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  1. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    More prinnies surrounded everyone once again. "We got you surrounded again dood!" "Well what will be your answer lads?" Ragna was floored and the prinnies sheer numbers made everyone exhausted. "Very well" Rachel said, "we shall surrender to you Valvatorez." Everyone shouted "what!?" "Its obvious that Valvatorez is a league above us. Its best not to get on his bad side." Rachel signed the treaty. "Thank you lass. With this we have defeated everyone and conquered the village!" Valvatorez's prinny's shouted "hurrahs" everywhere. "There's one condition to your victory however" Rachel was scheming something, "tell us who sent you here to invade?" Valvatorez thought about it, "I honestly don't know lass. He was a strange fellow but he seemed hell bent on taking over." "I see" Rachel didn't know who would fit the description. Valvatorez then looked at the Disciples and the downed Ragna. "I must say though, you're all just fine fighters. If only I could teach you all a few things." Rachel sees an opening, "then promise to make them stronger. Fighters worthy of your praise." "Hm. That's an interesting proposition from you lass." He then twirled his cape, "Very well! I shall take you up on that promise! I will make you all radiant champions! And besides I promised I'd take over the village but I never said I'd hand it over to anyone else." Rachel giggled, "I guess even the great Valvatorez knows a thing about morals." Val ordered the prinnies to help everyone back up. "Well then let's get to work lads!"   Meanwhile at a menacing castle. A prinny walked up to the shadow figure and gave its report. "We totally took over dood!" "Excellent! Now all the power of universe is mine!" "Yeah about that dood. Turns out we're keeping the village to ourselves so you can just suck it dood!" The prinny danced out of the room. "Incompetent fools! Now this sets me back too much!" The figure then slashed the newspaper with his claws. "I'll just have to make a better army." The figure shot out back into the dark, looking to create a powerful army.
  2. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    "Easier said than done!" Ragna was fending of Valvatorez's attacks, "this guy is actually way too strong!" "I'm glad I had my strength acknowledged. If it weren't for the power of sardines I wouldn't able to keep up with you lad." Ragna was stumped by Valvatorez's statement. "Wuh?" "I think its time to finish this up lad." Valvatorez made a black hole that sucked Ragna in. Within the space Ragna was impaled by dozens of red spears and the hole exploded, sending Ragna out. "Stay down lad if you want to get hurt more." "Why you...!" Ragna passed out from Valvatorez's attack. He then turned to Sonic and the others. "I guess this means its my victory lads. I'll have you sign this takeover treaty and then we can let bygones be bygones."
  3. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    Valvatortez heard Valkyrie's comment. "Oh dear, this must be awkward for you lass. If only we could both co-exist as Vals in crime." "Hey pay attention you bastard!" Ragna went in for a kick but Val dodged. "Would you stop moving so I can hit you?" Ragna seemed a bit annoyed by Valvatorez's fighting style. "Oh I'm sorry lad. I can't afford to be hit." Val slashed at Ragna who jumped backwards. "We need to finish this soon lad." "You're right about that!" The two clashed again.
  4. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    Ragna and Valvatorez clashed blades. "Not bad of a sword arm you got there!" Val was complementing his opponent. Ragna went in with a sucker punch and Val jumped out of the way. "The anti-hero type huh? The kind that's willing to do anything to win. That's pretty honorable of you!" "Shut the hell up!" Ragna lunged at Val again. "Such a temper too. Maybe we need to fix that." "What the hell do you know?" "More than you realize young one" Val turned into a swarm of bats and they flew by Ragna while slicing the air around him. "Ugh!" Ragna was hurt by the bat swarm. "I learned that one recently from a good friend of mine" Val got ready for another attack, "consider this to be a lesson for you!"
  5. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    The prinnies kept bombarding the place while their numbers kept decreasing. "I think were getting ahead of these little shits!" Ragna kept fighting off prinnies left and right. "Dood we're starting to lose!" The prinnies started to gather more troops. "We have you surrounded dood!" The prinnies have their swords and bombs at the ready. "Hold your position!" someone shouted in the distance. "What now?" Ragna was confused on what's going on. A strange guy appeared among the prinnies. The prinnies stopped to salute him, showing great respect. Name: Valvatorez Occupation: Prinny Instructor Personality: A former Tyrant turned Prinny Instructor. He's a vampire who's capable to training the worst into the best and his prinnies greatly respect him and his way of training. He was very strong during his Tyrant days, capable of being stronger than most Overlords. However he lost most of his power due to a promise to not drink blood. Val also takes promises very seriously that he will do anything to make sure the promise is fulfilled, even if it requires him to never drink blood for hundreds of years. Because of this he can come off as a bit of an idiot. Regardless he takes his job of discipline seriously. Has an obsession for sardines to the point where he claims he's regaining his power back form them. "It seems like my prinnies aren't doing their job right. They should had taken over this universe easily!" The prinnies seemed worried about disappointing Valvatorez. "Very well I'll take this matter into my own hands!" Val pulled out a massive sword and got ready. "You got to be kidding me..." Ragna was confused by Val's appearance. "That's Valvatorez Ragna" Rachel informed Ragna, "he was formally a powerful tyrant but he has lost a lot of power over the years. He's still very strong however." Ragna got ready to fight this new foe.
  6. hey i saw this game on your steam wishlist with the ninja with the big boobs haha, you sure you want it (alot of people say its got bad reviews)? 

  7. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    The prinnies manage to re-group and increase their numbers. "Trees only exist to be cut down dood!" The prinnies pulled out their swords after swarming Tree Rex. When they were about to make their attack but then a gust of wind sent the prinnies flying everywhere, causing explosions. "Imbeciles!" Rachel floated down using her wind. "As expected from the great Miss Rachel Alucard." The tides turned on the prinnies. "Dood we gotta do something!" The scrambled about. "More Prinny Bombs dood!"
  8. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!

    Look who got into Smash!

  10. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    "Looking for this dood?" A prinny with a red scarf was holding onto a Smash Ball. The prinny then ate the Smash Ball and a colorful aura surrounded him. "Dood I feel strong! Like Pringer X dood!" The prinny then pulled out a demon skull and floated upwards. "Eat Pringer Beam dood!" The skull fired a laser around the area and then an explosion happened, causing everyone, hero and prinny alike flying everywhere. "That was an awesome round of Prinny Bowling dood!" "Just what the hell was that?" Ragna didn't know how to react to the Prinny's strongest attack.


  12. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    "We can't let you do anything dood!" The prinnies kept piling up on Tails. Ragna attempted to punched off but they kept swarming. "There's just too many of them!" "So do you give up dood?" "Hell no!" Ragna punched the prinny out of the way and got flooded by more prinnies.
  13. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    "Keep charging dood! They'll run out of lasers dood!" The prinnies kept throwing bombs everywhere with no regard. Ragna and Amane were smacking them left and right but there was no end in sight. Yuya and Kurosaki walked in on the chaos. "Um what's going on?" Yuya was also bewildered by the prinnies' arrival. "We're not gonna be associated with those buffoons." Yuya and Kurosaki just turned the other way and left. "Dood this is going to be easier now dood!" said one of the prinnies.
  14. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    Amane turned his sleeve into a lasso and pulled Sonic out of the Prinny dogpile. "You shouldn't let your guard down so easily." Amane placed Sonic down and the Prinnies prepared for their next attack. "Master Val said we have all the sardine we can eat if we take over dood so let's give it all we got!" The prinnies pulled out bombs and started chucking them in every direction. "Eat prinny bombs dood!"
  15. [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing Plus: Population Growing!

    The figure in the shadows was pacing around in the room. "The BTYT have been annihilated. Yuki Terumi and Relius Clover hasn't appeared at all. Academia is too radical to ally with. Khaos is missing. And I'm stuck with incompetent fools!" He threw a tea cup at the Dream Sheep and Ronin. "I don't have much allies in this world so I need to build another army from scratch." He then looked through a newspaper that was spread on the table and saw an ad for mercenaries for hire. "This might work..." New Storyline: Prinny Invasion, dood! A few days past since the bounty hunters try to take Mewkie. Things have been quiet until Prinnies from the Netherworld attempt to take over the Forest Crossing universe. Expect wacky hi-jinx and explosions dood! Ragna was finally relaxing from the battles that happened in the past couple of days. "Its awfully quiet but its a real nice change of pace..." Suddenly a weird penguin went up to Ragna. "Hey dood! We were sent here to take over dood! So how about surrendering before you get hurt dood?" "Wuh?" Ragna was flabbergasted by the presence of the strange penguin. The penguin pulled out a pair of swords and prepared to strike but then Ragna punched it away. "Why can't I ever catch a break?" Amane ran up to Ragna to warn him. "This is embarrassing but we been invaded by hundreds of Prinnies." "What? Those penguin things? They're so weak though." "They are but they have sheer numbers to them. They're just everywhere!" "Alright. Let's go beat them up then." Ragna and Amane head off to see the Village swarming with Prinnies. "Prinny dood!" they shouted in unison. "Great. Where do we start?" Ragna didn't seemed thrilled to see all the Prinnies.