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  1. How are the new Smash characters? 

    1. DBZHedgy


      just posted my thoughts on corrin the topic

      haven't got Bayo though

      corrin in the topic*

    2. ThePrinceOfSaiyajins


      Bayonetta is fuckin' rad!

  2. So is it incredibly funny or sad that there actually exist a series of games where Mario and Sonic crossover and no one gives a shit?

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    2. Diogenes
    3. Ferno


      they dont want us to care

    4. Wraith


      I laughed out loud just reading this status so probably the first one

  3. Pixels starring Sonic the Hedgehog 

  4. Super Paper Sonic sounds interesting but super complicated, I doubt Sega could pull it off
  5. Sonic has need dead for 20 years, 15 for Knuckles and a little over 2 years for Tails 

    1. Marcello
    2. KHCast


      Oh good then we still have Amy, Shadow and Silver and Big...

  6. 22 years of Knuckles, Knuckles &Knuckles!

    Happy Birthday Knuckles, even though your character hasnt had a good role in like 15 years in the main games youll still be one of my favorite characters with the most untapped potential!
  7. The SSMB Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread

    Holy shit this topic is dead as a doornail, I need to fix this. I started watching Super Sentai around March of last year, having a PR fix but not wanting to watch PR because the only seasons left that I havent watched are the bad ones (Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Wild Force, Samurai) so by curiosity I decided to check out the original PR, Super Sentai! It was just random curiosity, I thought id watch one or two before jumping off and moving onto something else. Presently I have watched twenty one Super Sentai series (and each series averages around 50 episodes so yeah, that should tell you how into this I am) out of FORTY. Some were good, others meh, some were fucking AMAZING. Let me tell you the Top 5 Sentais you should start out with if you want to get into it. Gokaiger, because it's a good gate way for any budding Sentai fan (it's the 35th anniversary season and celebrates the histories of past Sentais up to that point, so you'll get a little taste of almost all of them and decided which one interests you to consider checking out) on top of just being fucking awesome. Shinkenger: Because it's super well written, dramatic, has solid character devlopment and great moments all around. It's heavily trenched in japanese traditions and customs so if you're intrested in that stuff this is for you Jetman: A CLASSIC, if you're looking for something dark, this is the Sentai for you. The villians really shine here and you really feel the stakes of the story in general, you'll probably cry the most from this series. Gekiranger: This is my personal favorite Sentai. It has a heavy focus on martial arts and self improvement, learning lessons on and off the battlefield, FANTASTIC villians, great action in general and a really epic story, id say go for it. But if that doesnt tickle your fancy and you want to stay current, here's the trailer for the newest Sentai (and coincidentally the 40th Anniversary season), Zyuohger. Which will air on the 14th on February!   Personally im super hyped for this.

    SSMB, what do you think of this guy judging the fanbase?

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    2. Diogenes


      i'm really sick of hearing people say that the criticism that the series gets is because it's "cool" to bash Sonic

    3. Mikyeong


      ^yeah i have to agree. that does rustle my jimmies because it feels like you can't have a bone with the series without people thinking "well they are only doing it because it's cool". most of us have a bone to pick because we are frustrated. 

    4. KHCast


      >Implying there aren't mindless bashers of things. 

      this isn't a new thing or claim exclusive to Sonic. Bandwagoning exists.

  9. What in the hell happened to the Anniversary topic

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    2. Komodin


      It turned into am in-fighty mess of a thread, and the staff got tired of it.

    3. DarkLight


      You could see for yourself, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    4. Soniman


      Oh I already did, im pretty flabbergasted

  10. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    I’m still playing Paper Jam and still have a way to go but these are my thoughts so far. The game play is solid and fun, just like how I remembered it from Superstar! It’s always been a great way of spicing up the turn based rpg genre. Dialogue is solid and it’s gotten a few laughs out of me thus far, can we please stop dragging Luigi though? Let the poor guy live. The graphics are solid as well, not much to say on that front. My only main problems right now is the very lackluster art style. By that I mean I’m terms of the world. It’s very generic and typical, grassland, forest, desert, tropical, etc etc. Like can we please do better since it’s an rpg? It just doesn’t feel engaging to me. We’ve also forgoned unique characters to meet in place of constant toad focus. Like dear god enough with them, give me actual characters please? I hope that changes because the only other characters I meet are the villians Overall though its a fun game, would recomend so far!
  11. Those types of Sonic renders that have that weird blackness around Sonic's mouth-teeth area are the worst

    1. JmTsHaW


      Maybe Sonic has shitty teeth.

  12. At least we'll have something fond to look back on if the game ends up being a stinker
  13. Why isnt Mario Party allowed to be fun anymore?

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    2. Tom DeLonge

      Tom DeLonge

      Because "everybody is a winner!"

    3. krazystitch


      Did that whole "everyone plays in one cart" thing ever work out very well? I haven't played a Mario Party game since the Gamecube ones.

    4. RosaRosaRosalina


      because nobody liked 8

      now look at where that got us

      not that i have a problem but because of that sole reason we have the car now

  14. His watered down mediocre rehash of a good boss fight from Colors was...honestly still more fun then most of what the D6 had to offer challenge wise still lol
  15. Well I never said that, and I dont think D6 are really fit to be painted as the "opposite extreme" to the like of Black Doom or whatever. They're personalities are one note but still more/less cartoony in nature and generally safe, and ive already talked about how I think their designs are fine for the most part.