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  1. Carbo added a post in a topic This is what Sonic looks like in Unreal 4   

    This looks very not good. Bad choice of model, no acceleration, stops too much on a dime for me to appreciate the scale and poor camera.
    The whole point of the Mario Unreal video was how feasible it was to replicate the feeling of Mario 64 in UE4. This is just slapping a Sonic model on it and turning up some knobs.
  2. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    Reggie comments on Iwata's passing.
    I wonder whether he knew how much time he had left.
  3. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    NoA's press site updated with what seems to be the most recent picture of Iwata taken (from June 23).
    He'd lost a lot of weight. 
  4. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away
  5. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    I think it's safe to say that if Mario Maker ends up being dedicated in Iwata's memory, I will cry.
  6. Carbo added a topic in Video Games   

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away
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  7. Carbo added a post in a topic RED ASH- Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor?   

    Yoshinori Kawano, the actual mastermind behind the Legends franchise, is not involved in this. That's already a glaring omission as far as I'm concerned.
    But frankly it doesn't matter how many names they had that worked on Legends when they've shown nothing to convince people. A name is just a name. Inafune isn't treating this project and the names behind it with the respect it deserves. Right now its just empty promises hidden behind shady stretch goals.
  8. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo @ E3 2015   

    Of course they're not getting criticism for it. The mere fact that the games exist is something people are going to get excited about no matter what. It wasn't until a year or two after Final Fantasy XIII Versus was revealed that people started to get pissed off about that too.

    Not that I haven't been personally vocal at the whole insisting nature of turning E3 into a race of generating hype rather than making it an honest upfront hands-on showcase of games that we can play and will soon play. Sony's conference was great no doubt but knowing that I'm going to have to wait years to play most of these is a frustrating piece of knowledge that I'm not excited about - especially considering some of the developers bringing these games have a notorious history of not providing these games on time. It's far more exciting to get hyped about something when we find out it's been in development for a long time and will soon be ready to play rather than announcing it and then not knowing where the fuck you'll go with it. Square Enix are the biggest offenders of this and while I enjoyed their conference, much of it was still "promises, promises, promises". You could say the same goes for Zelda as well since that series has a history of getting last minute delays. I don't hold the Shenmue 3 announcement that accountable because it's getting Kickstarter treatment.

    Incidentally I recall one of the main lines of criticism last year against Nintendo's showing used to be "everything is 2015". And we're in 2015 right now which arguably has a more diverse and better line-up than the Wii U had last year, so nothing has happened to deter that. 2015 is still a generally good year for Wii U software if you subscribed two years ago to the generally accepted notion that you'll only get games for it every once in a while that will have proven to be of timeless quality. Wii U is beyond the point that it'll have a decently padded out release schedule, so let's all act surprised when in 2015, 3 years after release and obvious signs that the Wii U is going to be killed off early, nothing has changed on part of the developers who are making games for the thing.

    The sad fact is I'd rather be disappointed by an honest showing in an immediate future than being sold on some vague promise that I can't guarantee will be what I want or expect it to be. Nintendo had a mediocre showing? That's fine, I can live with that. If they're leveraging this thing on their own, not every year will be good for them and by 2016 it's clear that they're setting their sights on new consoles instead, so it's better they run with what they have right now.
  9. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo @ E3 2015   

    Incidentally the puppets were actually provided by the Jim Henson Company and the segments in the Digital Event was directed by Brian Henson.

    Presentation values was on point for the show.
  10. Carbo added a post in a topic Problems with registering.   

    Alright, so update on this - the e-mail system is currently broken and needs a reboot. We can't do that at this very moment. However, I'm taking it upon me to manually verify users who have registered between today and the first reported day of incident.

    This might take a while since I'm currently pre-occupied with personal shit but I'll start to working on it this evening and hopefully have it done within a day or two.
  11. Carbo added a post in a topic Nintendo @ E3 2015   

    They just announced today that they'd be releasing the next set of weapons tomorrow.
    This much was obvious really. At this point they're padding out the U's life while their dev teams co-ordinate on the next console. They're not going to get much more out of this thing; not on their own. Wii U has been a sinking ship for some time.

    Which doesn't mean that it's lost it's worth any more in terms of quality games. Wii U still has some of the most beastly exclusives you could ask for this generation and it'll go down as an underdog.

    Mediocre conference with a pretty good presentation. They still have the best things from last year in terms of showcasing but the content this time around was too scarce to back it up and that can't really be blamed on Nintendo when they're asked to leverage an entire console on their own. I'll probably buy and enjoy most of these games but very few new things were the kind of games to be showstoppers.

    Also as a jaded Metroid fan myself it feels like some just desserts are being served here at the expense of the fan base after completely writing off Tropical Freeze two years ago which was easily a collective embarrassment. I've completely lost sympathy for most Metroid fans as of late.
  12. Carbo added a post in a topic Your E3 2015 Highlights   

    Super Mario Maker
    My game of the show bar none, and one that I wasn't even excited about. Nintendo have turned this thing around in the most spectacular way possible and I desperately want to play this and create a bunch of stuff. This is how you make a level creator - it oozes creativity out of every socket and is the best kind of love letter to the Mario franchises passed. A stroke of genius that I didn't realize I want up until...

    Nintendo World Championships
    Cynicism be damned over circumstance of invitation; this thing was fun. It was the next best thing to fill the void left by the Smash Invitational and I loved seeing the things people came up with in this Nintendo event. I want it to be a staple in the future.

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    I told myself that if a real Paper Mario sequel wasn't going to be announced then I could take solace in this being my second best game of the show since the original Stick of Truth scratched an itch that was left completely unfulfilled for a long time. While we eventually got a good compromise with Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, I'm still incredibly excited for this, though a bit worried about Obsidian not leading development this time.

    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
    For the most of the part, this is everything I could expect a Mirror's Edge sequel to be. Not much more can be said than that.

    Star Wars: Battlefront
    It feels like this is hitting all the right notes in terms of being that long awaited Star Wars game and quite honestly I do want to jump into that AT-AT.

    Platinum Games
    Star Fox Zero. Nier 2. Transformers Devastation. Are they the most capable developers in Japan right now? The major publishers are finally taking notice. I'm only really excited for the former because I have yet to play the first Nier, but I am very happy these guys have paid enough dues to get to this point.
  13. Carbo added a post in a topic Sony @ E3 2015 "I believed!"   

    Is it okay for me to admit that I kind of have no real interest at all in most of these games announced yet can still concede that Sony are having a really damn good conference?

    Because truthfully I really don't have much confidence in many of these games. But I can't deny they're hitting all the right notes.