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  1. Thigolf added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    What makes it even more suspicious: Smash U and 3DS are updating at roughly the same time this time around. There were only two times (edit: correction: 3, see down below) this happened before: When Mewtwo was added and when Lucas/Ryu/Roy were added.
    It's still possible that nothing will happen (Nintendo has been weirdly quiet, they usually go all out when something new is coming to Smash), but after we got this Scenario two times and two (edit: three) times something BIG happened, I don't blame anyone for getting excited.
    Edit: Okay, there was a third time this happened in the middle of July, where they added some Mii costumes and two classic stages and lots of balancing to the 3DS Version and the tourney mode and YouTube upload Feature along with the 3DS stuff for Wii U, my bad. Still a big update, even though no new characters were involved.
    Edit 2: Okay, I'm bored, so I figured I'd make a list to elaborate on what Athena and I already mentioned:
    SSB 3DS Maintenance on October 27th: Balancing Adjustments live on same daySSB 3DS Maintenance on November 18th: Balancing and Bug Fixing live on the same daySSB 3DS & U Maintenance on April 15th: Mewtwo added (and the Ryu/Roy Files), along with Mii costumes, a share mode on U and a balancing updateSSB 3DS & U Maintenance on June 14th: Ryu, Roy and Lucas added, along with Mii costumes and new stages, Mii Costumes and MusicSSB U Maintenance on July 3rd: Minor Non-Gameplay adjustmentsSSB 3DS & U Maintenance on July 13th/14th: Most likely preparations for the big Update on July 30th with more stages, a tourney mode, Mii costumes and Youtube upload featureExcept for one maintenance that seemingly did nothing, every single maintenance did at least some balancing, with most other updates being preparations for big updates. So yeah, while there is no guarantee that something will happen, there has been a pretty reliable pattern in the past, so I don't think it's out there when People simply assume that this pattern will continue.
  2. Thigolf added a post in a topic Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]   

    So...this is interesting. There's a german retailer who also lists the Amiibo and mentions specific features. 
    Since they are so specific and the event where they might be announced is in an hour, I'll put them in spoiler tags now, just in case.

    Sooooo... yeah. If the retailer didnt make that up, there's A LOT coming to the Nintendo versions. I hope this turns out to be true.
    Regardless, we'll probably find out soon enough if all that stuff really is true. Can't wait!
  3. Thigolf added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Exactly, that's why I said it's just a guess of mine, I was just speculating. The confidence Nintendo Life has with this rumor makes me think the retailers really listed it as a Smash Amiibo specifically, but again, that is just a guess. Sorry if I sounded like I knew more than I did.
  4. Thigolf added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    It depends, really: the standalone Amiibo thing is still a valid Option, but what if those multiple retailers didn't just mention a Shovel Knight Amiibo, but specifically a Shovel Knight Amiibo in the Smash Bros Line-Up? There's basically no room for doubt for which game it is, and him being a DLC character would be the only logical conclusion.
    As for the early release date of the Amiibo as opposed to other DLC Characters: Since the retail release of Shovel Knight is right around the Corner, maybe Nintendo gave it a higher priority since Shovel Knight is relevant at that point in time again, as opposed to figures like Lucas where it doesn't really matter when they come out?
    But yeah, this is just a guess of mine - like FFWF said, we'll probably know the full truth on Thursday.
  5. Thigolf added a post in a topic Mighty Switch Force Acadamy   

    I just checked and... yeah, it has a pricetag now (9,99 Euro for me) and I can't play it anymore (it's in my Library, but instead of "Play" it says "Buy" ). Seems like they accidentally released it without a Price tag and quickly corrected the mistake. Guess I got lucky ior getting to play it at least for a short while ^^'
  6. Thigolf added a post in a topic Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]   

    Yay, updates! First of all, a Plague Knight Campaign Trailer!
    Also: Yacht Club Games confirmed that we are going to get the MEGATON Nintendo announcement this week, not only that, but they are also present at the Pre-PAX Event "Nindies @‌ Night" on Thursday - I think it's pretty safe to assume that this is where we are going to hear about the Nintendo exclusive stuff.

    I honestly can't wait to find out what the Nintendo users are going to get! Thursday (Friday for me) can't come soon enough!
  7. Thigolf added a post in a topic Mighty Switch Force Acadamy   

    The early access version of the game is out NOW and it's completely free   available for 9,99€ and 6,99 Pound (I assume it's 9,99 Dollar for the US)!
    Let's Switch it up!
  8. Thigolf added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Oh, right, I didn't even keep in mind that all the other DLC characters don't have amiibo yet and will likely not get some until next year (minus Mewtwo) - so yeah, the "Just a standalone Amiibo" seems a lot more likely now.
    Yacht Club often says they don't have any idea about something or say a listing is incorrect when it actually isn't, though. After the European release date for the 3DS/Wii U Versions popped up in the eShop, they also played dumb and said they didnt know if it was true, when they actually recorded a message for the Nintendo Direct that day in which they announced the release of the game, and they also said the retail listing of Shovel Knight on various retailers was fake, when it later actually turned out to be real, so I'd take their deconfirmation with a grain of salt, they are a playful bunch sometimes xP
  9. Thigolf added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    I...actually don't think this is too unlikely?
    I mean, Yacht Club did tease that Nintendo owners would get something special and that it's something we might not expect - I think him being in Smash would fit that bill rather nicely. Also, keep in mind how popular Shovel Knight as a character was when the Ballot first popped up in April - I don't think it's too unlikely that they might have chosen him as an early pick.
    About the whole "It uses fanmade Smashified artwork" Thing: I don't think that discredits the listing. I can see some Clerk who doesn't know much about Smash see the fanmade amiibo picture and slap it into the listing since it looks close enough to all the official amiibo artworks, or heck, even as a placeholder, but I'm having a hard time imagining someone adding a Shovel Knight listing just for the hell of it or as a mistake. You don't just add random stuff to a website of a store like that without anything backing it up. So yeah: Picture fake? Yeah, obviously. But the listing? I'm not sure.
    But yeah, I'm quite curious how everything will turn out. I'm not saying that this will turn out true, but if it did...I wouldn't be that surprised.
  10. Thigolf added a post in a topic Konami is running a survey for us gamers.   

    Filled it in, too, with lots of Focus on how badly I want the Bomberman Franchise back. Hopefully, something positive will come out of it.
  11. Thigolf added a post in a topic Disney Infinity.   

    Every figurine from 1.0 and 2.0 can be used in 3.0, but Playsets only work in the games they were introduced in.

    But yeah, I agree, the games really should be downloadable upgrades IMO. Keep the boxed 2.0 and 3.0 Upgrades for Newcomers, but why can't the owners of 2.0 upgrade to 3.0 for like, I dunno, 15 or 20 bucks, without having to go out and buy a whole new game with figurines you might not even want and another Infinity Base you don't need? I feel like that would be a much better solution.
  12. Thigolf added a post in a topic Disney Thread   

    Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD.

    That poster. I... I don't know what to say. I'm so speechless right now. This is absolutely breathtaking. I can't wait for this to come out. So freaking hyped.
  13. Thigolf added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    Duck Hunt Dog and his ducky friend walk into the room to see what everyone is up to. As soon as he takes a seat, Dedede mentions the orchestra and a proud smile crawls across the dog's mouth. Duck spots the grin in Terror and immediately starts to quack loudly, trying to warn everyone, but it's too late - Dog already started to showcase his most beautiful singing voice.
  14. Thigolf added a post in a topic Animal Crossing: Happy Home Desinger.   

    So, the game got released last week in Japan and it already has 500.000 copies sold!
    That is pretty damn impressive
  15. Thigolf added a post in a topic Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!   

    We now have an official Statement on the official Mighty No. 9 Forums, reconfirming the delay to Q1 2016. (since it's backers only, here's the neogaf link). Appearently, there are still quite a few bugs in the online features.