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  1. Thigolf added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    Dog looks curiously at Rush and sniffs him for a bit, quickly accepting him, wagging his tail happily as he gives his face a lick, shuddering as he tastes the cold metal on his tongue.
  2. Thigolf added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    *Dog walks around, admiring the scenery, as he finally spots the elephant tree in the room stage. His eyes start to sparkle. Duck looks at him, confused at first, but then quickly grasps what's happening, furiously pecking the dog as he starts to mark his territory at Whispy...*
  3. Thigolf added a post in a topic Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time (2016, Japan) (PS4/3DS/...NX?)   

    Sorry, but after seeing countless DQ games being announced in Japan and us only getting a single one, which is a Warriors Game with relatively little text and thus low localisation cost, I really can't be hopefull anymore. I've been eagerly waiting for DQ X, the DQM Remakes, the DQ7 and 8 Remakes (and yes, I heard about what Horii said, but Im waiting for hard proof, 'Horii said it' is too uncertain for me) and some of the other spin-Offs, just to be waiting for nothing. I'm sorry if I come across as a negative nancy, but after five years of getting ignored by Squenix, Im simply tired of hoping for DQ games coming over here. The fact that Square Enix is like "We are considering it, just like past Dragon Quest titles" after giving us next to no games in the past 4 years or so doesn't help either.
    Again, I'll be the happiest guy on earth in case it comes over, but I'm way past the Point of expecting it. I've been burned too much.
  4. Thigolf added a post in a topic Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time (2016, Japan) (PS4/3DS/...NX?)   

    I absolutely adore the look of the 3DS Version. The 3D Models on the top Screen and the 2D Pixels on the bottom along with the fact that the battle screen changes as well depending on which control method (circle pad or Stylus) are just a absolutely wonderful idea, especially when you consider that it's DQ's 30th Birthday - it just seems like the perfect celebration. Seriously, I can't stress enough how much I love this idea. The PS4 is really gorgeous and stunning and I love how it Looks, too, but yeah, the 3D/old School Mix of the 3DS Version just strikes a chord with me.
    Sadly, I have almost zero faith we're ever going to get the game. We still haven't seen X, or any of the half a dozen 3DS games Japan got, so I really have no reason to be hopeful for a western release. I'd love to be proven wrong, of course.
  5. Thigolf added a post in a topic [ROLEPLAY] Super Smash Bros: Smash in the House! (OP Includes Full Details, Rules, and Characters)   

    Occupation: The dog's helping someone shooting ducks collecting said ducks. Meanwhile, the duck just hangs around with him. Despite his job. For...some reason.
    Personality: The dog is a pretty laid back fellow who generally means no harm to anyone - but there's no denying that he loves to make fun and laugh at people if they happen to mess up. The duck is much more feisty, aggressive and...yeah, kind of a dick.
    *Dog walks into the living room with a copy of Beethoven in his mouth. Duck is sitting on his back, super annoyed at the movie choice Dog settled on, and the fact that they had to spend ages in the video store - for some reason, Dog had trouble telling the shop owner which movie he wanted, despite barking in the most beautiful fashion.
    As they enter, they look at the chaos in shock and surprise and further annoyance (though the latter was mostly duck exclusive). Dog sighs and trots over to Lucas, who smells like a dog lover, curling up next to him and patiently waiting for the humans (and weirdly humanoid robots and penguins) to start a movie, while duck uses the chaos and confusion of the situation to eat as much popcorn as possible.
  6. Thigolf added a post in a topic Pixels (2015): Adam Sandler, you did it again!   

    So, Sega put out a press release for 3D Streets of Rage 2 and all I can say is

  7. Thigolf added a post in a topic The Kingdom Hearts Series: THE KH3 HYPE TRAIN IS REAL   

    The Thing about Winnie Pooh though is the fact that there is a human, Christopher Robin, in the Pooh Universe (Sora even fills in a rather similar role to him), so Sora would've never been out of place anyway, so I don't think it's comparable with a furry-only world like Robin Hood. I wouldn't necessarily mind him staying a human, though, just throwing that out there.
    What I think would be pretty cool, though: Maybe they could make him a Lion Furry, as there even exists concept art of Sora where he was just that: A Lion furry. It would be neat reference imo.

    Edit: Eh, Ninja'd. xP
  8. Thigolf added a post in a topic Disney Infinity.   

    The polls for the next Version are already up. It consists out of "20 fan favorites", further suggestions can be made on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #OurDisneyInfinity Hashtag.
    Since Gravity Falls' Creator Alex Hirsch drew Attention to the poll, Mabel currently has a MASSIVE lead with 64%, followed by Darkwing Duck with 18% (who led the poll for quite a while, actually), Wall-E with 8%, Robin Hood with 6% and finally Baloo (<3) with 4%. Since that adds up to 100%, all the other characters seem to have an almost neglectable amount of votes, but everything could still change.
    Who'd be your favorite? I personally voted for Baloo. I just love my good old Papa Bear. <3
  9. Thigolf added a post in a topic Animal Crossing: Happy Home Desinger.   

    Yeah, this game really isn't for me. What I love about AC is that I can do whatever I want, buy whatever I want, and decorate my house however I want (and getting horrible Ratings for it XP), so a game all about decorating a home how others (NPCs) want it really isn't for me. It looks good for what it is, though.
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  11. Thigolf added a post in a topic The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP   

    Someone on Reddit imported Dai Gyakuten Saiban and talks about the localization possibilites and issues that could come up.
    Even in Case 1, there are already localization hurdles to overcome, and while they don't seem impossible to solve, I'm pretty worried that Capcom sees those issues, doesn't think it's worth the effort and immediately dismisses the game - and maybe they already have.
  12. Thigolf added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    I just can't believe it. I knew he had health problems, but it always seemed like he'd be able to get through all of this...and now he's just..gone. At age 55, which makes it even more heartbreaking. I just cannot put it into words how much much this shocks and saddens me.
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Iwata...
  13. Thigolf added a post in a topic Rayman Adventures (iOS, Android)   

    Yeah, the Tom Clancy games are selling better, and yes, it could've been worse, but that still doesn't make it less disappointing imo.
    Capcom at least has the excuse of being in pretty bad shape (they had to go to Sony to even make a new entry of their biggest Franchise possible), but Ubisoft? They make Millions and Millions every single year through Assassins Creed alone. You'd think that they would have some spare cash to give their Mascot (or ex-mascot?) a nice, pretty big birthday console game.
    If it was any other year, I probably would be like "Hey, this looks like a pretty cool mobile game!" - because it really does look like a pretty cool mobile game. But seeing one of my favorite Videogame characters having his 20th Birthday, a pretty dang big Milestone imo, and all he's getting is a mobile game consisting of rearranged Legends assets with very few new stuff in between just...kind of bums me out. Again, it still could a pretty good game (I'm actually pretty certain it will be), but as a huge fan of Rayman, this is still pretty dang disappointing.
  14. Thigolf added a post in a topic Rayman Adventures (iOS, Android)   

    It's basically just rearranged Legends assets to new Levels, with little new, exciting tropes or elements, from the looks of it.
    It doesn't look bad, it will probably be a pretty neat mobile game, but as the only game Rayman will get on his 20th Birthday, this is pretty fucking disappointing.
  15. Thigolf added a post in a topic Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]   

    I dunno, I would've guessed something like Zelda as well, but them saying "It might be not quite what you expect" makes me think it's not an obvious character - heck, I'm not even sure if it's an exclusive Level anymore, but something entirely different. That line REALLY threw me off. xD