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  1. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Has anyone else ever felt guilty for knocking over all those cars in City Escape?   

    Every time you run into a not parked one, you straight up murder somebody.
    Don't what is wrong or right indeed, Sonic.
    Sonic may not have been guilty of Shadow's crimes as GUN thought, but they aren't wrong to go after him too! He's a vile piece of blue garbage with little regard for human life.
  2. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Skylanders Academy(Skylanders Animated Series)   

    I dunno what a Glumshanks is but I'll watch anything with Norm MacDonald.
    The big question... Will the Dong and Bows make it in? (Probably not).
  3. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Would you like some artist \ band returned to making music for Sonic?   

    I'd give a kidney for some more Tony Harnell in my Sonic soundtracks. It Doesn't Matter basically shaped my music tastes back in the day. I looked up the guy and his former band TNT became my favorite ever. Something about SA2's It Doesn't Matter I feel just really nails Sonic in a special way.
  4. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Status Updates are Broken (aka mass hysteria begins now)   


  5. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Rumour: Universal Studios to build Third Theme Park... Based on VideoGames   

    Real life Nintendoland gimme gimme gimme
  6. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic This is what Sonic looks like in Unreal 4   

    The overqll look of course is no good, but to the thing's credit there is something exciting about thinking about Sonic in such a wide open environment... Even if functionally it's damned hard to think about how it'd work in a game.
    In any case, why does Sonic look so pissed off? 
  7. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer”
    Say what you will of Iwata's decisions, but goddamn if this man wasn't truly driven by passion for his craft above all else. Man was much more than a corporate suit, he was like a friend to all of us fans. When he asked us to please understand, we did, and when he laughed, we laughed with him. He was our boy through and through and Nintendo will never quite be the same without him. We'll always miss ya down here, Mr Iwata, but I know you're being awesome up in vidya heaven.
  8. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Jungle Book: Origins (Warner. Bros)   

    Jungle Book: Origins sounds like a parody of bad movie/game titles el oh el. 
  9. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Disney's The Jungle Book   

    I'm just here like "okay... but why?"
    I mean sure it could turn out good but it's still the same story as before... and it's fine how it is. What's the point?
  10. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic SEGA CEO admits they betrayed fans' trust   

    SEGA has epiphany- people like and will pay for games that are good.
  11. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Aaron Webber's first interview since returning to SEGA of America!   

    Ken Island and Balough Island.
    My god. This man is great.
  12. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Games You Cannot Go Back To   

    Uncharted 1. When I first played it I found the game to be pretty repetitive and frustrating but ultimately an enjoyable enough experience to want to play the second one. Then I played that one and it shat on the first one so amazingly that I can only see the first one as a big pile of mediocrity. 
    Pretty much every Zelda game is also a one and done for me. Not that there's anything wrong with them (except for Twilight Princess which is a snooze fest), it's just that the beginnings are always so amazingly dull that I can never be assed to sit through them more than once. 
    Ratchet and Clank is a great series, but over the years has really only slightly evolved since the second game. This has lead to some entries being far more disposable than others. So while Crack in Time, Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, and Into The Nexus are all beautiful timeless classics,Tools of Destruction, while good, I have not touched in years and I likely never will because it's just sort of a blur. 
    Sonic Adventure 2 is a game with a special place in my heart because it was so fucking cool when I was 10, but I just can't do it these days. I try to replay it... If I can force myself through Wild Canyon, I probably can't be assed to go beyond Pumpkin Hill. The treasure hunting is just too fucking monotonous, and with so many better 3D Sonic games, the speed stages themselves aren't worth going through the crap for. That said, I can still start up my save file and go to Sonic and Shadow levels and they're still fun, but I cannot be assed to actually sit down and replay the story.
    Donkey Kong Country Returns. It was a great throwback to DK Country 1, and I still absolutely love it for resurrecting the Donkey Kong Country series and finally putting Retro's talents to good use instead of wasting them on shitty ass Metroid, but Tropical Freeze came out and had Dixie back in action, Cranky getting in on the action, FUCKING DAVE WISE on soundtrack duty giving it the real authentic DK Country feel, and far more creative levels in both design and concept, and overall made the game feel like a proper successor to the DK Country SNES trilogy rather than a throwback. I still have nothing but love for Returns but when I want some DK Country action I'm probably gonna go for Tropical Freeze or the classic SNES games. I simply don't see myself having much reason to go back to Returns.
  13. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Metroid Prime: Federation Force...?   

    You know, I think this game looks pretty unappealing, and I'm not really a Metroid guy anyway, so perhaps if I was I'd be feeling the sting a lot more, but "nobody asked for this," is one of the worst possible criticisms you can give anything. Nobody was ASKING for Pac-Man in 1980, does that mean they shouldn't have made it? Should they have just waited for someone to ASK, "can you please make a game about this yellow thing that pops pills?"
  14. Chili Dawg added a post in a topic Metroid Prime: Federation Force...?   

    Yes, but gorillas > Samus.
    Actually, nah, monkeys > Samus too.