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  1. Moderation Feedback

    That's perfectly fair. If you don't feel comfortable in bringing up specific issues in this topic, you can always PM me or Chris.
  2. Moderation Feedback

    Since these are more direct questions I can probably step in and answer these right now. Staff can only read PMs if they've been reported. That ability is to deal with people who have been subject to harassment. Otherwise we're not able to fish inside of your inboxes.
  3. Metal Gear Solid

    Don't get why these fan remakes constantly insist on showing these things off in their state of infancy. It's like they want to get slammed mid-development and waste their time. You don't need to hype up a fan remake of something everyone knows and loves. Stealth release it, boom, it's on the internet and Konami ninjas will be able to do nothing of the inevitability of file sharing. Other than that looks nice but I'm indifferent towards the same old UE4 polished look.
  4. Thank god we got the only Sonic fan remaining back in the staff.

    1. Tara



    2. Wolfy


      #1 fan even

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      I don't see Amy Rose in the list

  5. The Final Smash Bros. presentation will be going down December 15th.

    1. Ristar


      the neogaf guy was almost right

  6. Pre-order to get Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed for free. 
  7. [MUSIC] Carbo makes music!

    After all this time; new album baby. Two and a half years in the making. 18 tracks. Listen to or buy it here. Or check it out on iTunes or Spotify where it'll land in the coming days!
  8. It's been two and a half years in the making but I finally finished my second full length album. Feel free to listen and support it here:

  9. Talos' anti-air grab hitbox is Satsuki level ridiculousness by the way
  10. This is what Sonic looks like in Unreal 4

    This looks very not good. Bad choice of model, no acceleration, stops too much on a dime for me to appreciate the scale and poor camera. The whole point of the Mario Unreal video was how feasible it was to replicate the feeling of Mario 64 in UE4. This is just slapping a Sonic model on it and turning up some knobs.
  11. Reggie comments on Iwata's passing. I wonder whether he knew how much time he had left.