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  1. Place added a post in a topic Sonic Deserves to Die?   

    I actually don't know what's going on in here but if the last seventeen "is sonic dead" threads are anything to go by then we really aren't gaining anything of value by talking about this
  2. Place added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    > Let me demonstrate a strange power before I go. I realized this power as a child.
    > PSI Farewell! Now!
    > I'll see you all again someday!
  3. Place added a topic in Chit-Chat   

    Kung Fury (2015 Short Film)

    KUNG FURY is a 2015 Kickstarter-funded short film produced and directed by David Sandberg.
    It's an over-the-top 80s-themed satire that follows a laudable B-movie plot that includes the likes of time travel, dinosaurs, and Adolf Hitler. Sandwich all that between a faithful synthpop soundtrack and mindless Robocop-esque violence and you have what is perhaps the greatest 80s dick flick that never was.

    Watch it here:

    And don't forget to listen to the absolutely fantastic credits theme, True Survivor.
    Performed by David Hasselhoff himself, which seriously kind of blows my mind.

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  4. Place added a post in a topic Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN   


    So I was digging around on Google Images for good covers people haven't mentioned yet and uh

    This one 

    I pick this one
  5. Place added a post in a topic Kunoi demo release, featuring Sonic as a hidden character!   

    You seem relatively informed, so it really shouldn't come off as a surprise to you that using someone else's licensed property in a personal project (and especially one that you plan to charge hard cash for) is absolutely not a wise idea and can lead to a C&D. I understand that you have removed the character from play in the potential retail version, but you should definitely consider pulling Sonic altogether. If this were a free online game, no problem, but the difference here is money.
  6. Place added a post in a topic HONG KONG 97 & other obscure video games   

    You might want to consider changing the topic title to Hong Kong '97 if you want to discuss the game in general. What you have right now reads like one of those sleazy clickbait banner ads along the lines of "You Can LOSE 100 LBS By Using This Weird Trick"
  7. Place added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   


    My first console game, Namco Museum Volume 3.
    (actually my first console game was hot shots golf 3 but *we don't talk about that*)

    This game is a compilation of six classic Namco arcade titles; Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Phozon, Pole Position II, and The Tower of Druaga. It probably has the best assortment of the five (six if you count the JP-exclusive Namco Museum Encore) installments released during the PS1s lifespan, and as a result has become increasingly rare. 

    If you've played any of the PS1 Museum games, you know that there's one thing that sets them apart from other similar counterparts. I'm talking about the always super-great Museum Mode.

    The Museum Mode is a first-person romp through this sprawling honest-to-goshdangodon Namco-themed museum. Each of the six games on the disc is given its own exhibit within the museum, where you can learn up on the history of the games as well as look as merchandising, promotional material, everything right down to the *damned circuit boards* is available for viewing here. The Museum Mode as a whole is just this tremendous labor of love and the awesome mystery developers who made it happen must have been really, REALLY passionate about these games. Damn, what happened to that...enthusiasm?

    Also this game has just got a really awesome soundtrack. Listen to the whole thing if you can, it's as if it were specifically tailored to be nostalgic.

    WEEK 1-1 COMPLETE (1/30)
  8. Place added a post in a topic Atari's ET Graveyard has been found... "Rise from your grave!" "IT'S ALIVE!"   

    Not true, his movie was filmed elsewhere, Los Angeles I think. I'm more surprised it's taken this long for the actual excavation to happen.
  9. Place added a post in a topic Sonic sings! natinal anthem   

    I saw this the very first time it aired, and had it saved on my DVR for about two years. I believe it was the novelty of Knuckles' singing voice that led me to do so.


    Maybe that's why he took up rap?
  10. Place added a post in a topic IGN's review editor has gone insane over The Angry Joe Show "I have more youtube than you!"   

    I'd like to think that if either of these two gave the meekest shit about their credibility as entertainers, the entirety of this tantrum wouldn't have happened in the first place.
  11. Place added a post in a topic Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...   

    Ah whoops, forgot to throw up the ones I caught yesterday. Here they are, for anyone who cares. 

  12. Place added a post in a topic Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...   

    yes, my liege 
  13. Place added a post in a topic April Fools Day 2014   

    Could you have maybe said this in a status update instead? Some of us are just trying to have a bit of fun here, no need to be such a downer.
  14. Place added a post in a topic Sonic 2 & Knuckles... without the & Knuckles? (Childhood Mystery)   

    Criminey, that's weird. If I must offer a theory though, I'm assuming that what happened here is not unlike the Super Mario Bros/Tennis or Banjo Kazooie Stop n' Swop glitch thingos. In those, swapping carts within a relatively small window of time allows data from swapped carts to be exchanged and exploit unconventional behaviors. Perhaps that is what's happening here although I don't know how all of the S2&K data could be exchanged to the lone S2 cart without serious graphical malfunctions. Was the altered S2 behaving oddly during play?
  15. Place added a post in a topic 2014 is The Year Of Sonic "& Sports tape" *see post 1*   

    As a fanbase that is in and of itself crippled from the inside out by a history of mediocre to average content, the last thing we need is an ugly, permanent Sonic redesign to become the new image for the character.

    If it turns out that the design is exclusive to this cartoon, (and maybe a spinoff advergame on iOS or something) than whatever. Life moves on, and the fans who are turned off can just ignore all the Boom-related content. BUT if this is indeed the new standard for the character, then we all die another day.

    If SEGA is going to put all their money into a young audience as opposed to the notably lesser broadened pool of longtime fans, then that's their deal. It worked with Pac-Man after all, the Ghostly Adventures toon is Disney XD's most watched property. With the commercial failures of the nostalgia games like Generations, Lost World, even Sonic 4 to an extent, it seems that catering to the 6-11 audience might prove to be much more profitable for SEGA and the Sonic brand.

    And naturally, if the show turns out to be a kiddy entourage of cringeworthy salad underwear jokes, a number of us are going to be all but polarized. And at this stage in the game, we can't seem to do anything about that.
    This will make or break us.