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  1. Kevin added a post in a topic Garfield   

    Garfield and Friends is one of my all time favorite animated series! I just recently watched some episodes and I think it still holds up to this day. The voice acting is phenomenal, the humor is great, and I love the 4th wall breaking throughout the show as well. If anyone has Amazon Prime. the entire series is available on Amazon Instant Video.
    I'm curious for opinions, for those who were into the show, did you like Garfield or Orson's Farm segments more? For me, it's hard to choose between the two because each has their own strengths and great characters to go with them.
  2. Kevin added a post in a topic Apple General Topic - (OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2, Apple Music)   

    I'm really hoping the rumors of a new Apple TV turns out of the be true. The current one is old in terms of technology and is in major need of an update.
  3. Kevin added a post in a topic American Reporters Adam Ward and Alison Parker Killed On Air   

    Here's the worst part of it all
    Imagine just having moved in with your SO, celebrating nine months together, planning to get married, and suddenly, that is all taken away from you! What an awful thing to happen!
  4. Kevin added a post in a topic Boston Police May Have Prevented a Massacre at the Pokemon World Championships   

    I heard about this from a friend of mine and thank goodness these people weren't able to carry out their plot! Who knows how many people would've fallen victim if they had!
  5. Kevin added a post in a topic Klaus   

    Good god that animation looks gorgeous! I'm really liking the characters too! Is there any kind of general release date yet?
  6. Kevin added a post in a topic SSMB Cartoon Afternoons | September 5th | The Pink Panther (60s shorts) @6PM BST/1PM EST   

    The best way to go about it in my opinion is to make a lineup of various Cartoon Cartoon Shows (Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, etc) while inserting some CCF bumpers in between. If the bumpers aren't doable, the shows themselves playing can make the theme work out.
  7. Kevin added a post in a topic 20th Century Fox's Deadpool movie   

    Deadpool movie! Why you no come out sooner! It's already looking great from the trailer and that costume looks amazing!
  8. Kevin added a post in a topic We Bare Bears   

    After watching some more episodes, this show is starting to grow on me. I like the animation, I especially love Panda, and it's both a lot of fun and has some good funny moments. I have to agree with AdventChild on We Bare Bears giving some Regular Show vibes.
  9. Kevin added a post in a topic Rise of the Machines - In real life.   

    That's going to be the main impact of job automation. There will be a certain section of the population that will simply be unemployable. Look at the trucking industry. Forget the taxi drivers protesting against Uber and Lyft, one automated vehicles become mainstream, expect the loss of millions of jobs thus result in one of the greatest economic impacts of our time. An automated semi has even already started hitting the road. There will be protests and there will be attempts to get laws passed try to ban automation, but in spite of all that, automated jobs will win out in the end.

    So what happens afterwards? Well I suspect there'll be loud calls for a universal basic income. As Hogfather said, something is going to have to change in terms of financials or serious consequences will happen.
  10. Kevin added a post in a topic SSMB Cartoon Afternoons | September 5th | The Pink Panther (60s shorts) @6PM BST/1PM EST   

    1. What time zone are you in?
    2. What time and day would it be best for you to join in on the stream?
    Friday at 7:00 PM ET would be best for me
    3. What kind of cartoons do you want to see on the stream?
    Any kind is fine with me! I'm a huge fan of animation in general, so I'm fine with whatever is chosen to get shown. I suggest having some kind of theme each week like we have with SSMB Movie Night. One thing I'd love to see happen is a Cartoon Cartoon Friday themed night.
  11. Kevin added a post in a topic That Guy With The Glasses.Com   

    New editorial is out: Are Kids Shows Better Now Than Ever?
    I have to say he made a lot of good points. If we look at series like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Avatar, etc, we can see how deep they get and yet written so that kids can enjoy it as well. Granted the classics like Batman: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, etc are also great, and not every modern animated series today is good, it does show that the claim that "there's nothing good on these days" isn't true.
  12. Kevin added a post in a topic We Bare Bears   

    Given what I've seen so far, it's not too bad. I will say that "Viral Video" had some funny moments though. The art style is pretty good and I do like the characters so far. I'll have a better opinion when I see the rest of the episodes that'll be airing this week.
  13. Kevin added a post in a topic Disney Channel's 'Descendants,' featuring teenage kids of classic villains   

    Ugh! I had to force myself to watch all 6 minutes of that! Come on Disney, even High School Musical looks good compared to this shit and that's saying a lot!
  14. Kevin added a post in a topic Pixar Animation Studios   

    I saw Inside Out with a friend of mine recently and I have to say it exceeded my expectations and I want to place it up there as one of my favorite Pixar movies! I will say that I cried like a baby! Heck, the whole theater I was at was in tears by the time the movie finished! I think the only other Pixar movie that made me cry that much was Toy Story 3. Granted, Up, made me teary eyed, but not outright crying.
    What can I say about the characters! They're absolutely loveable! Oh and one note I want to make:

    As for The Good Dinosaur, it's looking really good from the trailer and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it when it comes out!
  15. Kevin added a post in a topic Swat Kats Revolution - Kickstarter campaign has begun!   

    Yes please! <3

    It looks like this project went well past its funding goal already! Funny enough I was watching some episodes of Swat Kats with a friend of mine not too long ago and it still holds up to this day! If they deliver on this kickstarter project, I'm going to be really happy!