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  1. Soniman added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    well its a good thing were not a hivemind
  2. Soniman added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

  3. Soniman added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Well at least now the people who were peeved about it being Wii U exclusive will finally have their chance to see what they've been missing. Good for them.
    I guess it's a longshot to expect the DLC to be there (thats not NiGHTS).
  4. Soniman added a post in a topic Pontaff Retrospective: What's Up with all the Hate?   

    Why are we still acting like the issue on Pontac is  still "split" I think it's pretty damn obvious from just this topic how the fanbase as a conglomerate view them, this isnt a 50/50 scenario  try 10/90. And I dont blame them, they have very good reasons to hate the writers based on the walls of informed posts ive seen, I myself have kinda seen the warts over the years but damn if I still dont think people give SLW story some credit that it deserves.
    I think it's just people who are fans of the game wanting others to acknowledge the things it did do right rather then just have this mindset of thinking it did everything wrong story wise.
    Speaking of, im not sure the opinion some have on Colors regarding the whole "it was fine/tolerable on it's own but the succeeding games made me retroactively dislike it" is a fair one or not.
  5. Soniman added a post in a topic Pokemon Anime General Discussion   

    ^Actually in the current season, Ash has been battling quite a bit more (since you said you want that out of a pokemon), doing quite well for himself and has won like 90% of his battles thus far. He has alsoevolved all his Pokemon that are capable are doing so (minus Pikachu for obvious reasons). Idk if that would make want to watch the recent stuff but it's just a heads up. The Diamond and Pearl anime also does this to.
    Also despite 4 Kids label being seen poison when it comes to anime I actually do consider Pokémon the one exception as I think the VAs for it are very good and act rather well. The dialogue comes off as more glowing, natural, something along those lines? I feel like they're real people who actually have a passion for the characters they voice. Either way I don't think they're bad. Don't talk to me about their TPCi replacements tho, good god
  6. Soniman added a post in a topic What's wrong with Lost World?   

    2 years later and I still think it's a mostly okay, highly experimental game. I still really enjoy it. Is it better then Colors or Gens? No. But it's not terrible 
  7. Soniman added a post in a topic The current state of Sonic has me not wanting to play recent Sonic games   

    I largley dont care about Sonic currentley because there's nothing to get exicted for besides the comic and the boom cartoon (when im bored).
    This isnt really me distancing or "disconnecting" from the series. Im just waiting for them to make an actual Sonic game again (not the Boom garbage) and when they do ill get interested again, but for now im very scarce with this series.
  8. Soniman added a post in a topic StarFox (Wii-U)   

    Well im not in a place to be spending 60 bucks on games very often currentley so I was holding of on Splatoon because I wanted SF Wii U, buuut now that it's delyaed I now have no qualms buying the Squid Kid game
  9. Soniman added a post in a topic Pokemon Anime General Discussion   

    shitty mood I guess, I kinda regret making the posts now (if they can be deleted make it happen someone), but whatever. il try to be less of an asshole (I didnt know it was all the time but I didnt realize I suppose), talk about the show however you want, I dont care, ill just avoid the topic in the future from now on
  10. Soniman added a post in a topic StarFox (Wii-U)   

    Great, the only Wii U game to look forward to this year is gone, time to finally get Splatoon
  11. Soniman added a post in a topic Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Maybe if they didnt waste 3 months on a shitty corssover this wouldnt have happened  
  12. Soniman added a post in a topic Pokemon Anime General Discussion   

    Fair enough, im not forcing anyone to like it, just thought it might be nice to get a genuine discussion every now adn then rather then the "I hate the anime, It means nothing to me, etc etc" stuff that usually goes on here, but ill just let it go now.
    I mean if it stops the topic from being flooded with posts about how the anime isnt worth talking about (quite a paradox there) then by all means do so and discuss 
  13. Soniman added a post in a topic Pokemon Anime General Discussion   

    If the people who frequent this thread the most dislike/hate/outgrown the show I do wonder how it's managed to stay as active as it has 
    Then again this thread is most updated when mews/evolutions/captures/important battles happen and is otherwise completely silent with little to no actual discussion about the actual character arcs and such so I guess there no reason to expect that here aforementioned updates are spaced out with people saying how much they don't like the show or watch it (but still keep tabs on it foooor some reason) so I guess I shouldn't expect it in the future then 
  14. Soniman added a post in a topic The Pokemon GO Thread: Coming to iOS and Android 2016   

    Im actually looking forward to this, seems really interesting and potentially fun
  15. Soniman added a post in a topic Pokemon Anime General Discussion   

    I find the "it's about the journey not the destination" is a pretty apt message in this case. I care less about the final resort and more about the Pokemon, rivals, companions and whatever arcs they get. Though most people I hear say stuff never got past OS beyond scattered episodes here and there (which doesn't give you an idea how things have changed at all).
    And of course nevermind the fact that the anime does have fully realized character arcs for many characters and does put forth good messages beyond shallow children's show tripe, and I frankly find it hilarious how just because they don't win the big tournaments  (even if they're the god damn runner up) all the growth they went through is somehow invalidated.  Im just saying not everyhting that happens in the anime revolves atoubd Ash. But ive come to accept that these things largely get ignored in the roaring crowd of "replace ash!! the anime doesn't end!! Pikachu should be OP (because Pikachu killing everything with no trouble whatsoever sounds super engaging I guess) and kill everything by now!1 yadda yadda"
    Ill at least agree that Team Rocket sucks btw. At least now