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  1. Kevin added a post in a topic The Lion Guard (new The Lion King TV series) (TV Movie - Fall, TV Series - 2016)   

    So I watched it on the bus ride movie and I have to say it's not that bad at all! The animation is just gorgeous, and while the characters are a little generic, I think they'd grow on me. This series definitely has a lot of potential, and I do like how it referenced the source material as well.
  2. Kevin added a post in a topic Welcome to Gravity Falls!   

    So, who's ready for the epic and most likely feelsy finale? Now the long wait until sometime early next year for it to air begins!
  3. Kevin added a post in a topic Welcome to Gravity Falls!   

    I'm not surprised. He said he wanted it to end after 2 seasons anyway. On the other hand, it's going to end on a great note and not a series that dragged out just because it was popular. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this whole thing ends!
  4. Kevin added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    And thus we have concluded Amy Keating Rogers' final episode and did she and Lena Hall deliver!
    First regarding Rara (for some reason, I love that name), it's obvious she's a parody of Lady Gaga. I was worried about her character at first, but as soon as it was revealed that she was a nice pony and not a snob, I instantly loved her character!
    Spin Gallop! Oh, Spin Gallop! My only complaint about this episode was the overbearing manager cliche since it's been done many times before. But on the other hand, to see how Applejack outsmarting him and Rara finally standing up to him was so sweet to see!
    That second to last song was simply amazing! I know we saw a preview of it at Comic Con, but to see it in its final form made it even better! It's one of my favorite songs of the season!
    This is one of the best Applejack episodes to date! Despite that she and Rara's friendship appeared to have been severed at first, I love that she didn't give up on it and made every effort to get her back! It shows how very dedicated she can be and I love that about her character!
    Thank you, Amy for your amazing writing on the show. I'm going to miss you and I wish you all the best of luck at Disney.
  5. Kevin added a post in a topic That Guy With The Glasses.Com   

    It's great to see the commercial series make a return! The Barbershop e one was hilarious and I wasn't expecting Don Bluth to make an appearance.
  6. Kevin added a post in a topic State of Emergency in Paris - 11/13/15 - Terrorist Attacks   

    My sincere condolences.
    Me and a friend of mine are trying to track down someone who used to part of the Sonic community years ago who lives in France. We know who the person's real name is, and tried all old contact info, but with no luck. We all used to be regularly in contact with each other, but haven't seen her in a long time and the subject just recently came up. We're hoping that she's ok.
  7. Kevin added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    A simple and enjoyable episode. It's great to see the Twilight and Fluttershy duo again. It's one of my favorites because of the way the way they interact with each other by try to rely on each other and come up with ideas vs Applejack/Rarity duo where there seems to be some kind of conflict between the two. I also like how we got to see Twilight filling more in as her role as the Princess of Friendship.
    The plot device was ok. We've seen this kind of plot before, so I felt that held the episode back a bit. Fluttershy's interactions with the animals was adorable and seeing Twilight trying to come up with solutions in her usual bookworm style was amusing.
    So now that all the Ponies have had their calling with the map, I'm curious how they're going to build up the season finale. We also have AKR's final episode next week which I'm really looking forward to!
  8. Kevin added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    I feel bad for him. It would have just been better if they had flat out said no to begin with. Yes, people will get angry, but eventually they'll move on.
  9. Kevin added a post in a topic Yo-kai Watch (New 3DS game from the creators of Ni no Kuni and Prof. Layton)   

    I picked up this game over the weekend and let me tell you this game is a lot of fun to play with a greasy soundtrack to go with it. There's a lot of stuff to do as well, so even when you finish the main story, there's lots of side quests you can do with additional post-game content as well. Some of the Yo-Kai designs are pretty cool while some others are obvious palette swaps. But overall, I highly recommend this game!
  10. Kevin added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    I just to comment on how amazing Peter Capaldi's acting was toward the end of this week's episode was because he absolutely nailed it during The Doctor's rant and it's one of his if not his best moment as The Doctor so far!
  11. Kevin added a post in a topic Blue Sky Studio's Peanuts: Lights. Cameras. Beagles. (Nov. 6 2015)   

    Just got back from seeing it:

  12. Kevin added a post in a topic My Little Pony: Friendship is Banned - Official Thread v2   

    Now that was a great episode! Discord has definitely made some more progress in his reformation even if it meant manipulating Twilight into learning her lesson. The whole lesson really hit home for me too having been down the road of deliberately excluding myself from social events because of my introvertness.
    By the way, I absolutely LOVED Spike's character in this episode! This is exactly how he should be, being Twilight's assistant and keeping her in check. I hope to see more this kind of thing. On another note, it's great to see obsessive Twilight make a return and Zecora making an appearance as well.
  13. Kevin added a post in a topic questions about Korea   

    1. Are you sure you meant to say South Korea? North and South Korea are two separate countries. Now assuming you really meant to say North Korea, it's technically safe since their citizens are monitored very closely by their government, but to actually go there, it's done through an organized tour and it's one their government approves of. You won't be seeing the "real" North Korea. Trust me. South Korea on the other hand, is safe visit and many tourists go there each year.
    2. There is an Anti-Japanese sentiment, but as others have pointed out, it's for historical reasons.
    3. For South Korea, no special requirements as citizens of most countries can enter visa-free. For North Korea, you have to be part of a specially arranged government approved tour as I've mentioned before.
  14. Kevin added a post in a topic Halloween   

    A friend of mine hosted a Halloween party. It was pretty fun despite two of his friends showing really late and some other guest that were meant to be there weren't able to make it. The best part was the food. Oh man, those homemade ziti and brownies were amazing!
  15. Kevin added a post in a topic The Toon House | Scooby-Doo 3 Movie Marathon | Starts November 28 @12PM EST/5PM GMT   

    Right there with you! I'm glad it's the choice for the next screening!