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  1. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Mario Tennis Ultra Smash(Wii U)   

    I don't know what type of reasoning you are trying to make here, to be fair - a lot of fans actually like him aside from the points that you have assumed. And to you what if people even did like him just for the reason for being an underdog? Then well, that just makes the justification of fans liking other, less valued characters from other fandoms moot in your own eyes - like Eggman was at one point in the Sonic fandom, for example.
    I love Waluigi and it is not for his "meme status" or anything of the sorts, but for the fact that I admire his underhandedness, the somewhat sycophantic behavior towards Wario out of admiration (but yet he isn't afraid to cheat him out of villain wiles,) and his mysterious air. His Loki-esque behavior and his cunning are what drew me in as a fan long ago and the potential of what he can be still keeps me a fan to this day.  His ability to persevere obstacles and that Robotnik-esque quality to overcome adversity is really appealing and something that I can relate towards on a first-hand basis. This character means a lot to others more than what you may think appears on the surface ( for one, anyone can ask my friends about Waluigi and they will tell you with a similar conviction that they hate the meme basis surrounding him and take him as a character at face value, even if there isn't much to go by now or things that others don't pick up on.)
    If anything. I know that his Amiibo will look excellent and I will be looking forward to picking it up on day one (that's if I can get it. Wario is still hard to find.)
  2. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Skylanders: SuperChargers "Spyro can drive cars with Bowser now.. Wait, what?"   

    Despite it being a one-shot that art style though, the characters look confused and lifeless for most of the panels. I dunno, IDW is pretty iffy it seems. Maybe I have been spoiled with more expressive fan art and what-not but ehhhhh.
    But hey. First time we have had a Mario character in a comic in a long time. That's something, right?
  3. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam   

    Probably on an alternative quest annoying the hell out of his friendly assistants then giving some cock and bull story about how he was the hero - only to make a lucrative book deal out of it later ala A Million Little Pieces.
  4. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic The E3 Gif Thread 2015   

    Yeah I decided to make one this year. I wanted to last E3, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I hope you guys enjoy my sloppy editing and whatnot.

  5. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    200 cc or How Inertia Made Me Its Bitch.
    Creeping crackers, 200cc is just a great simulator if you want to crash into things. I am going to need a lot of practice for this class - in fact, not even the NPCs know how to handle 200cc as many of them are frequently crashing into corners and walls on your playbacks.
    But let's mention the level of detail in the new levels, because once you rewind ad nauseum, you start to appreciate the finer bells and whistles in even the DLC tracks. I swear that Gold Bell Subway has really interesting graffitio speckled around the tubes, including tags by the koopalings. That Underground World 1-2 mural is practically the best reference I have seen yet. And the bakery? It has cookies from Yoshi's Cookie. I am still trying to find out what the small text is on the map (not the line maps) though.
  6. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Last crossover's tandem bike is one cover I was sure would never be beat, but I have been proven wrong.
    Ah, what a time to be alive.
  7. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Nintendo Direct [April 1, 3PM PT/April 2 12AM CEST]   

    I'm expecting a 20 minute presentation of Iwata staring at a banana.
    15 minutes in Reggie walks in with another banana. Then in the last 5 minutes, he pulls out an orange. Both stare contemplating their life. Hideo Kojima walks in and announces that he is now working for Nintendo.
  8. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Nice. I like that he plans to bring back the Armada, since the synergy between them and the Eggman Empire complimented each other. They would make excellent rivals and traitors eventually. I would love to see a fisticuffs battle between Eggman and Battle Kukku.
    And Eggman's currency is called EggBucks though nobody uses it? Sounds to me like it's the Mobian version of BitCoins.
    (And Ian totally missed the opportunity to call them Sheggkels.)
  9. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Sonic Channel   

    Part of me wants to say Wave on that next one.
  10. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    Oh man. Rayman?!  That was extremely left field!
    What if Sakurai is revealing a whole mess of characters both new and old? You know how he likes to troll people.
  11. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog   

    I just bag and board mine and put them in a D-ring binder.
  12. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic The Mario Kart TV Thread   

    Well I know who is my new OTP.
  13. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   

    Wow. I jump out of this thread for three days and now it turned into the smoldering ruins of a post apocalyptic dacha for ex-Sonic characters.
    Well almost - it was smoldering before that, but now everything semi recognizable looks like it has been hit with a 20 megaton bomb launched by the itchy trigger finger of one Ken Penders, sooted in dodge and burn.
    Going through these discussions, from the beach bikini party with puddingfaced enchiladas from Pandora to that "I cannot believe that was the thing that Ken backstabbed Hurst over to sell to SEGA" pitch, this has been one long train ride into crazytown. Everything that he has done is unforgivable given his history from the general view of that he just doesn't want to learn about anything. The blatant misogyny is appalling for someone who claims to be a progressive person.
    Seriously I cannot get over Kenders sticking Lara-Su in a bikini and calling it aesthetically fashionable, then winding some story about the planet being filled with water.  It is almost as if the guy has never seen a scuba suit at all, and to boot, hopefully one without boob socks.
    Even then taking that if this was an alien culture to the ones from Mobius and that their cultural attire is different from ours, it would still be unnecessary to stick her into Wrestling Roses fashion for the sake of aesthetics, even considering that she is underage. You don't see him doing it to the male cast, just the female ones, so obviously that argument is a shut case before you even know what is going on - a typical pandering (Pendering, heh) for sexual appeal.
    And then comparing it to the con goers? Really? You are going to compare that thing to the con goers in costume and then shame their cosplay?
    Aside from Red Sonic wearing a cowboy hat and the My First Presentation, the whole misogynist inclusion with free back-up and pedal "apology" is the thing that has stuck out the most. But this being Penders, why am I even surprised? Damage Control is on speed dial now and it has disconnected long ago.
  14. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    Are you kidding? The visor was the best racer of the game.
  15. SchemingMinor added a post in a topic Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)   

    Hmmmm. Maybe I should submit this. I think I still have the raw video for it.

    Good jerb, Wario.