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  1. Azoo added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    Sonic as a character is unpredictable (somewhat), unrestricted and free.
    Sonic as a game series is only unpredictable because of a lack of consistency and bad design decisions thought to be the answer to a problem that didn't really need a new answer.
    And while I'm not completely against 'taking a little bit of everything and making new', it's going to end up leaning closer to one gameplay style than another, so I'm not entirely sure what it would solve.
  2. Azoo added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    I'm not sure what you mean or how it applies to any of what I was saying, unless we're supposed to some sort of vague list of ideals that have no real meaning.
  3. Azoo added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    Why are we talking about Sonic's personality here? Get back on topic, people. Also, 
    Don't make posts like this. They don't contribute much to anything. Leave this kinda short talk in the statuses.
    Dunno how that'd work, though. If you're gonna give the player something they have to press to do, you have to give them a reason why they would need to press it. For that to work, you'd need something like a speed gauge that rises past a certain point and will allow you to blast past it if built up enough.
    Without it, there's no predictability behind where and when you can do it, beyond just knowing you have to run very fast for an extended period of time, which in that case (plus it being all part of the "build up speed" idea) you might as well make it automatic, because it's not like it did any harm being like that in the Advance games.
  4. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    It's probably hard coded, but at least now I can hope that someone can mess with Sonic's accel in that game and at least make the movement less jerky. It'd be a huge improvement to me if they could fix just that.
    Plus this is gonna be so much better being able to put the Spin Dash on the X button instead of the trigger. Aww yeah.
  5. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World heading to Steam (2 November)   

    Well, that was unexpected. And I mean, like, really unexpected.
    If this is a sign for anything, I hope it means that Sega's gonna keep PC releases for Sonic games as a high priority. Might help keep me from having to buy a PS4/Xbone if they can manage it, lol. Also hype for model/animation ripping becoming easier than ever.
  6. Azoo added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    I think adopting the Sadv2 boost is the most logical step that ties the empty gap between the boost and traditional Sonic gameplays together, if anything. Sure, it makes it a lot more clear of what you're doing when you press and hold a button to do it, but gaining enough speed and suddenly 'getting' it like you do in Adv2/3 is a lot more satisfying, to me at least. Plus, it feels a lot more in line with the general game-play and takes a long time to get to, so it doesn't feel too out of place compared for other characters to have.
    I think something like this could work too. Probably on a trigger though and not on a face button. That said, I don't think it's the perfect alternative, but it does also give a button to press and hold for when you want to wall-run or vault as well.
  7. Azoo added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    Even with everything I've said about the boost gameplay, it's not that I wouldn't enjoy another game with it.
    It's just kind of the same old drag we've had for three games already and I'm sorta tired of it. Despite Generations polishing it up better than the two games that preceded it, it still feels like I'm playing the same old game with little variation. Plus, it's just not as fun to me as freer movement, more platformy/slopey level design and rolling around at the speed of sound by any means, and doesn't really give much of any room for other playable characters (unless they too can run up to 300mph from a standstill).
    And call this pedantic if you want, the fact that the gameplay itself basically pretends that rolling isn't even a thing Sonic does anymore despite that being his entire schtick besides running fast doesn't really help my feelings towards it. It just seems so dumb to remove it from Sonic's moveset and replace it with something generic like a slide or a boost or something, and no, shafting it to the drift or some in-between animation after hitting a dashpad doesn't help. :v
  8. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Jam World Remix - First UE4 Sonic game   

    I know I've said it a hundred times, but awesome job on this. 8J
    People, please come check out this guy's work. It's really good!
  9. Azoo added a post in a topic The longevity of the Boost formula   

    Boost gameplay was most likely dropped for three reasons:
    1 ) Depth and replay value. Boost gameplay was fast, frantic and fun, but honestly all of its depth was in how many buttons it had taken to navigate Sonic's movement, and not in the actual game design. Otherwise it's a one trick pony: the boost games aren't much more than obstacle courses you blast at top speed, sidestep and drift through. It's fun, but that's about all there is to it.
    2 ) Cost/effort load versus amount of playtime. Boost games require not only next gen visual levels to keep up with the times, but also stages that are anywhere from 5 - 20 real life miles long. And considering Sonic's speed in those games, he kinda blasts through them in 3 - 8 minutes. Major waste of resources in comparison to play time, right? Especially if the replayability is low.
    3 ) Freedom for creativity. Boost gameplay isn't very lenient to letting anything else other than going fast be the focus, because the game's design all the way down to its core principles make the player feel like going below top speed is a punishment. And there isn't really much you can do when you make the game about moving top speed at all times, besides litter obstacles everywhere that either slow you down, speed you up, or kill you. 
    Also, the games following the base gameplay from Adventure and Adventure 2 (such as Heroes, ShTH and 06) only match them in regards to superficial elements, with their mechanics and gameplay focus being much different. After all, besides the inclusion of the homing attack and more linear routes, SA/SA2 gameplay is really just the classic games but adapted to 3D, rolling physics and all, and everything past SA2 threw that out the window entirely.
  10. Azoo added a post in a topic Pontaff Retrospective: What's Up with all the Hate?   

    Well then if I have ridiculous expectations to want something that uses what was good and throw out what was bad and handle storytelling with a bit more tact than just throwing things at a wall, then I hope you enjoy the oncoming games' stories I guess because they're most likely going to cater to your interests more and not mine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Also, focusing on characters and not on background plot points isn't going to fix a dang thing for this series if it still feels poorly put together, which Lost World was imo. You could argue the same for Adventure and etc and I wouldn't completely disagree with every notion of that either, but to act like Lost World is some pariah of that bunch that manages to do so much better than them? Haha, nah.
    Besides, why are once again pitting it as if it's one thing or another, anyways? Why does backstory elaboration and plot progression render interesting character interactions out of existence, or vice versa? Why is this black-or-white mentality here whenever many other games, books, movies and other mediums do them simultaneously all the time? Are we that desperate to just take what we can get, or are we just expecting no sort of good ever from Sonic Team and consider ourselves lucky for the minimum, or what? 
    I'm tired of thinking of it like this. I'm not expecting it to ever get better than how it is now, but I'll always be hopeful and know we can do better. Why do we settle so easy, as if nothing we once cared about matters because some kind of mopey "everything sucks, lets just take what good we get" mindset?
  11. Azoo added a post in a topic Pontaff Retrospective: What's Up with all the Hate?   

    God, can you jump off of the "everything is terrible" schtick for five minutes and actually realize there's things to appreciate in this series that aren't just chucked up to some mindless nostalgia chugging? I mean, it's one thing to acknowledge the stupid things this series has spit out (because there has been a lot), but you've acted a lot lately like there's just about nothing salvageable about whatever has been crafted beforehand just to justify your arguments, and it's getting beyond tiring to have to argue against.
    Talk about cynicism for cynicism's sake, lord. Why do we act like there's no sort of standard or general idea to look up to in this series? It's been terribly inconsistent, yes, but to act like that we can't tell what's good because we've been given mixed bags so much is just a ridiculous argument.
  12. Azoo added a post in a topic Pontaff Retrospective: What's Up with all the Hate?   

    On the other hand, I don't imagine it's a really wise decision to get someone at the helm that doesn't look into (let alone care) about the franchise's integrity or inner content. Sure, maybe a super-mega-fan wouldn't be good to run it all, but when you have an Ian Flynn on you...
    Also, I want to correct / elaborate on one of my previous statements made from today and say that Knuckles is a sort of rival to Sonic, but only on a vague level. Knuckles was originally conceived to be a rival figure to Sonic, and does such in games like Sonic R (he's the first place holder when playing as Sonic) and Sonic the Fighters (he and Sonic have their own musical cue to accompany it). However, as previously mentioned, it seems that this rivalry is only a rivalry when fun and games come in and competition is the focus, and otherwise they're often on the same page and won't interfere with each other's plans (in fact, they'll help each other rather than compete).
    Not counting his first appearance in Sonic 3 & Knuckles where he was very much a rival as much as an antagonist (constantly one-upping Sonic and giving him a few good whacks), he's really just good pals with Sonic past there... despite their near-constant bickering, disagreeing and scuffling. Once again, they're like vitrolic best buds.
  13. Azoo added a post in a topic Why is it that when we talk about bad Sonic games, we never talk about Sonic 3D Blast for the Genesis?   

    Discussing this is best suited for something like the "Popular / Unpopular Opinions in Sonic" thread. Because really, all this topic really is is a statement meant to get people either talking about how much they hated 3D Blast, or get people who liked it boiled up.
  14. Azoo added a post in a topic Pontaff Retrospective: What's Up with all the Hate?   

    Yeah, I getcha I think. Still doesn't seem much like a rivalry everybody wants out of them though. Once again, more like vitrolic best buds (pick on each other and get on each other's nerves a lot but are still friends) and less like Gary Oak ("oh he's always trying to better me I'LL GET HIM") is how I see it.
    The games/shows you'd refer to as the "OTP" (which does not mean what you think it means, lol) I'd say were a derailment of the stuff that came before it, to be honest. A lot of it really fits anime tropes, like how Sonic X and etc pretty much framed Sonic as your generic shonen hero, Amy as a yandere, Tails as a walking toolbox, Knuckles as a dumb "I'm angry, punch rocks!" grunt, and et cetera. The only times I can think of that Sonic & Knuckles were actually that big of rivals was in Sonic X too, so there's that.
    And like KKM said, Knuckles is still in rivalry with Sonic in Lost World anyways, so what is your argument here?
  15. Azoo added a post in a topic Pontaff Retrospective: What's Up with all the Hate?   

    To be honest, I used to Knuckles was actually Sonic's big-time competitive rival of sorts, but as time has gone by I've started to realize that must've been a thing that was only in American advertisement and things like the Archie comics, and then was shifted into the Japanese content starting with Sonic X. Which makes sense, because it seems to follow most of X's other ideas that also shoehorned the characters and their traits into boring anime stereotypes (which Sonic and Knuckles' personalities and rivalries both match to).
    Most of Knuckles' beefs with Sonic in 3K and Adventure seemed to lay in his ignorance of what was happening around him. His gullibility as well as his desperate need to defend his turf led him to trust the wrong people in the process. Sure, Knuckles still seemed to have scuffles with Sonic here and there and maybe a semblance of a rivalry between each other, but nothing quite like acting boastful and constantly the one-upping each other back to back because nothing (even SA2) seemed to imply it. They're more like vitrolic best buds than anything else.
    And I like that about it. It's just that, well.. yeah the rest of the game really does a terrible job of holding that point up, due to Sonic never getting his redemption, Tails treated like the ultimate good guy, and shit in the background just crumbling from bad writing.