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  1. Azoo added a post in a topic *(Critique I Feel Suits The Current Sonic Franchise)*   

    The only reason I could think of him hamming up the memes and junk is because there is really nothing big enough to be worth caring about right now. And you could say Boom counts as something, but Aaron knows as well as anybody that besides new episodes, almost no one is really looking forward to that.
  2. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog: Awakening Found on Ex-Silver VA Resume   

    Going by the name.. and the time period... and the character in question..
    It sounds like a bullet dodged. Had this news been one day earlier I could've been properly thankful for it.
  3. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   

    Now YOU listen here, Metal Sonic.
    i just wanted an excuse to do it back, not jumping at you lmao :y
    I know throwing people under the bus with these problems is something to be frustrated with, because it wasn't like that before and it shows just how cheap they're willing to go with this. I mean yeah, if suddenly a game I was playing did that to me, I'd be pretty buttflustered something fierce.
    But that's the thing. I'd be playing a console game, or a 3DS game maybe. This is a whole nother ballpark.
    These are games made for casuals, dudes and dudettes (and dudios for genderfluid and agender friendos). These are the games where people who play these games like Temple Run and Angry Birds and etc are to walk in and have so little commitment for good games and great experiences that they'll take anything given to them that'd be a nice time-waster.
    Sonic Runners, despite being "made by Sonic Team" (it has so little people from it that it's only made by them in name) is built for these people. They walk in, they see Sonic, they like Sonic but have no commitment, and are absolutely willing to get suckered into buying shit cuz they like other charac--
    You know what? I get it now.
    You guys are the suckers! Anyone who actually let themselves get invested in this game are the suckers! I've been preaching progressivism to Westboro the whole time! You feeeelll for it and now you reap what you sow! Get ready for more microtransactions, like one for being allowed to jump more than once in three seconds, cuz it will happen and you'll all be mad and then you'll give them the money anyways (or not, and get mad storming off), but you fell right in as a pawn to their game!
    Sorry if that came off as harsh, but I haven't been on here for like 8 days so I'm a little fresh out of the oven. Regardless, It's obvious that time shouldn't have been wasted here in the first place. Play it if you want for funsies, but when a game like this twists your tights with a new way to wring the cash out of your pockets, don't be surprised. After all, you helped it get where it is now, right? :V
    Moral of the story: let's all wait on the next Sonic game, kids. In the meantime, let's get away from things that frustrate us without need. Like mobile games with microtransactions.
  4. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   

    Seriously though, you guys are willing to put up with a game purposely built not to be a good game but to be a money-and-time-sink, and get extremely frustrated over it (or whole-heartedly defend it (?!?!?!))... all for the want of other playable characters, or a Sonic game to play?
    Silly. Just silly.
    You guys should play some other games. I personally recommend Undertale (best game this year by a landslide), or Read Only Memories, Rocket League, or something else. Heck, go play NiGHTS into Dreams if you haven't yet. Much better game, a bit of Sonic Team's best, you get your money's worth yadda yadda yadda. Much better usage of time than attempting to get invested in a game with as much depth and genuinity as Angry Birds or Temple Run.
  5. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   

    I'm actually surprised you guys held on this long to a mobile game riddled with microtransactions just because there hasn't been a Sonic game to play, and then cry foul when the game started doing things to further encourage you to pay in pickle nickles for red rings and characters.
    Like, come on. I know you may have had fun before and are not now (perfectly reasonable), but you should've seen it coming for miles.
    On another note I've been waiting on the next Sonic as much as anyone else but I can't find the want to play this game at all. I've literally never played this game and I don't think I will, cuz.. yeah the quality and end product of this kind of game should've been apparent to everyone, no? 
  6. Azoo added a post in a topic Special Stages: What's Your Favourite & Why?   

    I think Sonic 1's special stages are a fun time, and use rolling in a different kind of way that really makes playing it all the more unique. Sonic CD's UFO special stages are fun too, but very frustrating (especially in the Taxman port). And Blue Spheres is the shit, like really, just freaking awesome.
    But Sonic 3D Blast Saturn's special stages are the best in the series, hands down. I know so few of people have played them, but they really are a total dream in every way imaginable.
    You can roll in these. Also, look at all the platforming, and the corkscrews, and the eye candy, and the music... man. They're THE best in the series, no doubt.
    Oh and if you're wondering why I dodged Sonic 2's, it's because they're absolutely horrible to play. Just a miserably frustrating experience, lord.
  7. Azoo added a post in a topic *(Critique I Feel Suits The Current Sonic Franchise)*   

    I think Monkey Destruction Switch's point really puts into perspective how there's more than one facet that makes Sonic "good". You can't just say one era did everything right while the other does everything wrong; because that kind of thinking is why we're so split in the first place.
    If we could look at the series' best facets without having to completely side one way or another, we'd be in a better place as a community. Now that doesn't mean we're all going to agree (some people are going to think boost games don't play too well and same to the classic gameplay but those people are wrong), but it'd bring us to a similar consensus, at least.
  8. Azoo added a post in a topic The MOTHER Series Topic (No Crying Until The Lock)   

    Isn't the guy who translated M3 a professional (like, hasn't he done this for money before)? If so, can't they just hire him to do it with revisions that they'd want? That honestly sounds like the best middle ground that could come out of this.
  9. Azoo added a post in a topic Shadow vs. Sephiroth, who wins?   

  10. Azoo added a post in a topic Shadow the Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition Except not really this is just a topic about the game don't worry   

    Oh, there's no arguing that Shadow is loved by many.
    But how many of said group that aren't children, badly burned by his presence/treatment, or totally nuts is the real question. :v
  11. Azoo added a post in a topic Azookara's Art!   

    Wish these wouldn't blow up so big for you guys, but yeah.
  12. Azoo added a post in a topic [MUSIC] Wolfblur Remix | The Ample Renitence Music Thread!   

    Everyone, listen to this.
    It's good beans I'm telling ya. 
  13. Azoo added a post in a topic Shadow the Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition Except not really this is just a topic about the game don't worry   

    This is a game that makes me wonder how we even got it every time I have the misfortune of remembering it.
    Like, I get it; Sega was desperate for money and was ready to continue milking their malnourished cash cow, Iizuka had no integrity for series quality whatsoever, Naka was losing his mind having to be stuck perpetually as a cog in the Sonic-making-machine, and the fanbase was at all but it's lowest (deviantART for Sonic was at it's worst at that time). But someone should've been able to stop and think, and say "you know, maybe we shouldn't do this", right?
    Shadow the Hedgehog is a game that came out 10 years ago and I'm halfway horrified that it's been around in our lives almost as long as Sonic even existed up to the point of it's release, and the other half extremely relieved that we're almost far enough away from it that we can stop remembering it every time 3D Sonic games are brought up.
    It's just a big bad dream of a game. One that fueled my then 12-year-old self to like it unironically, drawing bad Shadow fanart and making totally edgy T-shirts with him on it while listening to emo bands and posing as a skater punk. It's the purest concentrated form of mid-2000s garbage; like if you needed something to showcase how bad the mid-2000s were then you'd probably use that game as the poster child. Christ, man.
  14. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    Happy one year anniversary to the beginning of a waste of time and energy.
    And happy two year anniversary to a great drought. Hooray!
  15. Azoo added a post in a topic Sonic Fan Thanksgiving 2015 in TJP   

    Maybe Iizuka and co will at least talk about the new direction they're planning on taking. After all, what else would they do there?
    Not expecting actual new Sonic game footage until next year.