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  1. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    As DIO retreated to his mansion with Pucci he then said, "I have to thank you my friend as that plan wouldn't had gone as well as it had" "Anything for my lord" DIO stopped because he sensed something and gunfire went towards DIO and Pucci. DIO stopped time to move out the way. A young man was holding onto a recently fired tommy gun. "You got some nerve treating a lady the wrong way again Dio!" "Why it isn't one of the loathsome Joestars, Joseph! Just who I was looking for. But I was expecting an old man." DIO motioned to Pucci to continue onward. Joseph gave a smirk and pulled on a wire, stealing the CD right out of Pucci's hands. "I see why you're dangerous Joseph, but your plans and new-found youth will not help you! I will suck your bones dry! WRRRYYYY!" Joseph then pointed at DIO

    "I'm gonna kick your ass for making a little girl cry!" The two prepared their battle strategies and rushed at each other.
  2. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    (Sorry I've haven't been posting much in the past few days. Been busy with family and stuff and I've been trying to come up with plots we can use too.)
    When Sakuya and friends arrived they weren't expecting a sneak attack. "Whitesnake!" shouted someone from behind.

    A shadowy hand passed through Sayaka and the hand had a weird CD when it was at the end of its swing. "I got her disk my lord. Her memories and powers are sealed." "Thank you my dear friend Pucci. I, DIO shall finish this rebellion once and for all!"

    "The WORRRLLLDDDD! Time is frozen today!" Dio's stand stopped all time around them.
    "1 second has passed..." Dio pulled out a bunch of knives and threw them everywhere towards the group. They all stopped in front of them. "Its a shame you're not conscious of the terror in front of you because I would had savored your fear. "3 seconds pass..." Dio grabbed Pucci and took off. "Time resumes in 2 seconds..."
    After Dio got at a far distance he said a big "zero" Time starts again...
  3. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    "Its 1 am"
    Marth was surprised how much time went by.
    "Well what am I doing up?"
  4. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    "We got the photograph from this strange old man" Reimu replied, "he had some bizarre power to him"
    "And where can we find this mystical tails at ze?" Marisa had no idea who Tails is so her active imagination was running wild again.
  5. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    Reimu and Marisa met up with the group once again and gave the strange photograph of the future to Sonic. "Apparently that's where the reset button is but we don't have a clue where it is" Giratina took interest in the photograph and loomed overhead. "Unless we have someone who can go through photographs we're not getting anything ze"
    In DIO's Mansion DIO was observing with his Hermit Purple crystal ball. "So they don't know where it is either. Fortunately I, DIO have a way around the problem without the need of a mere button." The door opened and a priest enters.

    "Pucci my dear friend. Its about time we began to take action" Pucci bowed down to Dio, "anything for my lord" "A word of warning, Stands can be seen by others in this universe but they will still have the same power as they always had" "Thank you for your advice my lord" The two walked outside the door with Petshop joining them.
  6. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    At the Hakurei Shrine Reimu and Marisa decided to return home after their moral defeat. Reimu was back to drinking tea while Marisa was reading her book. "So what are we gonna do about this incident ze?" "It might resolve itself considering all we did was taught some space dragon some matters" "You might be right ze"
    The two looked outside and see the calm, sunny summer weather. Its quieter than usual since no one, neither human or yokai has ever been to the shrine since the worlds started to combine. "This boring" said Reimu in her usual dull tone. "Hello is anyone home?" said someone outside. The two walked to the front of the shrine to see some strange old man. "What do you want old man?" said Marisa. "Oh I don't know where I am anymore so can you help this old man on his way?" "500 yen please" said Reimu with her eyes alight from the thought of money. "Then how about a trick?"

    The old man pulled out a camera. "I shall show you a photograph of the future!" "That's subjective but continue" said Reimu. The old man held the camera in front of him and he raised his other hand.

    Purple rose thorns that seemed spiritual came from his hand and he chopped the camera, breaking it with a photograph flying towards Reimu. She grabbed it and Marisa looked over. "Its blank ze. Typical scamming old man" The man then pointed out "then wait a bit then you'll see your future!" The photograph slowly started to gain some color to it and it eventually showed the Reset Button. "What does even mean?" "Its just your future. You just need to look for it." "We should take it to someone ze! Maybe they'll know where this could be." Reimu shrugged and then the two took to the skies leaving the old man behind.

    "They left me stranded here! What respect these damned kids have for their elders anymore!" The old man threw his hat on the ground in anger.
  7. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic Females in the Sonic Fandom   

    They don't want the cooties
    #reasonable answer
  8. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    Henry laughed "Giratina here isn't a part of some cult. He said he was sent by some Arsayous or what not to retrieve some reset button since he dropped somewhere. Space llama gods can be silly sometimes." Giratina let Henry off and he patted it. "Oh and Giratina can't really go far, just here and his own little world called Distortion World. Is that a place down south or something?" Henry gave another laugh at his own little joke.
    Rachel then stepped up. "I have been observing this world since its beginning. I remember every little event that has ever happened here. However it always seemed to go towards chaos. That reset button has been resetting time and causing distortions everywhere that its easy to access worlds. Its not entertaining to see people die over and over over a little thing as a button." Rachel looked a little melancholy over her entire ordeal. "This world is over millions of years old and has gone through thousands of time resets and yet it seems like its only been days. Its a shame I can't put time back on its course due to my role in the universe."
  9. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    Rachel stomps on a droid's head with her massive heel "That takes care of the trash." Amane interjected, "everyone had a fine dance."
    Palkia after its little rage loomed over Reimu and Marisa. The two were apologizing to the group and Palkia for the misunderstanding. Palkia sensed Reimu's kind heart and snorted at Marisa's malicious intent. It then roared and slashed a portal into its space and walked off.
    However another dragon appeared on the scene. It was ghostly Giratina and Henry was riding on top. "Aww did I miss all the bloodshed already?" Giratina lowered its head and Henry introduced himself. "My friend Giratina said his friend Paliwhoka was in trouble so we went to see if he was alright but it looks like he left." "You can talk to it ze?" asked Marisa. "Its kind of hard to make out cause of his accent but yeah he's a good guy" Henry petted Giratina as some are astonished by the sight.
    Rachel watched the Skylanders leave the world. "A moment of your time please" She made Nago into a cat chair and sat down on him. "We need to cross worlds to find Doom before he does something rash like trampling daisies" She pulled out a chart and pointed to the world their in. "As you know these are all the multiple worlds we're from and again Doom can be in anyone but its just anyone's guess. You all seem adequate however so I'll leave the task up to you." Unknown to everyone, Rachel knows every secret of this world.
    (Sheese I'm making this like Yugioh Arc V with all this world hopping.)
  10. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    "Maybe we should throw Dedede with Palutena in a castle for 2 years and let them save the world or something"
    "...Hey it worked for me"
  11. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    "You're onto something Megaman"
    *seconds later they strapped Dedede onto a chair*
    "This is for you're own good Dedede. You need a big lesson in love."
    Marth turns on the TV and Disney Descendants starts. The torture begins...
  12. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    "Hey they're stealing our treasure!" Reimu shouted as she drop kicked a droid with Marisa following her by ramming another one with her broom's power.
    A light wind passed and Rachel descended towards our heroes. "Its a valiant notation you have here but please commence with some action" as Rachel gestured towards Sayaka, "if we lose that big swamp lizard you won't be able to cross dimensions to stop that idiot in the chair"
    Amane joined the battle by drilling several droids "why is there so many of them? This is going to ruin my make-up"
  13. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    "All this talk of 'mama' is probably going to make Dedede cry since he's just there with no parents"
    It would be kind of odd of a weird man penguin from a star planet to have any relatives.
  14. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic [Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: A Slice Of Life RP!   

    Suddenly a large claw tears the fabric of reality and Palkia came out of its realm, seemingly angry at Doom. It gave a menacing roar that shook the entire world. It was preparing its Hyper Beam until someone shouted "Magic Sign - Stardust Reverie!" A bunch of stars collided on Palkia, though it seemed like it did minimum effect on the dragon. Reimu and Marisa encountered Palkia and Palkia acknowledged their power as a threat.
    "Its a tough one ze" Marisa pointing out the obvious. "Try this next! Dream Sign - Evil-Sealing Circle!"
    Reimu threw countless of talismans around Palkia creating a barrier around it. Palkia however just teleported out of it. "Persistent huh?"
    Marisa jumped on her broom and started surfing on it. "Love Sign - Master Spark!" Marisa fired her iconic rainbow laser at Palkia. Palkia had to block it with its arm but Reimu sneaked up behind him. "Spirit Sign - Fantasy Seal!" A bunch of talismans tied around Palkia's limbs, making it unable to move. The dragon was still floating and showing some resistance by preparing its Spacial Rend. Marisa flew right up to it and threw a strange concoction in a bottle and it exploded in Palkia's face causing it to crash in the ground. Palkia watches Doom escape.
    "Teamwork ze!" Marisa highfived Reimu not knowing that they caused the worst thing possible.
  15. Crow the BOOLET added a post in a topic Announcing... SSMB Toontastic Fridays! - "We Need YOU!"   

    CROW can join in any time or day as long as CROW isn't sleeping. Trust me when I say my sleep cycle has been going all over the place.
    I'll be super down if you stream the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OVA. Everyone needs to experience that really bad adaptation really fun adventure!