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  1. Gabe added a post in a topic Sega's Secret Sonic Bible that we'll probably never see "TO MARS!"   

    Eh, with interviews like this in the wild, I can sorta see where people are coming from with such assumptions. Not saying they are completely valid though, but you get the idea of why people would even argue it in the first place.
  2. Gabe added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   

    This would hold some merit if invisible advertising for their games wasn't kind of Sega's modus operandi for some time now.
  3. Gabe added a post in a topic Sonic's Future   

    Can we seriously stop with the asinine shit with blaming the fans for the franchise's problems? Fixing Sonic is Sega's problem, and given that they allowed the series to fall into the state it is, it should be their problem. Not the reviewers or the series' fans.
    Sega will continue to go downhill until they get their heads out of their collective butts and stop making games with "new and fresh" ideas nobody was asking for, making games that frequently pander towards various demographics (that end up appealing to relatively few within any of them combined); and just plain not giving a damn about quality assurance standards that allows this stupid trash to happen in the games:

    The fanbase never asked for the divisions it has been fractured into, and it also isn't their problem-far from it. I'm not married to Sonic, and neither are consumers. Sonic aren't our parents, nor do we owe the series any money. We will give Sega money for Sonic games though if they start producing good Sonic games that actually give us what we want out of the series, however; so it's up to Sega for themselves to pull themselves out of the gutter they put themselves through and deliver. And if they don't, then Sega can and will continue to see their reputation and sales continue going down the toilet. That's how the market is, and that's how it works.
    With how much strawmanning of the series' actual problems into an easy target (the series' fans) and the amount of pitchfork and torches waged against anyone who spoke any ilk about any aspect of the series that goes on within the fanbase, it gives off the impression that people who were negative about the series were part of some ridiculous conspiracy to bring Sega as a whole down to its knees. And it's absolute road apples.
  4. Gabe added a post in a topic [ARTWORK] Gabe's Gallery   

    Shape...the future. Tape...the future? Tab...the future? Ehhhhh, I'm not very good at punning a bassline.* Anyway:

    ...anyway, this was supposed to be presented as just a sketch I made a few weeks ago (especially since the proportions are a bit naff), but then I decided add a little color. Somewhere along the line I got bored and decided to put a bit more amount of effort into it. :v
    *I'm hilarious
  5. Gabe added a post in a topic Mega Man: The Legacy Collection - PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS   

    Given that the studio behind it is partially comprised of the remnants of Backbone Entertainment (who hold their fair share of sloppy Genesis (Sonic) ports), I'm not too surprised about the emulation issues (especially the game being an unplayable mess on PC) or the fact that all that talk about being "rebuilt from scratch" was a load of flying bull told by both Capcom and the studio.
    But PR porkies doesn't seem to have any impact on the perception of reviewers, because it's the classic MM games and --to the studio and Capcom's partial credit-- the compilation holds some admittedly neat extra features added.
  6. Gabe added a post in a topic [ARTWORK] Gabe's Gallery   

    Earlier last night I mentioned in the statuses I compiled the parts of what was my early attempt at level design --Apogee Armada Act 1, which I originally drew two years ago-- into a singular piece to view. Since the map is rather big in size, I recommend clicking this link to see it in full. That said, you can get the idea of how it looks of it in the linked picture below.

    On that note, earlier today I got around to putting together the pages that comprised of the second and third acts of the same stage. And as a bit of a bonus, an even earlier attempt at a jungle level (dubbed Jumpy Jungle) I made as well. You can see all three of those below as well.

  7. Gabe added a post in a topic The Fantastic Four (2015)   

    Not that it would had mattered much anyway if she actually did. From what I've read about the film's plot, her characters hardly even spends time with the other main three main "F4" characters for most of the movie. I believe it's said that it's only up until Doctor Doom emerges as the antagonist that she joins the group proper to fight him.
  8. Gabe added a post in a topic Nintendo 3DS   

    My guess is that maybe the amount of memory DS files take would probably be too big for at least the standard 2GB-4GB SD cards 3DSes are usually shipped with. That or Nintendo doesn't find it too necessary as the 3DS's hardware is natively backwards compatible with the DS.
  9. Gabe added a post in a topic Nickelodeon Animation Studio - "Fresh content, new formats and innovative storytelling!"   

    Correct me if I'm probably wrong, but didn't the press release describe Chloe as some sort of straight-A student everyone loves? Which more or less goes against the entire point of having godparents in the first place-the children are supposed to be miserable in order to qualify for having godparents. Even Timmy's rival Remy Bucksaplenty, despite being part of a rich family, was miserable because he had parents who never spent time with him, which is why he ended up having Wandisimo as a godparent (though as Timmy pointed out, he's still miserable for some reason despite this...). Why exactly would Chloe not only be qualified for godparent status if she's academically successful and gets attention for it, but also have to be put in a stipulation never even mentioned until now that she would have to sharing godparents with another kid?
  10. Gabe added a post in a topic Nintendo filed a patent for a video game console with no disc drive   

    Flash memory cards are actually pretty cheap these days, you can get a 32GB SD card for less than $20 at a variety of places. And a fair amount of Nintendo games don't really take up a lot of space, most of Nintendo's Wii U games are about 10GB in size (so even a 16GB card would be ideal for Nintendo's games).
  11. Gabe added a post in a topic Nintendo filed a patent for a video game console with no disc drive   

    I wouldn't count it out so quickly. The console patent, aside from ditching a disk drive, also describes the console using a controller with a screen. Given Nintendo's interest in retaining Wii U architecture for the NX, the patent could definitely play a part in that, as it preserves the GamePad aspect of the Wii U.
    Also with the whole history of NX's goal being to unifying handheld and console divisions and develop games for one platform instead of two, the idea of a Nintendo cartridge returning to cartridges or using carts for a console doesn't really seem too far-fetched, as Nintendo still uses carts for their handhelds (so you could theoretically make a game that could be used on either a Nintendo console or a Nintendo handheld, since they would both use the same type of media for games). And in light of this, the aforementioned controller with a screen could alternatively be a Nintendo handheld rather than a GamePad-the patent also describes the controller as being able to be plugged into the console so it can be charged.
    Carts also have the benefits of significantly faster loading times and better durability over discs, and cart slots have fewer moving parts compared to disc drives. Not to mention optical media, in comparison, is constantly getting eclipsed in popularity by digital content and streaming media in contemporary times.
    The previous post above was largely a joke post, but upon reflection of the possibility of using carts, I genuinely think this patent does gives a glimpse of what Nintendo might be doing with their hardware in the future, even if in a lot of ways it sounds "too good to be true".
    Nintendo's Iwata is on record for explicitly stating they won't stop making consoles anytime soon. The entire point of them being a console manufacturer is that the profits they make over their consoles allows them to design their products as they want, which they wouldn't be able to do by developing products for other platforms. That and unlike Microsoft or Sony, they're not conglomerates, so they wouldn't have any other (major) businesses to financially keep them afloat if they quit making consoles. Not to mention that going third-party hasn't really work out for Sega much from a quality standpoint-their new CEO just recently apologized for betraying fans trust through a lack of quality games and devaluing their brand over the last decade (which, coincidentally, was shortly after Sega was acquired by Sammy Corp.)
    NX was never stated to be the final name; and we still don't even know if it will be a console or not.
    And where are you even getting "Wii U Mind" from? It's not even mentioned in the patents or this thread.
  12. Gabe added a post in a topic Nintendo filed a patent for a video game console with no disc drive   

    Clearly, this can only mean one thing...
    Nintendo's returning to cartridges! =D

    Time to start incorrectly and suggestively blowing on those carts again, baby!
    EDIT: A brief heads up-reminder that next time, remember to show us the source.
  13. Gabe added a post in a topic Konami is running a survey for us gamers.   

    Given how crap Konami has become over the decades, I can't help but cynically predict that this survey will largely be used to determine which of these series they're going to revive either for a bunch of trashy mobile games or to plaster the IP on hundreds of panchinko slot machines.
  14. Gabe added a post in a topic The Fantastic Four (2015)   

    So the film now stands at 8% on RT, making it the worst-reviewed comic-book/superhero film adaptation ever on the site (as I predicted / warned a couple of pages ago). Meanwhile on Metacritic, it stands at 27, tying with Catwoman as the second-worst reviewed comic-book/superhero film adaptation on that site (again, based on the aforementioned list of superhero/comic-book films with mediocre/poor reviews), only Superman IV: The Quest for Peace holds a lower MC score at 22.

    e: Here's a bonus bit, from an article by The Hollywood Reporter on the film's troubled production:

  15. Gabe added a post in a topic Pixar Animation Studios   

    Especially since Pixar had been planning its own Day of the Dead adaptation for a while now, what is now Coco was first announced in 2012. Hell, it was actually announced a mere couple of months The Book of Life was first announced by Reel FX (though director Gutierrez first pitched the idea to DWA in 2007, it never got greenlit due to "creative differences".).
    Speaking of which...
    The Book of Life is really a strange film to me. Like I can't agree enough about how damn anvilicious its narrative is and how far it goes in exposition with how its characters develop through said narrative (I'm hesitant to blame the "story within a story" approach the bulk of the film is presented in; like some clarification would be necessary to frame under that context and I do like how everything in the main story is styled after dolls), but the thing that really annoys me is that if they just fixed those two aspects of the film I think it could had easily been a really good (if not great) movie. The characters themselves and their motivations I feel are fine, the visuals are obviously fantastic (really, not much elaboration here), the music I think is pretty good and culture appropriate-aside from using music that obviously came decades after its setting for a few brief gags, and the general Day of the Dead setting / lore they had to work with provides a lot of interesting background detail for a fair amount of the themes the film puts forward. It's like the film got overloaded with said themes it was pushing around; and in trying to settle on something, the film's writing got focused grouped into something really predictable and safe.