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  1. There's two things that could add weight to this: 1. Nintendo recently releasing Earthbiund and Earthbound Beginnings on the Wii U, the later never having seen a western release until then. 2. Eurogamer themselves having heard the same thing and not just some person on Twitter claiming it. I still want to take it with a gain of salt since rumors are rumors, but something to throw out there.
  2. According to this source, Mother 3 could possibly get a Western release this year. Seeing that this is the game's 10th anniversary, it'd be a great way to mark that occasion. Granted, there's been a fan translation out for awhile. Ow complete with its own strategy guide, but if this does become true, it'd be great to see an official release considering fans have been wanting one for a long time.
  3. So Shining Armor's and Princess Cadence's foal has a name now. It's not Princess Skyla has rumors have said, it's..  
  4. Welp, I know what my brother will be watching given his love of game shows. After watching the preview clip, I'm not quite getting "Legends" vibes from it, but regardless, it's nice to see a game show return to Nick.
  5. Doctor Who

    Steve Moffat was a mixed bag in terms of episode quality. Some he nailed while others were meh. I'm indifferent about him leaving, but hopefully Gatiss will bring something fresh to the table in regards to the series itself.
  6. The X-Files is returning to TV "The truth is I want to Believe"

    Well to start a discussion since it's now airing, tonight's episode was much better than last night's. I can understand that they have to explain everything for those who didn't watch the original series, but the episode in general felt awkward. Fox really screwed up last night with how long it took between the NFL post-game show and the actual airing the episode. I was this close to turning off the TV and waiting until the next day to watch an online stream of the premiere episode because it felt like they were going on and on with the post-game stuff.
  7. Superbowl 50 (Broncos vs Panthers)

    I'm betting for the Panthers to win considering how good of a team they are this year and that they destroyed Arizona. As for who I'm rooting for, all I can say is go Broncos since my team, the Atlanta Falcons has a rivalry with the Panthers.
  8. David Bowie Dies at 69

    I was shocked when I woke up to the news this morning! It's a real shame to see him go. RIP David Bowie.
  9. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Holy shit! I just gained a whole new level of respect for Peridot! And here I thought she was going to go back to being evil again!
  10. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    So Steven shares the same birth date as me! As for the episode itself, I wasn't expecting it to become so deep. And you know what? It was beautiful! Definitely one of the deepest episodes so far! One other thing I want to mention is that they're really moving forward with Steven and Connie's relationship with the way Connie is acting towards Steven mentioning he's "the first boy". For obvious reasons the writers are treading carefully not to officially call it a relationship, but instead they're de facto dating. Also, I loved Steven quote of "If I can just keep this up for the rest of my life, no one will suspect a thing."  He's really learning what it means to grow up.
  11. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

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      Hey, happy birthday, Kev!

      Sorry for being late with this--I'm still in the hospital and I only got my Chromebook back a couple hours ago.

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      Happy Birthday!

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      I wish you a happy birthday too ^_^

  12. Happy birthdayyyyy! =D

  13. Happy birthday, boss!