A pivot PK Fire is still easy to react to; generally, PK fire is a move Ness has to use intelligently, he can't just throw it out there and expect to get anything good out of it, because he gets nothing from hitting a shield with it, and even if he does it you with it, some characters have the ability to up b, jab, or even just shield/walk/run out of it. Or a combination of those things. It's not as simple as Ness getting a PK Fire hit confirm and getting easy bake oven combos because you have the ability to prevent that in most cases. Also, dodging it is a "snap"? You must not realize what I'm talking about here. Nobody is talking about Ness using it as a projectile when both characters are onstage. I'm talking about Ness' opponent being offstage. You have much less room for error when Ness is constantly bombarding you with PK Thunder, unless your character has a godlike recovery like Sheik's or arguably ZSS, you're having a tough time getting back on stage. Ness controls much more space than you must realize when his opponent is in the position of needing to recover, and nothing is stopping him from running offstage and smacking you with one of his quicker aerials, and you probably don't have time to land any solid punishes when you have to recover.   And yeah, Ness' PK Thunder 2 is stronger so it's worse as a recovery. That's obvious. But it shouldn't be that strong and it should be a better recovery. Lower it's kill power by 30% or so, and give Ness something on it. It doesn't even need to go a bigger distance initially, let him wiggle left and right so he can not die instantly if he's slightly off the mark like Falcon Dive or Blazer, something like that.   Just because Lucas has a better recovery doesn't mean Ness' has to be that much worse. I say the same thing for Falco.
  13. You guys are missing the difference between something being "good" and also "too good" PK Thunder as a projectile Ness can harass you with is way too good. It's almost impossible to avoid for any character not named Sheik, because not only is the body of it huge, the tail is extremely long and has a billion hitboxes running along it. He can also combo off of it depending on where the PK thunder sends you, which is impossible to really anticipate because there's no real consistency to it.   Making it slightly smaller barely decreases it's usability at all, I don't know what you're thinking there, and PK Thunder 2 shouldn't be one of the most polarizing moves in smash history. You missed the part where I said it's kill power should be nerfed, but it's actual use as a recovery move should be improved, so it actually makes sense.