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  1. Azoo added a post in a topic A Sonic game directed by Christian 'Taxman' Whitehead   

    Taxman would make for the best Sonic game in years, no doubt. Tax understands not only the game mechanics to a tee, but also how to make classic Sonic style visual and level layout design. His work on Desert Dazzle and Final Fever (the unused stages in the SCD remake) were gorgeous and both Hidden Palace and Egg Gauntlet from the Sonic 2 remake are brilliantly laid out.

    I just don't expect him to get the rights to do such a thing any time soon. I'll remain hopeful he'll be given that chance however. Someday...
  2. Azoo added a post in a topic Official Sonic 2006 topic   

    The only way I ever thought a story based on the outer ideas of 06 would work is if we just connected these pieces easier and made Soleanna where Blaze came from and she's the princess and she's just the same as she was in Rush. And then we have where Solaris came from a scepter (like the one from Rush Adventure) and was a crazy fire beast, like a parallel of Chaos except fire instead of water, and with the Sol Emeralds. Oh yeah, and let's get rid of the Mephiles and Iblis thing because that was dumb.
    And even then, that's about as far as I get because it still feels like it'd be too serious for it's own good (...actually it'd just seem like a rip-off of SA1's story probably). If it wasn't then it'd probably just not be anything like 06's story.
  3. Azoo added a post in a topic Official Sonic 2006 topic   

    Never understood why every time Sonic 06 gets a semblance of a fan recreation, the creators want to do a 1:1 remake. Sonic 06 2D, Briannu's 06 Generations mod, and now Gistix's Unity project. It's baffling.
    06's stages are pretty neat and I feel might somewhat deserve a second try at them, but in all honesty, why do people feel that it's little intricacies that made it so bad to begin with (like Sonic's model and animations for one, or the jerky and completely busted control mechanics, or the overabundance of dash panels, or even the amount of dull color and realism and awful story elements) are worth salvaging in a fan remake?
    It's like a lot of these people really do believe that the only problem with 06 were it's glitches, and that making a version without them would suddenly make people like it.
    I want to see 06's levels realized, if anything. Like full on Adventure-esque gameplay, not 06's terrible attempt to be it. With altered level design and object placement, so that it isn't some automated mess with too many objects making a mass visual clutter. And throw away the story elements involved, because that stuff is so bad there's no way I can think of it being salvaged without the solution being just as convoluted as the plot itself.
    It's for all of these reasons I almost feel like 06 would never benefit from a remake, because there's so many problems with it that improving them all would make a different game altogether. 
  4. Azoo added a post in a topic Sega's Secret Sonic Bible that we'll probably never see "TO MARS!"   

    Oh, well ain't that just super.
    Also, Sonic Team A, B, C whatever confirmed, going by that. Good to know everyone in the team has a different idea as to what Sonic is as well... ha ha... haaaaaa.... haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............
  5. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Unleashed   

    And I can't really blame you, because no one should have the patience to play through the Werehog stages. And yeah the boost gameplay got better with Generations, but just soaking in their merits instead of looking at outside biases, I can't say it was a bad experience by any means. I had fun, and in the end that's all that really matters to me.
    And the hubs are going to have to be something I disagree with you on whole-heartedly.
    Call it pointless, but sometimes bits and pieces of a game aren't necessarily meant to build progress. Some are meant to liven up and add to the atmosphere, and I think the hubs in Unleashed do that exceptionally well for the most part! Though I'm not going to deny that slowing down Sonic's speed in them to a walk and keeping them separate from the Entrance Stages were both bad ideas, because they were, but that shouldn't render them as some unexcusable garbage that never needs to be done again.
  6. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Unleashed   

    I find Unleashed to be good fun. It ain't amazing, but it's not horrible. MAJOR step up from the two or three games that preceeded it, though.
    The atmosphere to the environments are so warm and lovable, the NPCs are fun to talk to (with very fun dialogue options), the music is great and at times pretty captivating, and though the QTEs (god the QTEs), medal collecting and the general idea of the Werehog were just bad bad bad ideas in general, the boost gameplay and Werehog's gameplay in themselves were both actually pretty fun, though a tiny bit on the clunky side. Really something to get used to though, since neither are anything like the games that came before it.
    Overall a pretty good experience, I'd say. Not sure how it (especially the HD version) comes anywhere close to "second to Sonic 06". At all. It did have the problem of needing that 'hook' to attract other audiences they never needed in, and that was a load of crap for sure. But honestly, all Unleashed did was show that there was a light at the end of the tunnel... at least for that time being.
    While Generations improved on it's mechanics though I can't say I really want any of the gameplay bits of the game to make much of a comeback. Not a fan of boost gameplay in the long term of things; I'd honestly prefer a game that soaks in the more classic elements of Sonic's gameplay like rolling and Spin Dashing and building speed in a slopey wonderland, but that's just me. I'd kill for hubworlds and NPCs like Unleashed's again, though. That was wonderful.
    Also, merging topics with our other topic related to Unleashed (I could've swore we had another topic related to it, but I guess this will do...)
  7. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    You made a topic that was just a statement about some off-hand subject, with no discussion value beyond stating your opinion. We have rules for not making topics like that, and taking posts like that into another topic where you can vent your frustrations and people discuss stuff with you about it. We have these topics for reasons and a lot of people are cool with it. I'm cool with it, you should be cool it, and he she we they be cool with it, and even if anyone gave you lip when you made the topic, the general idea is that you do things and you learn from it and we're all peaches and cream.
    How you can turn that around and make it into us being toxic and angry, I dunno. But you did, I guess?
    You cut off the part immediately after that quote where I said "one being a ripoff of the other, even" to make it seem like I was wrong and give you a reason to repeat everything again. Talk about going out of your way to misconstrue something as if people can't read the other post, dude. lol
    Well, this topic has been ultra mega derailed by all of this. You know.. the circular arguing, people getting fed up with it, and mods having to intervene while you make it out that we're out to get you (though admittedly, we are very tired of it) and swear that we're as corrupt and broken as your copy of Sonic Adventure. :v
    So let's stop, and get back on topic. Last call, man. Last call.
  8. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    Well, Diesel.
    The only reason people ever gave you crap is because you just kept repeating arguments while either reaching for statements by reading into things too hard (like lyrics to Unknown from M.E.? Really dude? :v) or pulling statistics out of thin air. Admittedly, many other people (me included) have been way too exceedingly adamant to respond to you and keep it going in circles and circles and circles and circles and circles, with of course the main thing keeping it cyclical being that you'll claim things that are against your opinions are simply biased and that your opinion is somehow both factual and your own opinion so obviously it shouldn't be questioned for both reasons.
    If you get along better with "nicer" people on places like the Sega forums, it's probably because you can be a pushover to other people on there with less effort or questioning. Sorry if managing to debate your (easy to refute against) opinions makes us a "toxic" experience in comparison to that, I guess? We have conversations here all the time that do not end up becoming like the ones everyone has with you on here, and we will continue to as you leave, if that is what you wish.
    Oh, and on another note, nobody was denying your claim that they have their similarities. Of course they do, we all know that. It's the part where you make a throwaway claim that they're exactly the same character (one being a ripoff to another, even) and then spend 6 pages trying to cover your ass with poorly constructed arguments that are so shallow and pedantic that you don't know how to respond other than spit it out over and over again while plugging your ears and hoping you win when they give up and you're still talking.
    So yeah.
    Anyways, I voted for Vector in the Rouge vs Vector battle. Love ya Rouge, but the croc's got my block. BJ
  9. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    Blaze = introverted. Very shy and reserved to herself. Didn't like communicating much, didn't trust anyone outside herself until Sonic came and alongside Cream's efforts, managed to get Blaze to open up more. Otherwise surrounded by royalty and her people, she's never really without company present until she steps out for herself.
    Knuckles = loner wrong word usage, let's just go with guardian. Only on his lonesome due to the position of his self appointed job as guardian of the Master Emerald, Hidden Palace, and the entirety of Angel Island. He likes people's company despite being a bit inept at communication and prone to gullibility. Worked well with Eggman and wasn't afraid to give him as much hell as he could when he found out Eggman's intents. Is pretty laid back friends with Sonic,Tails, and Amy. Nervous around girls, implying he'll at least interact with them.. which we actually see with Rouge's presence.
    To put it in short, they're actually opposites.
    Oh yeah, and I know we keep quoting the Sonic 3 Japanese manual about him being friendly with the animals, but you know, just to nip it in the bud, let's actually bring some more solid proof.

    Sure looks like he was hanging out with the animals to me before this bomb was dropped.
  10. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    He's been in minor appearances in spinoffs or whatever. Ones where he's just like "yeah I'm Shadow" and here's over there doing broody Shadow things with Rouge and Omega or some Omega-expy like that one robot. And then you have Generations, where you fight him, but the fight is ambiguous on whether it's a battle with the Shadow of now or just a re-imagining of the SA2 battle (...pun intended?).
    Those aren't like major appearances where he's a main character. There's no focus on him at all, besides the immediate response like "oh I'm playing as him and get to hear him make quips in a racing game with an excuse plot", or "oh I'm fighting him just like old times on my Dreamcube". 
    He has a bad stigma for every game past SA2 he's been in. If he were to come back to that, they'd have to try to rekindle what made people like him in the first place and force fans to forget what they did before, or just shine a new light on him altogether.
  11. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    It's not wrong to like Shadow, and it's not wrong to want him back. Unless you really like what ShTH brought to the table or something lol
    But you honestly can't expect them to bring Shadow back as a main character in a game without Sega having to prove that it's not gonna be like the last few times. Just casually sliding Shadow back in would lead to outrage because of how much people don't like him, much like if Big ever made another main appearance in a game. And I'd love Big to make another appearance! But if either were to return, it would require Sega to make a point out of it so that they could turn it around and make them loved again.
    And I guess my point was that I'd rather Knuckles or Blaze or someone (characters with good reputations (that are also being argued about in this topic)) get focus before him, because all I want of them is more of their presence, and maybe more elaboration on who they are than before. 
  12. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    Calling Shadow's entire game "one or two bad appearances" is just about the understatement of the century and you know it.
    And Jiminy H. Christmas, no one here said he deserved to die or was the worst thing about the franchise (except maybe Diogenes). Unless you're referring to some group outside the fanbase, I don't know who you think is really saying that. In all honesty, Sonic gets more on the shit end for deserving to die nowadays.. you know, what with being the main character and all.
    Shadow's got a really, really shittily handled backstory. Does that mean he couldn't be done justice nowadays? No, he definitely could. Does that mean he doesn't have any worth to him? No, it doesn't, in fact he'd be a very interesting character. But yet if that's all the case, does that mean anyone's just gonna accept him as a main character in a new game without remembering the bad taste Sega left in their mouths over him? No, not at all! Which is why he'd need a lot more work to prove his worth compared to a character like Knuckles or Tails or what have you!
    Which has been my point this entire time. You can keep handing it in to hyperbole, hatedom or favoritism or some shit, but that has not been any of my argument, or much of anyone's.
    Whatever, man.
  13. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    1 ) Different kinds of emeralds; and regardless of that they handle their jobs completely differently
    2 ) Blaze is a pyrokinetic. Knuckles had one or two fire-looking moves once because he was painted as an anime-trope angry red guy.
    3 ) Blaze was an introvert esque character. A loner only in her personality, otherwise being surrounded by royalty.
         Knuckles is a hermit. A loner only in profession, he lives on an island by himself, but seems pretty open to other people.
    4 ) Blaze changed after she met Sonic. Knuckles didn't. He stayed exactly the same.
    Hoooooly crap, dude. How many times can someone say this.
    Shadow has a stigma attached to him that is almost undodgeable, which makes a world of difference between him and Knuckles.
    Knuckles had a backstory that was pretty well done and positively recieved, with the elaboration it gained in SA1 also being well liked and accepted. His entire occupation is based on what was laid down in his foundations, so for that reason, his OOC moments are seen as diversions from his original interpretation and people have more than enough reason to still find worth in him.
    Shadow also had a good backstory. However, Sega went out of their way to rewrite it and then made it unbelievably awful. Like Knuckles, Shadow's entire occupation is based on what his foundation and backstory was... but that backstory foundation was changed into something much, much worse.
    And I would personally love Shadow to be treated like a better character, and be written better. But considering the stigma he'd left from the games he had the most presence in, I imagine it'd be hard to bring him back unless they were to either to never refer back to it ever (which would require the series to try to reevaluate his purpose), or rewrite the whole thing a second time / retcon it so that SA2's story was forever how it went and he's still alive and around because reasons.
    In fact I imagine it'd be hard to bring back Shadow while convincing people it's not like how it was last time he was in the spotlight.
    But whatever. I'm exhausted from this now.
  14. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    It matters because this is the game cast we're comparing here...? I'm not gonna base Sonic's personality on his comic-canon traits, nor am I gonna do that for anyone else.
    And as I just described in my enntiiiireee post, being characterized bad at one point is on a completely different league than being made bad to the core. :T
  15. Azoo added a post in a topic Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread   

    On the note of comparing Knuckles and Blaze, If we're gonna bring up the whole "Knuckles has fire stuff" thing here, that's only because 2003 - 2006 started having him associate some of his moves and other weird crap with fire every now and then, and the only reason why was because he was red and they wanted him to fit the anime cliche of "fire = red = angry" which more or less consumed his character for a little while.
    Shadow being the best character in 06 didn't mean much since he was still pretty bad. I mean, a GUN agent? For what reason other than to be there for badass points sake? DIdn't he have a pretty good reason to hate them? And if he got over it (as the ending of ShTH implied alongside that song "Never Turn Back"), why would he go out of his way to work with them?
    And those other games? lol
    Those are spinoffs and junk, with extremely minor appearances. And the comic isn't even game canon, so what's the reason for bringing that up?
    Tails has had a major appearance in almost every single main Sonic game, with a bare few featuring him on the side as a minor character (and of course not Sonic 1 or CD). Only Lost World is notable for taking him and putting him way out-of-character. Tails also has very little backstory to him other than "he was bullied until he met Sonic and became his best friend", and everyone seems to like that for good reasons.
    Knuckles has had a major appearance in 5/6 games (Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes), and had a minor character role in 4 of them (Shadow, Sonic 06, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World). Even with character derail from later games he'd appeared in, Knuckles' base given in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Adventure is still relevant to his character, and for that reason his character is still revered and given hope to be given better treatment someday.
    Shadow has had a major appearance in 4 games (Sonic Adventure 2, Heroes, Shadow, Sonic 06) and 1 minor appearance (Sonic Generations). In 3 out of 4 of his major appearances, he (as well as games, coincidentally) were considered pretty awful. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that his entire backstory introduced for him in Sonic Adventure 2 (which was a bit crazy but also good) had been tampered with in Heroes and mostly ShTH, changing the entire character into something generally disliked by everyone except his very particular fanbase.
    It's not that I don't want Shadow to be improved and made better, but would I want him to win over Tails? Knuckles? Blaze? Metal Sonic? Amy? Dr. Eggman? No way, man.