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  1. Kazaam added a post in a topic Disney's Zootopia (March 2016)   

    Forgot to mention this but I really also liked how rather than the words being spoken slowly, there's instead long gaps between each word said.
    And the fox character has this amazing smug look throughout the whole thing, it's just fantastic lol.
  2. Kazaam added a post in a topic Disney's Zootopia (March 2016)   

    A new trailer that has a clip of the film. Hilarious comedic timing and pacing going on here.
  3. Kazaam added a post in a topic Hey Arnold TV Movie in the works   

    Eh, I personally wouldn't worry about trying to rope newer audiences into seeing it if they're going to the lengths of picking up where the original show left off. If the new TV movie is indeed a revival of the The Jungle Movie project, then it's essentially a pet project made purely for fans of the show; especially since The Jungle Movie was originally supposed to be the show's grand finale that it never got.
    That said, if Nick did want to go ahead and try to get contemporary viewers interested regardless, it shouldn't be that difficult IMO. They have the rights to the show, they could play up the show's availability on home media (and if the show isn't, then make it available) to gauge interest for the TV movie. If not that, go the extra mile and starting airing the original show again for a few weeks, maybe even top it off with a marathon of the entire show leading up to the new TV Movie's premiere. If not necessarily on the main Nick channel than on its sister networks TeenNick or NickToons.
    I'm speaking as someone that, other than a few episodes, never really paid much attention to the original show either.
  4. Kazaam added a post in a topic The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD   

    The funny thing about Wind Waker HD being a rush job is that it actually was made in less time than TPHD has been. And yet the visual differences between WW and WWHD are a lot more obvious at first glance than the differences between TP and TPHD.
    Wind Waker HD was made in six months, Aonuma claimed that they even used an automated software process to upscale all the textures because they didn't have time to do it manually; and yet they still produced a huge visual overhaul with simple lighting and shader additions.
    Twilight Princess HD has been in development for much longer than that - while not confirming the game's existence itself at that point in time, Tantalus confirmed what would eventually be revealed as TPHD was already underway as early as February when they first gave details about the next projects they were working on. By the time it launches, it will have had over a year of development time, more than double the time WWHD got. The only possible excuse is that Tantalus is too small to produce a remaster effort on the likes of Nintendo despite having more development time, but it doesn't really change the fact how the game visually looks like the original release with no significant changes. I know a fair amount of people hated the WWHD lighting changes but I'm sure TPHD would had looked considerably better if Nintendo/Tantalus did the same thing, alongside with adding some modern graphical effects. The fanmade photoshop Nix posted that added shadows really does give the game a lot more visual substance.
    If what we saw in the trailer is likely the final result coming out next February than hopefully the gameplay design itself received some serious tweaking, because graphically it really does come off as disappointing, especially compared to the previous Zelda remasters / remakes in recent years.
  5. Kazaam added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Speaking as someone who doesn't care for character legitimacy, Cloud looks fun and was definitely an unexpected surprise that helped partially redeem the conference for me.

    Given the ballot ended two weeks ago this was definitely something on the stove for a while, and not a result of the ballot. With that said, Goku for Smash please :^)
    Also, it literally took Neogaf a full minute to load on me. Fucking howling with laughter. The simultaneous tears of joyous hype and furious salt are so real.

  6. Kazaam added a post in a topic Sonic Rush Adventure   

    To follow up your cross-quote of my results:
    ...so yeah. When the numbers are compared, it seems that even if you take the performance of both games in Japan out of the equation and focused only on the sales performance of both games in the US and Europe; Rush Adventure barely made 3/10ths of what the first Rush sold.
  7. Kazaam added a post in a topic Sega Plans 2015 - Service Games Games   

    So I checked the quarter result reports...
    Sonic Rush Adventure showed up in the second quarter report for 2008, 144,300 copies sold in the US, 234,800 copies sold in Europe. That rounds up to 379,100 copies sold concerning both territories.
    It showed up in the third quarter report of the same fiscal year...with the numbers exactly the same. Didn't show up again after that.
    I saw nothing concerning the non-Nintendo Sonic handhelds (PSP Sonic Rivals games), Sonic/Sega-specific compilation games (Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection or Classic Collection for the DS), or Sonic-central spinoffs (the Riders sequels, or the Storybook games...Secret Rings anyway, Black Knight got a cursory mention in the third quarter report as a pending major release in the 2008 fourth quarter).
    Secret Rings, the first Sonic game for the Wii, wasn't high-profile enough in terms of status or sales to make it in the financial reports? So much for the frequently spouted two-million sales number...
  8. Kazaam added a post in a topic Sega Plans 2015 - Service Games Games   

    Because I really can't think of or find another thread to post this in.
    So I've taken a look at the sales of Sonic games (main series console, main series handheld, Sonic spinoffs, and Sega crossover spinoffs) recorded by Sega-Sammy's financial reports, which are available on their official website (based on the fiscal year total sales), which date all the way back to 2005. They also have a few annual reports/flash reports for Sega Corp. and Sammy Corp. individually (prior to the merger), that span from 2000 to 2004. Here's what I've found:
    2004 Sega Corp. Annual Report:
    Sonic Heroes (not clarified, but I presume all platforms it was released on-PS2/XB/GC/PC) (US/EU/JP): 1,420,000
    2005 FY:
    "Sonic series": 2,170,000 (I know, not very helpful unfortunately). The included Sonic games could be anything.
    2006 FY:
    Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2/XB/GC) (US/EU): 1,590,000
    Sonic Rush (NDS) (US/EU) (the report incorrectly labels it Sonic Riders): 930,000
    Total: 2,520,000
    2007 FY:
    Sonic The Hedgehog [2006] (PS3/360) (US/EU): 870,000
    Sonic Mega Collection (Plus) (PS2/XB/GC) (US): 570,000
    Sonic Riders (PS2/XB/GC/PC) (US): 560,000
    Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2/XB/GC) (US): 470,000
    Sonic Heroes (PS2/XB/GC) (US): 420,000
    Sonic Rush (NDS) (EU): 360,000
    Total: 3,250,000
    2008 FY:
    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games [2008] (Wii/DS) (US/EU): 5,558,400
    Sega Superstars Tennis (PS3/360/Wii/PS2/PSP/DS/PC) (US): 565,700
    Total: 6,124,100
    2009 FY:
    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games [2008] (Wii/DS) (US/EU): 4,210,000
    Sonic Unleashed (PS3/360/Wii/PS2) (US/EU/JP): 2,450,000
    Total: 6,666,000
    2010 FY:
    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games [2010] (Wii/DS) (US/EU): 6,530,000
    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (PS3/360/Wii/DS) (US/EU): 1,070,000
    Total: 7,600,000
    2011 FY:
    Sonic Colors (Wii/DS) (US/EU/JP): 2,180,000
    (Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I (iOS) is listed, but in a "Major Titles/Other Game Content" category for mobile/web browser games that are separate from the "Major Titles/Home Video Game Software" category retail titles are in. This specific category also lacks sales numbers.)
    2012 FY:
    Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii/3DS) (US/EU): 3,280,000
    Sonic Generations (PS3/360/3DS/PC) (US/EU/JP): 1,850,000
    Total: 5,130,000
    2013 FY:
    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (WiiU/PS3/360/3DS/PSV/PC): 1,360,000
    2014 FY:
    Sonic Lost World (WiiU/3DS) (US/EU/JP): 710,000
    2015 FY:
    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (WiiU) + Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS): (US/EU/JP): 620,000
    Will probably try to make a mini followup post that details any recorded sales of Sonic games that didn't make it to the fiscal year but were recorded on the financial quarters (I know Rush Adventure appeared in one quarter at least), but there you have it for the fiscal year sales, at least. Some (personal) conclusions:
    Heroes, with the 2004 and 2006 FY results combined, at least 1,840,000 copies on all platforms. Factoring in the 2.17 millions' worth of sold Sonic games we don't what exactly they entail; and I'd say its plausible that the games' LTD sales likely passed over 2 million copies.
    Rush, with the 2006 and 2007 FY results combined, sold at least 1,290,000. So it definitely sold more than one million. Couple that with Rush Adventure not appearing in any of the fiscal year results, and its safe to say that game did pretty poorly in comparison, hence the dumbed-down Dimps cousins of console Sonic Team games we've gotten since then.
    Shadow the Hedgehog selling at least 1.5 million is a sales number that is actually higher than I expected.
    Sonic 2006 came close to but ultimately did not sell over one million copies, like some claimed (as far as we know, at least...). I don't really know what to make of that.
    For a game reportedly touted to sell over two million copies, the claims that Secret Rings came anywhere close to that amount were arguably complete baloney given how it didn't perform well enough to appear on any of the fiscal year results. It seems the game didn't sell well to hit the one million mark, which I think allowed the Storybook series to be put on the chopping block pretty quickly.
  9. Kazaam added a post in a topic Indivisible: An RPG by Lab Zero and 505 Games   

    Those worried that the game would end without being funded can put your fears to rest for the moment, Lab Zero secured an extension on the funding campaign for another month. So the game's funding campaign now it has more time to reach their desired goal.
    When the initial deadline neared to a close funding the pace for donations quickly spiked, the game has now reached over $900,000 in funding. If they can keep the momentum up throughout the next month it should surely reach its goal.
    And since it reached that goal, a new incarnation was revealed: Lanshi.

    From the website:
    "Lanshi is a dog, which can only mean one thing: reincarnation as an animal, resulting from his ignorant ways in a past life.

    Captured as a pup, Lanshi was mercilessly abused by his new owner, who hoped to turn the massive beast into a vicious guard dog. But throughout years of mistreatment, he somehow remained friendly and obedient. Eventually dismissed as useless, Lanshi was abandoned one winter morning to wander the desolate mountains alone. He now lives a lazy life taking frequent naps under the sun, and survives on scraps provided by the adoring townspeople of his new domain, challenged by none.

    Of all the questions surrounding him, the most mysterious is how this seemingly docile dog possesses the Vajra, a powerful relic that allows him to conjure and manipulate lightning when threatened. Karma works in mysterious ways - perhaps the artifact is somehow connected to Lanshi's previous misdeeds."
  10. Kazaam added a post in a topic Nintendo Direct Megathread: Latest - Nov 12th   


    Bring on the bombs, Kimishima. (I really do hope they have some bombs lined up...another Direct like the E3 one this year, with a major focus on games we already no about and new games being spinoff filler...would be massively disappointing.)
    As for the 4chan leak, I was initially suggesting not to write off the rumor because it got one thing (Miitomo) wrong. A lot of the information given sounds pretty plausible. At worst, it's probably a lot of extremely lucky guesses that a third or half of which will come true.
    Then the rumor mentioned a 3DS port of F-Zero GX.....lol.
    F-Zero getting anything new these days --let alone a port-- seems like a pipe dream... :[
  11. Kazaam added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Remember Daku Neko's Generations mod that replaced Sonic with a human dong? (NSFW).
    He returns for Lost World! (again, NSFW).
  12. Kazaam added a post in a topic Alice Through the Looking Glass - Welcome back to Burtonland!   

    The previous Alice in Wonderland film did get a rather mixed reception. But it also made over one billion dollars at the box office, which I'm sure is the main reason the sequel exists.
    I just hope the second entry is a surprisingly improved sequel in terms of both writing and variation in its visuals. The first film focused way too much on visual style (one that was unnecessarily primarily grimdark too, I'd say) over substance in writing. Would had also liked it to be closer to the original second part of the book too, but with a personification of Time literally being the antagonist and the previous film already changed the story as it is, that has largely been thrown out the window.
    EDIT: Interestingly though, the Red Queen is back. Her fate in the previous film, set by her sister the White Queen, was that she would be "ignored until the end of time". With Time actually being a character and not an abstract concept on how to measure events, I wonder how exactly this bends the rules in a way that allows her (and presumably, the Knave of Hearts too) to come back to Underland.
  13. Kazaam added a post in a topic What's your favorite obscure Sonic song?   

    I've recently grown to really like The Final Fight from Sonic 3D: Flickies Island (Genesis/Mega Drive version). In contrast to other final boss music for Sonic games, it feels very empty and ominous, and uses relatively minimal instrumentation. Which I think really fits the mood for the actual final boss level itself-the entire level background is completely black, with only a limited selection of dark platform squares Sonic stands on the only thing that stands out from it aside from Sonic and Eggman themselves. It really helps establish a rather eerie setting, especially when the rest of the game prior was filled with colorful graphics.
    Also from that game, I've also become very fond of the end credits theme (again, Genesis/Mega Drive version). It's a tune that has an odd, yet quirky instrumentation that bears what I feel is a somewhat melancholy melody to it. It overall feels like a conclusive tune to not just the game, but also the Sega Genesis era of Sonic as a whole, given how Sonic 3D was developed and released as the final Sonic game for that console.
  14. Kazaam added a post in a topic Blue Sky Studio's Peanuts: Lights. Cameras. Beagles. (Nov. 6 2015)   

    Yes. You don't have to know much about Peanuts to enjoy it.