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  1. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic The Sonic Stadium's 15th Anniversary!!! [24 OCT 2015]   

    Happy birthday SSMB! I have loads of memories with this site, especially back when I joined in 2011 with all the Generations hype buzzing around. Nowadays, I mainly lurk around this place, but despite that, I still end up visiting it at least once a day, making it one of the sites I visit and love the most. 
  2. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Offline Automatic Ads Sends You Somewhere Else   

    This happens to me too. I was browsing SSMB offline and went into the Motber series topic and this one and experienced the same ad-redirection problem TailsTellsTales is describing. I'm using an android phone with the standard Internet app that they come with.
  3. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam   

    I really hope we get to see Paper Luigi in the game; I've always liked seeing him around in the Paper Mario games (and play as him in SPM).
  4. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic General American Politics Thread   

    Historically, I don't think minimum wage increases have had a significant impact on employment; there have been times where raising the minimum wage was followed by an increase in overall job growth, according to this article here:
    Also, to address the machine-replacing-people meme, I think it'd be difficult for businesses, on a large scale, to credibly commit to replacing workers with machines because if workers aren't getting paid, there's less money to be spent and less stuff that's getting bought. Obviously it can happen to a certain extent, but probably not to the point where it'll replace a huge chunk of minimum wage earners.
    At the end of the day, I think it's hard to say precisely what would happen as a result of a minimum wage increase without looking at the stats behind it (looking at the PolitFact article, even leading economists are conflicted). An increase isn't necessarily bad, but it's a matter of how much and its net impact.
    There's also this study which goes into the effects of minimum wage. It's done by the CBO which is a non partisan economic analysis group for Congress; regardless of your stance on minimum wage, I think it's an interesting read:
  5. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic What's each character's definitive theme song?   

    I've always sort of liked this one for Metal Sonic
  6. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic General American Politics Thread   

    Yeah she has a lot of mistrust to fight against. I was looking at the DNC's facebook page and their attack ads really make it seem that they're scared of Rand Paul. 
  7. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic General American Politics Thread   

    I figure a lot of you know this by now, but Hillary Clinton's officially announced that she's running for president:
  8. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic SSMB's virus alert thread. Report strange virus errors here.   

    Just got redirected to a file sharing website and an unknown website while trying to click on SSMB via Google. Kind of freaked out but I'm running a full system scan right now to check for any viruses on my computer.
  9. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic The Stanley Parable   

    Me and two friends played this game a few months ago. One of my friends ended up getting so pissed off at the game, you could say "Stanley" in the narrator's accent and he'd cringe.
    Anyway, hearing the narrator interact with your decisions is definitely what makes the game for me; he adopts this really sarcastic, witty, sardonic sort of tone especially when you deviate from his intended story path and it's generally pretty funny and enjoyable.
  10. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    This is going to be kind of hilarious when it comes to multiplayer; it'll be like the fish from the Ice Climbers stage again
  11. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    ^^This basically. I don't actually own the game, but I think I've played enough of it to form some conclusion of the game. Sometimes I think about why I keep wanting to go back to Mario Kart 8, and end up thinking that it's because MK8 doesn't piss me off as much as Mario Kart Wii did. Turned off and gave up on Mario Kart Wii more than enough times, but Mario Kart 8 feels a little more...inviting.
  12. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Discussion of story elements: Deus ex Machina   

    Deus Ex Machinas aren't inherently bad, I think, but it's not a good idea rely on these too much to drive the plot. The reason I don't think it's inherently a bad idea is because it can be used effectively and it can be useful if trying to include stuff to elaborate on some commentary. There is this one use of deus ex machina near the end of Huck Finn, when the Phelps farm just so happens to belong to Tom Sawyer's relatives and Tom Sawyer just so happens to come over for a visit the exact day Huck arrives, and I think this becomes useful for demonstrating Huck's growth which is one of the big developments in the book.

    I guess if it has to be used, it should be used for a larger purpose beyond plot.
  13. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    Played some Mario Kart 8 at my friend's house (I don't have a Wii U) with him and some other people for some hours, and overall, I think it's a pretty good game. It's not that hard to adapt to from Mario Kart Wii, and the tracks are pretty fun. There was this one time on Grumble Volcano, where it seemed that my controller was doing all sorts of wacky things, although it turned out that for some reason the controllers for player 2 and player 3 switched, so player 2 ended up playing as player 3 and player 3 ended up playing as player 2. This was not a fun discovery, but luckily it wasn't some completely obscure bug. So far, I have to say that my favorite combination is either the jet bike with the roller wheels or the comet with the roller wheels. It doesn't have the greatest speed, but I love the acceleration on it. In other news, after playing as Baby Rosalina for some time, I don't really hate her inclusion like I did before. 
  14. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog: how fans have subverted a fallen mascot   

    I feel as if this is just trying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial
  15. Burnt Ash added a post in a topic Serious vs LightHearted   

    I don't really mind if it's serious or lighthearted, but there's just some things I want to see, regardless of whatever tone they decide to adopt. One, understand that dark =/= mature and lighthearted =/= childish. It depends on what someone does with tone and writing in general that shifts intended audiences. Two, make choices in tone and narrative purposeful; don't put serious/lighthearted stuff for the sake of putting serious/lighthearted stuff. If it fits, great. If it has some meaningful contribution to the overall narrative, great. If it helps deliver a certain message, great.