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  1. Cancelled or Retooled Games

    Sister Sonic always sounded like the worst thing, and considering what Popful Mail is (a very Japanese Classicvania/Zelda II-style platformer with some sprinkled Western RPG trapping) they would have had to completely remake the game to actually do it; so we dodged a major bullet. When I read about it seemed like another one of those SoA/SoJ slapfights.
  2. My thoughts on the Sonic shows.

    'Kay.             Archie was never directly the same continuity as SatAM. It was built off of the same story outlines and occasionally had similar problems because the setting was pretty much identical, but it was generally fairly different in tone and charaterization/writing (for better and worse) than SatAM was and it never had the more blatant problems that SatAM had due to being a Saturday morning cartoon in 1993. The comic was almost always left to its own devices instead (again, for better and worse).
  3. Superbowl 50 (Broncos vs Panthers)

    The lead guy of the guys in the identical suits?
  4. Superbowl 50 (Broncos vs Panthers)

    Note how Coldplay wasn't present for any of that.
  5. Superbowl 50 (Broncos vs Panthers)

    I spent the entire month confusing Coldplay with Nickelback, so I was really looking forward to the Halftime show.     Then I got... this...
  6. The insular nature of the western comics industry

    Manga's problems are a bit different, due to how generally manga is more like the Japanese equivalent to newspaper serials than Western comic books. Individual artists have a lot more power, and generally are the ones who control their characters for the entirety of their runs, so short of forgetful artists like Toriyama or Kubo you don't have to worry about the messes that Western comic book writers always get themselves into due to different interpretations of events and different knowledge levels of backstory. On the other hand, this also means that it can be basically pointless to get into some of the longer running popular mangas because they can have been going for hundreds of issues and decades of time covering the same basic story arcs as they initially set out to (like Detective Conan); and if you're particularly unlucky a manga artist might bridge multiple of their works.   But the issues with Western Comics are a bit more serious when they are handled particularly badly. DC Pre-Crisis was a big offender and probably unfairly taints other similar messes that aren't as bad, but there was a period of time in the 1980s where you couldn't really pick up any comic DC made and jump right into it because it would be referencing obscure shit that happened in other characters' books from the 1960s or whatever and building entire story ideas from it; and there was so much exposition dump required to fully understand what was going on that they just didn't bother explaining it at all. Marvel in the late 1990s was supposedly similar towards stuff that happened in the 1980s, but I don't really pay as much attention to Marvel.    
  7. The insular nature of the western comics industry

    The issue has always been that the industry has always had obscene amounts of tunnel vision. Since at least the 1970s when comics kind of fell out of favor woth the mainsteam, the prevailing seemed to deliberately focus on long term viability plans above anything else. There are countless examples of specific people in companies fuckig p stories in pursuit of this goal, but it's so consistent of an occurrence that it is hard to believe it's just the result of micromanagement from one ortho bad editors.
  8. Metal Gear Solid

    A Metal Gear Solid remake would be a lot more interesting if Metal Gear Solid hadn't already gotten a really good enhanced port with better graphics soon after release and a really good (albeit constantly just weird) sequel that directly lampooned remakes-masquerading-as-sequels by remaking the first game on a metatextual level a year after that and a really good (albeit occasionally pretty dumb) actual remake a few years after that.     Remake the original Metal Gear or something.
  9. Metal Gear Solid

    This game is really good. Wish I had started playing it as soon as I got it. For all of the hullabaloo (deserved as it was) about Snake Bauer, the game is so shockingly light on story for the first act (all I've gotten into so far after 50 hours because of all of the Fulton-in' I've been up to) that every time Kiefer speaks up it still surprises me.     So far, it really seams like a Peace Walker that they spent a ton of money and time making instead of a full Metal Gear game, but still fantastic.
  10. General American Politics Thread

    Felt I should point something out: Let's be clear here: Bill was the Southern Democrat, the good ol' boy from Arkansas, running with the good ol' boy from Tennessee, after a very successful local (and very moderate) political tenures for both of them. Bill was the one that all those groups made unofficial campaign paraphernalia with Confederate flags and such on them that raised a minor ruckus last year when they were found. Bill (and, to be fair, Gore very much so as well) was the one who turned key Republican states into swing states that leaned his way in both of his elections.   Hilary was the first lady originally from Chicago who used all of the political connections living in the White House granted her to run for the Senate representing New York, before taking a key role in the Presidency from someone else from Chicago. She's about as much of a Southern Democrat as Bush was a Texan, but I'm somewhat doubtful people will buy into the former the way they did the latter; and if she makes it to the actual voting she's not going to get any of the Southern states any more than Obama or Kerry before him did.
  11. General American Politics Thread

    You know... Hilary might end up losing before they even get out of primaries again. Gonna be closer than it was against Obama regardless, but damn.
  12. inb4 this is Justice League Go.
  13. Satam dumped off Netflix

    I didn't even know AoStH was on Netflix. Though it should be noted movies and TV shows get pulled off and put back on all the time. All of Justice League is getting pulled next month, so it's just licencing rather than necessarily any indication of popularity. .
  14. Happy birthday.

  15. Happy birthday

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      Thank you man!