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  1. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog (sponsored by PowerVerte)-Fin, PAGE 150   

    Day 25: Ways That I Have Made Friends Within the Sonic Fanbase:
    At first I was just excited to meet other people who loved sonic as much as I did. Then I actually met you guys and realized how much better friends are than just random people who happen to like the same stuff. I also realized Sonic sucks and nobody here really likes him anymore. And now we all just hang out here and talk, (just not about that loser Sonic.)
    Also you guys are massive nerds.
  2. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Animated Spider-Man Series General Discussion   

    I think the most jarring/annoying part about this is the fact that Deadpool is fucking Ron from Kim Possible.
    Also even though Spectacular is amazing and easily the best spidey show out there, part of me will always love TAS because that show was my childhood. In hindsight, it had its glaring flaws (like the re-used footage and spidey's...mysterious inability to punch anyone,) but I loved it. Also it had Stan Lee in the finale, and I'm pretty sure the only other show he's been in is Ultimate (but we don't count that because it sucks.)
  3. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...   

    Where's my award for being a narcissist/having no life.
  4. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Flappy Bird (iOS, Android)   

    Current high score is 60, though I won't be playing for awhile since I don't have access to my phone.
    Also seriously fuck this game it ruined my life and I didn't even stop playing it voluntarily.
  5. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Cell Phone Wars   

    I'm currently on an AT&T family plan. However, since I'm still stuck with a dumbphone, and want to upgrade in the near future, I'll probably break off. I still haven't decided which service to go with yet (especially since I'll probably be getting something prepaid,) but I'm looking at the T-Mobile $30 monthly plan, since that's not too expensive. It also comes with unlimited texting, and unlimited data which is still a pretty good deal, even though I believe it gets throttled to 2G speeds after the first 5GB or so.
  6. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Spanish scientists invent plastic that can heal itself!   

    Oh man, if this could be made into a thinner, more flexible, and preferably washable material, we might be one step closer to recreating the symbiote suit from spider-man. Plus, who wouldn't want clothes that could be fixed without having to sew them back up?
  7. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer   

    Gameplay is like a combination of Sonic Xtreme, Super Mario Galaxy, and Sonic Generations/Colours Gorgeous world reminiscent of Colours and Super Mario Galaxy quirky villains, awesome NPCs like Shaun the Sheep, and the return of classic characters like the Flickies and original Badniks kickass new moves like the ability to climb ledges, wall-running down right, and what looks like the return of the super peel-out gameplay that looks fast and fluid without relying on the boost This game is going to be off the freaking chain.
    Seriously, I no longer have any reason not to buy a Wii U. Luckily it looks like this game won't be out til at least sometime in late fall, which gives me a few months after my birthday to get a job so I can afford one.
    And as cheesy at it is, let me just say, "Aw yeah, this is happenin'!"
  8. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World Announced   

    ...would now be a bad time to mention that Sonic X, Sonic Underground, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog were all on TV at certain points? Not to mention that Sonic himself is still a cartoon character, and. That's without even mentioning how your main problem with creatures that don't even exist in real life (or at least not in anthro forn,) is that they have unrealistic proportions.
  9. Chibinuva added a post in a topic The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies) this is still juat speculation right? It's possible they're just messing with us right? ...right? ... I need a moment ;a;
  10. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Saints Row IV   

    They had me at "outrun enemies and use telekinesis," but after seeing that trailer I can officially say that I inexplicably need this game. Also for those of you watching it embedded here on SSMB (and yes, if you go full screen from the embedded video it will still work,) there should be a speed option under settings that's side-by-side with where you change the resolution at. I found it twice as trippy being watched at quarter speed or double speed.
  11. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts know, coming into this topic I was expecting to post about how much I prefer Colours' fantastic, colourful artstyle over the more commonly used, realistic tones of Unleashed. But looking back on the screenshots, I think that's just how I felt at the time of Colours' launch. After several games like SA1, SA, Shadow, and 06, I was just tired of games with a realistic tone (even if Unleashed got it right,) that Colours' more cartoony, beautiful artstyle of fiction was a breath of fresh air for me. However, at that time I was unable to appreciate the more realistic, yet still vibrant and cartoony graphics that Unleashed had. Looking back on it, Unleashed took what we knew at that time as the real world, molded it with graphics fit for a Sonic game, and turned it into something beautiful, rendered in stunning HD (and with a great deal of light too, something I think Colours could've used more of (though somewhat justified since aside from the various stars, space is rather dark.)) Colours on the other hand, took that cartoony look Unleashed established, mixed it with a good does of fantastical fantasy themes, and just ran wild with it. It had so many different themes, from a level nearly fully underwater, the first we've had since Aquatic Base (or if that doesn't count, the first one we've had in the 3D games at all,) to a world where your surroundings are edible, and the only place where running fast tears up popcorn instead of rubber. And let us not the inevitably-mentioned masterpiece of Starlight Carnival: a bright, vibrant level with space itself as its background. The fact that all of this was made without HD, on a system that can't handle the graphics of consoles like the PS3 and 360, made in the timespan of only a couple years of development (from what I understand,) is truly a remarkable feat.
    So, tl;dr: While the Unleashed graphics have grown on me to where I now love them (and they are simply perfect for a Sonic game set in the real world,) I still prefer the vibrancy and fantastical themes of Colours, along with the more fictional level tropes like that of Sweet Mountain. I definitely have to give props to Unleashed though for establishing the cartoony tone which Colors built off of, and which will hopefully set the overall tone for the new few games to come.
  12. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Tomb Raider - Out 05/03/2013 for X360/PS3/PC guys realize you're just arguing over whether or not a bunch of pixels should try and get close enough to get into another set of pixels or not, right? But anyways, thinking about it if this is how women are treated normally in media then, whether you like it or not, this should be expected. In fact, since (from what I understand,) a fair amount of the enemies are at least somewhat creepy or crazy (and if they're trying to kill her, they may very well be,) and seeing as how it's Laura Croft, aka Ms. Fanservice Action Girl, you'd think if anything that more people would try to rape her. I think you're all just freaking out because it's something controversial that hasn't been in the series before.
    Now if you'll excuse me I need to put up my flame shield for my shitstorm bunker.
  13. Chibinuva added a post in a topic Randomly being re-directed to facebook? "SSMB eats the book... MySpace inherits the forum..."   

    Okay so I wasn't initially having issues, but after visiting this topic, I started having issues. However, I normally use Chrome and switching to Mozilla fixed the problem (at least for now,) so it could be a browser issue like Taz said.
  14. Chibinuva added a post in a topic [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 I'm really wishing I had seen Jeff's post sooner because I just spent like 10 minutes making a table of all the guesses to determine the winners when he didn't post them on twitter last night. *flips table*
    But anyways, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this to make it what it is, since without everyone here none of this would be possible. I'd also like to give a special thank you to Jeff not only for his amazing piano work, but also for organizing this whole thing and this game so that a couple of us can get the album early. Finally, I'd like to thank my calculator for helping me average out the time of the album.
    Also I just realized there are 42 people working on the album. It all makes sense now.
  15. Chibinuva added a post in a topic [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012   

    I know I already guessed on facebook but I know that's wrong so I want to make a new guess. 115 songs and 7hr 57min 15s total running time.