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  1. Gregzilla added a post in a topic SSMB group picture~planning thread (Requests are closed)   

    Cool!  You can draw me, Gregzilla, as my Gregzilla character, Gregzilla.  Here is Gregzilla:

    (Pictured: Gregzilla)
  2. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Jontron   

    StarCade started out just sorta average.  I think it wavered back and forth on getting more and less funny, but the Phantom Menace episode was really good and had plenty of silly moments I expect out of Jon.
    Then this came out, and PsychicPebbles as Yoda made me lose my shit.
  3. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Pikmin 4 confirmed, "very close to completion"   

    Wow, I did not expect this at all, especially so soon and without warning.  I absolutely love Pikmin, and I always thought the series deserved more praise and attention than it gets, so I'm always up for more.  
    Though on the topic of 2's caves, I definitely hope we DON'T go back to that.   I thought they made 2 feel a lot more lifeless and level editor-y than the other two games.
  4. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Konami is running a survey for us gamers.   

    Basically made it a point that I'd like a new non-crap Rocket Knight and new non-crap Castlevania.  Castlevania especially.  Lords of Shadow totally turned me off the series from that point on, which I made sure to mention, and hopefully this will be a prominently occurring point people bring up in the survey.
  5. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Video game tropes you love   

    Final Boss Fake-Outs
    You know the feel.  You get to the end of the game, fight a big boss, and think it's all over, only for the game to throw an even bigger challenge at you in a crazier scenario than before.  I find one of the worst things a game can do is have an anticlimactic finale, and this is pretty much the opposite - an EXTRAclimax, if you will.
    To talk about the best examples would be giving away some great moments.  I think one of the best examples that's old enough to not be that much of a spoiler is Super Metroid.  The final battle with Mother Brain actually tricks you into thinking it's just a lazy rehash of the final boss of the first game.  It plays out almost exactly the same, but then once you blow up the tank, instead of racing to the exit, you have to fight Mother Brain as a giant robot dinosaur thing.  Surprises like that are always great.
    And then of course there's probably my favorite example, The Wonderful 101, which I think needs a whole play-by-play:

    Pure joy.
  6. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Goosebumps Movie   

    This is the kind of premise that could probably be really entertaining if the writers have a lot of fun with it.
    Sadly, judging from the trailer, the writing sounds awful and the humor was cringey.  I have very low expectations.
  7. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Rocket League (PS4 & PC)   

    What Hogfather said word for word.  I hate sports games, don't really like driving games, but this?  This is fucking ace.
    I really haven't smiled and laughed this much at a game in a very long time.  If it wasn't for Bloodborne then it would definitely be a GOTY contender, but as it stands it's easily in second place for now.  I keep coming back to it, which I can't say for most games these days.
    Watch some videos, and if it at all looks like it might be your thing, GET IT.  And even if it doesn't, try it out if possible, because it might surprise you.  It was weird at first, but after a few minutes of play I was totally hooked.  Rocket League rocks it.  League.
  8. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Ghostbusters "Who ya gonna call?"   

    I'll hold judgment until I see clips, because I'd still like to be optimistic and not condemn the idea right off the bat.
    That said, those uniforms suck hard.
  9. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Indivisible: A Metroidvania/RPG from the creators of Skullgirls   

    I absolutely loved the art style of Skullgirls, but I couldn't get into the game simply because I can't really get into traditional 2D fighters.  But now the art style will be used in a Metroidvania, a genre I love?  I'm totally down with this!
  10. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Thread of great movie theme songs   

    For a long time in recent memory, I lamented the fact that most movies didn't have memorable scores.  Nothing classic, nothing I could hum like the great works of John Williams or Danny Elfman.  And then we got THIS, YO:

    This is one of the only modern instrumental movie themes that sticks in my head, one that I can start humming and my buddies will join in.  Simple yet badass.
  11. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Batman: Arkham Knight "No one knows what it's like... TO FIX THE BATMAN!"   

    That's something I failed to mention:

  12. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Batman: Arkham Knight "No one knows what it's like... TO FIX THE BATMAN!"   

    So yesterday I finished the game.  Or, rather, the main mission.  I haven't done anything regarding Knightfall and I don't plan to.  I'll try to sum up my thoughts on the game here.
    That about sums it up.
    In more detail, I actually really liked it at first.  The improvements made to the gliding make zooming around Gotham a real joy, and I was digging the badass Batmobile for a while.  It wasn't until about halfway through the game that I realized I wasn't really enjoying myself.  The tank battles, while fun to me at first, grew extremely repetitive and too chaotic to be fun.  Rather than make the battles interesting, they just kept increasing the number of enemies, which I find to be a really uninspired way to raise difficulty throughout a game.  This was true of the hand to hand combat as well, just constantly increasing the size of the small armies you have to punch your way through.  And once you have a ton of different enemy types, it becomes a frustrating game of trying to remember which button combination to press that makes that particular enemy get stunned.  Most of this just relates to the color coding of the symbol above their head, so it ends up feeling like paint-by-numbers.  I never found Arkham's combat to be that great, but Arkham Knight really amplified the tedium.
    As for the story, I find that it has some great ideas unfortunately brought down by some really questionable plot points.  Can't really explain without spoiling, so here:

    And then there's all the other aspects that hurt the game.  Batman is a really flat character (true of all three games).  This game's treatment of its female characters is really lame.  Combat often seems like it's interrupting the plot rather than helping it along.  Several important characters don't have enough screen time to make me care about them.  Boss fights are practically non-existent.  Those Kobra tanks are the worst thing ever.  Etc.
    The Arkham games were never my favorite thing in the world or anything, so this game wasn't THAT disappointing to me.  But the first two are still very solid games for the most part, ones that execute their gameplay concepts much better.  In the end, Arkham Knight was just a chore, with less charm and personality than the previous games, and I don't see myself giving it a recommendation any time soon.
    Graphics were great though!
  13. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Best Disney Princess   

    Almost 100% certain it's Flash, I'm generally pretty good at spotting it.  Always a chance I could be wrong, but it definitely looks like Flash.
  14. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Best Disney Princess   

    Back when this show first made itself known, I checked out the first few episodes on YouTube.
    It's not perfect, nor the most ambitious cartoon out there, but it is fucking hilarious.
    Star Butterfly is easily one of the funniest protagonists to grace a cartoon in a long time.  Surprising, since her personality could definitely have been obnoxious if put in the wrong hands, but she is just a blast to watch.  Just the way she bounces around is full of a ridiculous amount of energy - you can tell from the very first episode just how crazy it's gonna be, just by watching her do her thing.
    I also really love how the show cuts out the bullshit.  A girl from another dimension is going to normal school? ...And everybody in their world just immediately accepts it.  Done.  I love it.  It dodges potential annoyances many cartoons run into, and it just lets the show focus on jokes.  And the jokes are very, VERY funny.
    The Flash animation also puts a lot of other Flash shows to shame just in the sheer amount of movement going on.  Tons of bouncing, running, flailing around, it just has such an enjoyable amount of energetic flow to it.  It's irresistible, and I definitely recommend giving it a watch.
  15. Gregzilla added a post in a topic Dark Souls 3 "In 2016, Praise all your problems away!"