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  1. Gabe added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    Pfft, says you! I'm still waiting for Nintendo to deliver the Mario-themed Janitor Simulator the world has been waiting years for.
  2. Gabe added a post in a topic The Movie Thread   

    This is destined to bomb even harder than the NFS film adaptation. At least some of those games actually had a narrative, the GT games are pure driving simulators...
  3. Gabe added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Bomberman making it in would make me so happy.
    Also, interesting bit: "#K.Rool. Looks like the Mii costume but I don't know which came first. They're expecting it to sell really well and advertise the DK series for Retro's new game"
    If Retro's next game turns out to be another "fucking Donkey Kong" game (even if made a 3D title), good lord imagine the salt lmao.
  4. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    Yep. Worse than Sonic 06 too.

    It's also worse than the metascores of Tony Hawk Motion (39) and Tony Hawk Ride (44 on the PS3, the 360/Wii versions' scores are slightly higher); so unless reviews jump up significantly (I doubt it), it's the Tony Hawk franchise's worst-reviewed title.

    You know what they (don't) say-you save the worst for last.
  5. Gabe added a post in a topic Sega Plans 2015 - Service Games Games   

    Pretty sure Sammy does too. While their panchinko business is's still panchinko. It's made billions of cash for them over the past several years, and its still making billions of cash for them as of now.
  6. Gabe added a post in a topic The Splat: The best channel for 90's Nick since Nick in the 90's   

    If it was supposed to be the launch of a new channel I'm sure the PR would had been more explicit in what it is, concerning the promotion/hype it has built up for it. It's otherwise been mostly vague.
    Also, I don't recall any channel (new addition or replacement) having a designated time for when it launches. It usually just shows up at a certain date.
  7. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    Let it sink in. (Yeah, its only five reviews in, but do you honestly expect the metascore to significantly improve beyond this point?)
  8. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    They're not, because they don't exist anymore. Neversoft was folded into Infinity Ward a few years ago.
    They won't need to, the Tony Hawk videogame license is going to expire by this year's end anyway.
  9. Gabe added a post in a topic *SUPER* Mario Maker (Wii-U)   

    And the game has been out for only nineteen days! Needless to say, this is quite the achievement.
  10. Gabe added a post in a topic The Splat: The best channel for 90's Nick since Nick in the 90's   

    So The Splat is basically The 90s Are All That (a block), but under a new name and starting at an earlier time. From the way they were building it up, it seemed like a new channel was on the rise.
    Oh well, at least its something. Maybe it can at least carve out its own little success story like the Toonami relaunch.
  11. Gabe added a post in a topic Crash Bandicoot: The Thread   

    Too bad it likely means absolutely nothing.
  12. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    Given the current market --the extreme sports/skateboarding genre of videogames has been deader than disco for a while now; the closest competitor to Tony Hawk, EA's Skate series, has effectively been orphaned after its developer EA Black Box was shuttered-- and the state of the series as a whole --THPS5 is just the latest in what has been a long string of disappointing titles, and the Tony Hawk videogame license is also set to expire this year-- I doubt we'll even get another Tony Hawk game, full stop.
    The general low-budget, unpolished nature of the game, as well as the lack of advance copies sent to reviewers, shows a large lack of confidence in the project by Activision's part. The game looks and feels hashed together from the start just so the company could cash in on the series one last time (and what better way to do it than to ride the coattails of the most cherished games of the series?), and then sent out to die with minimal fanfare. Even if there were any plans on Activision's part to renew the Tony Hawk license and make more games following THPS5, those plans are definitely dead in the water now.
  13. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    This game's a lot more than that.
    It's this year's (and the series') Rise of Lyric for how laughably unpolished it is; the series' Sonic 2006 for it supposed to bring a glitchy, rushed attempt to revive the Tony Hawk series for a new generation of consoles, and its' the series' Sonic 4 for being a terrible sequel to a series of beloved games.
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. It's like the father, the son, and the holy ghost of Sonic's lowest and most disappointing points.
    Skate 3 has the benefit of still being a good game, which makes its glitches have a narm charm to them.
    THPS5 has none of that going for it. When you encounter glitches, they're funny, but more in the sense of them just adding salt to the wound.
  14. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    Hate to double post, but the THPS5 Eurogamer video full of glitches in THPS5 in the above post? The Eurogamer article that posted them noted that all of the glitches were found within an hour of playing the game. And this was after the game received the day-one 7.6GB patch...
  15. Gabe added a post in a topic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)   

    So many interesting stories coming about for this game out of GAF (and before anyone disputes, its by people who have bought/own the game), it's unbelievable.
    No advance copies were sent out to professional reviewers, which is why there aren't any reviews from any major sites yet. The below revelation might give some insight as to why...
    The game has a day-one patch (7.7GB) that's larger than the game itself (4.6GB size, and yes that's on the disc). There are alsoy reports that if you play the game without the patch, you can't play anywhere outside of the tutorial and the create-a-park mode (reminder that a big selling point of the game is the online multiplayer mode where you join a lobby of sorts to play with other people, and that this game doesn't have local multiplayer. And the PS3/360 versions of the game coming in November won't have multiplayer at all). So the vanilla game would literally be unfinished (good luck if you don't have internet...). The latter of which still needs to be verified, however.
    Seemingly, the only reason this game even exists in the first place is because the Tony Hawk videogame license is set to expire this year (it was renewed all the way back in 2002, and was set to last for thirteen years). So unless the license is renewed, this will be the last Tony Hawk game.
    Then there's the game content itself.
    The widely-touted slam mechanic is put on the same button as the grinding mechanic, and you slam everytime you hit the button, regardless what you are doing (which is contrary to people's claims that it's a mechanic one holds down). Magnetization / grind detection seems to be worse than the original games, which can lead to moments where your combos end abruptly because the game slammed down instead of grinding. Such a situation happens in this gif (specifically when the player goes to the ledge of the small wall, there he was attempting to grind). Combos also end abruptly here when the slam button is used and hits the ground, whereas in the original you could attempt to flip trick or manual in order to continue your combo if you hit the ground. So the slam mechanic / sloppy detection system makes combos much harder harder to retain.

    There are load times everytime you start a mission in Free Skate mode. This didn't happen in previous titles. You also have to press the triangle / Y button to ensure you're playing a private match alone when playing a stage (and even then, you can't pause during an in-game session). Otherwise, if you press X / A button when selecting a stage, you'll be taken to the online lobby. Because it is an online game, see.
    The game's customization options are very barebones, it consists of a 'head option' (which decides hair, skin color, face, AND gender) and 'body' options and you can pick your board from the boards already being used by the pros. You can't customize trucks, decks, grip, or bearings.
    And yes, really, head option sets gender, look:

    Female body, but male head. Amazing.
    You can't adjust trunk tightness for handling control vs speed, customize your deck, or map tricks to your button/direction of choice anymore. Nor do all the pro skaters had different stats for different styles of play until you maxed out stats. These were game features that were not only in the previous PS games, but some of these were available in the very first game. There's also apparently gaps in the music as well, like the music just failed to stop loading or something. The sound effects sound like they were ripped straight out of the earlier games on the PS1. Among a bunch of other things.
    Lil Wayne is playable in the game...but if you go to him in the skate player biographies, he has no name?
    The game itself doesn't seem to be downright unplayable / broken, but -to put it lightly- it's in the same sense that Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric also qualifies. Expect a lot of unpolish, poor collision detecting, and wonky physics (those who claimed Robomodo fixed the physics? "The man doth protest too much.")

    ...needless to say. The reviews, when they do come in, ought to make for a rather interesting read.

    As it is written in the Scriptures, "We heard Activision say: 'I will tear down the temple of Tony Hawk built by Neversoft, and raise up its tombstone in three days.'"