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  1. Nintendoga added a post in a topic SSMB's Video Game Deals   

    Pretty much. At first glance everything seems iffy, but I don't really see why people are so upset over this. To be honest whatever financial situations is happening in Auto's family should be their business, not ours. It's not like he literally stole his parent's credit cards and bought a bunch of games without their knowledge. They know what he's doing, Auto knows what he's doing, it all seems good to me.

    How he spends his money is his decision. Not ours.
  2. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Dragon Ball   

    Well...they had a preview screening of Revival of F today in Japan. Some MAJOR plot spoilers follow.

  3. Nintendoga added a post in a topic The Legend of Zelda (Wii-U)   

    Delayed to 2016

  4. Nintendoga added a topic in Video Games   

    Nintendo x DeNA Conference; Nintendo games on mobile devices, New "Project NX" platform announced
    Nintendo and DeNA (japanese mobile gaming company) held a press conference in Japan at 5pm. Here are the major details so far.

    So yeah, that just happened.
    Sources are this
    and someone who's at the conference.
    Is the social gaming network supposed to be a replacement for Club Nintendo possibly? Either way, interested to see where this goes.

    Little FYI, being on mobile does not automatically make a game shit. Don't know why people still have this mentality.

    Edit: Also a new platform called Project NX was announced at the conference.


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  5. Nintendoga added a topic in Video Games   

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
    > A ▽ > A ▽
    Woah, getting some major Deja Vu here. Almost like we had this topic before...

    Majora's Mask for Nintendo 3DS appears to be out already, for $39.99! What is this game? Why it's the remake of the sequel to Ocarina of Time, originally released in 2000. Majora's Mask brought a very unique mechanic in where you must save the world in 3 Days, or else everything will perish.

    But fear not, you have your trusty Ocarina. And with a few buttons, you can travel back in time to the first day, also rewinding the NPCs and enviorments as well. Along the way, Link can utitilze multiple masks to his advantage, even gaining the ability to transform into certain creatures. With his Ocarina and Masks at hand, Link must stop the Skull Kid, restore order, and save Skull Kid. This is where Majora's Mask begins...

    There are many changes between the original and 3DS remake of Majora's Mask, but some of the more important ones include

    An important note for people who have not played Majora's Mask yet,

    You do NOT need to complete all the dungeons in a single 3 Day cycle. You WILL keep all your items and masks when you rewind time (only losing bombs and arrows, but you can buy them at stores on any new cycle). The 3 Day cycle IS daunting when you first play, however once you understand the mechanics behind it, it can become your greatest ally.

    The thing about Majora's Mask is that there are only 4 dungeons. The real focus of the game is the side quests and NPC's labeled through Termina. I won't spoil much, however Termina is a vibrant and weird land, very different from any other land in Zelda. NPCs will do and say things at different times during the Days, as well as be influenced by some of your actions. Exploration and Discovery is key to experincing some of Majora's Mask's secrets and joys.

    Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game, and one of my favorite games of all times. The remake does not disappoint. To anyone, who hasn't tried out this gem or was turned off years ago by the original, please give it another try. Majora's Mask is an experince that should not be missed, especially by Zelda fans.

    Thoughts on the remake?

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  6. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Persona 5   

    Very nice to see Demons back. A little disappointed about the protagonist yet again being a transfer student who has the wild card and all that, but definitley one of my most hyped titles this year.
  7. Nintendoga added a topic in Video Games   

    Kirby & The Amazing Series (Kirby franchise)
    So hey, you care about my opinion right? No? Too bad, because recently I started downloading some old Kirby games off the VC and trying them out. You already know where this is going, I think Kirby is one of the comfiest, cutest, and enjoyable franchises out there. Searched up and there wasn't a general Kirby topic, so here we go.

    For the couple of you that aren't informed, this little cute thing

    is the most powerful and destructive Nintendo character in all of its universes. This cute little guy's got the power to fly and inhale enemies and eat them. By doing so, he gains their powers and uses them against evil forces in his journey to keep Dream Land safe from harm.

    Along the way he's got a multitude of enemies to fight,

    And food to eat!

    (Please do not attempt to steal Kirby's food)

    Debuting in Kirby's Dream Land (GB), the young puffball didn't gain his iconic inhale ability until Kirby's Adventure (NES). Ever since then, he's released high quality titles on almost every Nintendo Platform to date, with the latest platformer being Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS) and recent spinoff Kirby & The Rainbow Curse (Wii-U).

    (There's also a 25th Anniversary Collection available for the Wii that contains most of the major Kirby games released back in the day, if that tickles your fancy)

    Starting way back in the early 90's, Kirby has always entertained players with its cute charm, enjoyable gameplay, and cast of characters. "Kirby is way too easy and for kids!" You might say? Then put your money where your mouth is in the True Arena! "I think I'm too old for Kirby..." Bullocks! Kirby is a franchise to be enjoyed by all ages!

    So c'mon then. Post your thoughts below on the Kirby series and talk about this cute ball of mass destruction!

    Or discuss why the incredibly dashing and handsome King Dedede, the mysterious Metaknight, or the loveable Waddle Dee is your favorite Character. Better be King Dedede...

    Now post. Or lurk.

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  8. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Summary of today's reveal

  9. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    The leaker probably gathered his information way back during the early planning phases of Smash 4. He saw what characters were planned for Smash and used that as his leak.

    Sakurai obviously made alot of changes during the development phases. He probably said "I don't think Chrom should be playable, how about Lucina and Robin?" "Hey what if Rosalina was a character?" and removed/added characters in later drafts, which the leaker either didn't see coming or was unable to get the later drafts.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Shulk or even the Chrous men aren't in Smash 4 as playable characters because they got scrapped during development like Chrom most likely was.
  10. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Retsupurae   

    At the panel nobody asked for yet everybody wanted, Retsupurae Live! at RTX

  11. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Johnny Test   

    Johnny Test got cancelled. Not showing up on Teletoon's returning 2014-2015 tv show lineup. Usually means cancellation for shows.

    Well that was anti-climatic.

    Watch it be picked up by Cartoon Network.
  12. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    On the WIi-U version, It was much faster than Brawl, there's a pretty big difference you can tell just by playing it.

    3DS version I wasn't able to tell cause in Smash Run, all your abilities (speed, power, defense) gets increased each time you defeat and enemy and collect power-ups. And I wasn't able to tell how fast it was in the match afterwards because everyone was giant and we were fighting on a small stage.

    But both versions were pretty chaotic, to say the least.

    On the subject of Snake returning, I wouldn't count him out just yet. There are alot of veterans returning that I honestly did not count on returning.

    I didn't count on Ike returning because of Fire Emblem Awakening, I didn't count on Lucario returning because of GenVI's pokemon, and I didn't count on Toon Link returning because of his last game being in 2009. But as Sakurai's proven before, Relevancy doesn't matter. I would say it more so depends on how popular the veteran is in order to return. All of these characters were fairly popular in Brawl, so it would only make some sense for them to return.

    Snake was fairly popular in Brawl, and is just as popular now as he was 6 years ago. I would take a look at Sonic. People say he's in Smash 4 because "of how close he is to Nintendo", but I think it's more to do with the fact that people just liked Sonic in Brawl, and wanted him back for Smash 4.

    People enjoyed Snake, and even Kojima said he would be fine with Snake returning for Smash 4. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned, but at the same time I would be more understanding and less "THEY LET PAC-MAN IN BUT NOT SNAKE!?" if he didn't return.

  13. Nintendoga added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Here's my impressions from Nintendo World Store.

    First off, if you live in NYC, and haven't played Smash Bros yet, definitley go to the NWS. I've read about people waiting outside in Best Buy for almost two hours, but this barely took one. It was a half an hour wait to play Smash Bros Wii-U, and then another 20 minute wait to play Smash Bros 3DS. Very quick experince compared to what I've heard about others' experiences.

    For Wii-U, we played two matches. For the first match we all fought on the Coliseum. An excellent stage, nothing too gimmicky and it didn't feel too cramped or too big. I chose Little Mac and holy shit he is fucking amazing. He was so fast, powerful, small, and strong, I almost felt a little bad for the other players. He's definitely a character I'm going to have alot of fun playing with. My favorite newcomer (besides the Pac) so far. Also one of the players used Megaman and got the final smash. We all couldn't help but grin and laugh when the Megaman team showed up and blasted everyone away.

    For the second match, I picked Rosalina (only cause someone else picked Megaman). I was surprised, I didn't expect to have that much fun with her, but she's surprisingly a fun character. She was a little weird at first, but I got used to her enough to kick some ass, lol. 

    We fought on the Dr. Wily stage wasn't very fun. The Yellow Devil was just too much of a hassle to us, and constricted the already small stage. I'm probably going to play that stage with the hazards off. At the end, it was a sudden death match between me and Megaman. He threw a leaf shield at me and I somehow dodged it and practically threw the Luma at him, sending him flying. Almost laughed my ass off. Rosalina's a really good character, but it'll take some time getting used to her and Luma's attacks.

    Overall, The Wii-U version was simply great. those four minutes were a hell of a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go back there and play it again later this weekend.

    Onto the 3DS version, first off, if you are planning on playing the 3DS version, ask the staff if you can use your earphones/headphones on the game. He said it was okay, and I was able to hear the music and sound effects, where as there was too much noise for me to hear it on the Wii-U version.

    I chose Megaman, and while I can understand why some people thought he was too clunky, I didn't have that much of a problem with him. He felt fluid, natuural, got the job done for the most part, and really kicked ass in the battle after Smash Run.

    Speaking of which, we couldn't fight against each other, only CPU, that was a tad bit disappointing. You go through Smash Run once, and then fight off in basically a special mode (Giant, Stamina, Fast, etc). I gotta admit two things, One, when Sakurai said that the 3DS's adventure mode was basically "The Great Maze 2.0", I had a lot of doubts. but no, this is actually a lot more fun. It was pretty cool exploring the giant map trying to beat up enemies and collecting power-ups. Which also brings me to my next point

    Smash Run is hard. I got my ass kicked by almost every enemy I found, That shit doesn't play around.

    The match aftwards was a giant one, basically everyone was giants. We fought on the Pokemon tower stage. It was alright. Too small to have a real competitive fight, but from what I played it was pretty cool.  After that, it was over. The staff asked me if I enjoyed it, if I had any problems, and genuinely seemed to care for my feedback. I told him it was great, but for the others who did have any problems, I hope their messages reach Sakurai.

    Oh and some side notes. While waiting in line, I saw Greninja's Final Smash. He basically traps a player and it cuts to a backdrop of the moon, as he teleports around attacking the player. It was alright.

    Also the game crashed for other people. Once on the Dr. Wily stage right as it ended, and again for the guy playing the 3DS version next to me. Couldn't help but feel a bit bad for them.

    Finally, I took a really shitty pic of the 3DS' demo's menu screen, just cause

    TLDR: Smash is hype. Try it out.
  14. Nintendoga added a topic in Video Games   

    Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS) (2015)
    Yes, that is the actual name of the game.

    The newest Nintendo IP was just announced at the Roundtable.

    No gameplay trailer (for now), however they did promise to show off some more gameplay tomorrow at the Treehouse.

    Reported as "The age of steam." Code Name: S.T.E.A.M is a turn based strategy game with some TPS/Action elements. Players control unit Steam, an elite fighting force put together by President Lincoln. Game takes place in 19th century London.

    The game has a Comic book art style to it, with steam punk elements. Gameplay wise, you are able to switch between characters of your team at any given time. You use touch controls for the interface and to control the team. There are four units in total you can control. You can also use Overwatch, meaning you can attack during the enemy's turn.

    Each map is made to look unique, and pixel art used for terrain to ensure it looks good at all distances. Tons of Enemy types.

    The game is developed by Intelligent Systems. According to Hiroshi Yamagami, it is a "quirky game with movement inspired by action games" and thinks "Many strategy games are too abstract"  and "Invisible parameters". "Adding steam punk elements to world helped convey important details. One example is a red pipe that goes to the objective" (Think Mirror's Edge).

    "There are also boxes you can interact with for tips."

    Character wear steam packs that provide the steam that powers them, action points govern how you can do, with it being your fuel essentially. On the screen is the Steam gauge, which shows the cost of certain actions, like firing weapons.

    There is no online play mode, however there are elements of online multiplayer.

    More pics here

    Game comes out 2015.

    Well it looks....interesting. And it sounds like it'd be kinda fun too. Keep an eye on this one I guess.
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